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Dungeons & Dragons: Waterdeep – Dungeon of the Mad Mage Review – with Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at the next game in the D&D line of dungeon crawls!

00:00 – Introduction
01:48 – Game overview
13:17 – Final thoughts

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  1. I made this username really long on purpose says:

    Any way to make our own adventurers ?

  2. I heard that there are typos in the rulebook & cards with the current print.

  3. Phew! Big cringe moment when, I thought he was going to smash the miniatures with his hammer.

  4. Standard version is expensive MSRP is around 70$. Miniatures are poorly glued. Many unboxing videos shows broken minis. My copy came with 2 minis broken! The original games were better quality and cheaper . Cards are medium to low quality. The version that Tom is reviewing is priced well over 100$. He doesn't care about cost because his copy was free.

  5. Castle Ravenloft was a great game. I still prefer the theatre of the mind instead of these D&D/Pathfinder board games but to each his own. Speaking of Pathfinder, PaizoCon is happening today!

  6. The minis for this one are not the highest quality.  Some are multiple pieces and break easily.  I've never had a mini from one of these games break before, but the Zombie Beholders in particular are a little fragile.  I have broken two of them by dropping them on the floor from regular game playing height.  I was able to fix them with epoxy, but it's fiddly to do and if you aren't using super strong glue, they will not hold together when you put them in the box with everything else.  The sculpts are still really nice and painted they look spectacular, but it definitely looks like they are looking for ways to keep their production costs down.  Can't hardly blame them with a game that still costs $70 MSRP (I preordered for about $55), but you still need to produce a product that's not broken in the box (or soon afterward).

    WizKids will replace broken components, but you can only order replacements once, so go through everything and make sure you know exactly what needs to be replaced.

  7. I might be alone on this one, but I really dislike the overall design of the cards! So bland and boring! It already bothered me in Ravenloft and Tyrrants.

  8. This was the first box I bought from DnD boardgame system, it's a great game to get your loved ones in boardgame, a casual/intermediate entry for newcomers and learn how to play games … after the campaign we moved on to sword and sorcery and my wife was really digging it … if you're looking to get people into board games or for your childs, this is a good serious game to buy for that matter

  9. never played this one but the one I did was constantly digging out trap tiles .. and your turn was move your guy and try to roll over a 10 on a d20. that's about it really seemed like a lot of boring book keeping. And oh was this monster yours or mine. Art is not good cards are ugly . And if this game is $100 get gloomhaven or mansions or the new LOTRO or Descent or Dark stone..

  10. You forgot to mention this game now lets you level up to level 3 and 4, which is easily the best new addition to the game IMO.

  11. Quick correction about running monsters. at the end of your turn you activate the monsters you control and any of the same monsters under some one elses control. If i have a grung and you have a grung the both activate at the end of each of our turns. Unless this version has changed this.

  12. 16:30 that's why there's been broken minis out of the box the last two wizkids releases. They must have a gavel in the factory. And there's tons of errata some of it egregious. Worse than the last game which had a lot. The others have very little. Point being QC is very poor for such a major license on the last two. Some of that is it's a tie in with the D&D RPG. Even so there's a lot of mistakes. WK has a rep post errata and FAQ on BGG 3 pages long. It is a testament to the system that Ravenloft is still beign sold and it was released 2010. Kevin Wilson overall does a good job on his part adding to the system without breaking it or changing it too much. The new Weakened condition is mechanically hard to grasp but the spirit of the new rule is there. The Bane Boon cards were a device used in 4e D&D RPG Gloomwroght and Beyond which is a nice touch as is Expert Powers for Level 4.

  13. Waterdeep is not a D&D universe it is a city in Forgotten Realms universe

  14. The entire line of these games are terribly simplistic and boring. It may as well be monopoly.

  15. "This is not a dungeon crawler." Proceeds to describe a dungeon crawler.

  16. Why does Tom think a cooperative game can't be a dungeon crawl? This game (and entire series) is very clearly both, and there are others. Even the description of this video says "Tom Vasel takes a look at the next game in the D&D line of dungeon crawls!"

  17. When did Tom start putting bitches out on the streets?

  18. It's actually impressive how far the production value of this channel has come. Not that long ago Tom, Sam and Zee were just in whatever clothes filming in front of a fold-out game table.

    Good job guys, love it.

  19. Hi I was wondering if the map tiles are compatible with the map titles of Descent ? They both seem to have the same link cutting for both of them. Thank you for your help .

  20. Could you jump into this without ever playing the others?

  21. I got wrath of ashardalon some years back and I did not like it despite I usually like these kind of games.. it was too punishing and the rules were ambiguous.. I wonder if this game is better and I should give an other chance to the D&D tabletops

  22. "Take the monster card and put it by you" Who is you? the active player? The DM? Your mom?

  23. Mad Mage or Gloomhaven, which one would anyone recommend to get first?

  24. 4th Edition lives on!

    I enjoy these games. I use it to teach my kids D&D when they were young. And the later ones have enjoyable campaigns.

  25. Which of the dungeons and dragons board games would you recommend buying if you could only buy one?

  26. is there one of each monster on the board at any given time?

  27. I would love a straight up mmorpg for consoles and pc's version of this game. could even combine all the versions digitaily upgrading the older tiles . run all the old scenerios. maybe even a player campiang maker mode….would be awsome and imagine the money wotc could rake in with constant new dlc lol

  28. They need to make a game that uses this games map building and monster AI but uses the Dragonfire leveling system and scenario game.

  29. I liked the edition that incuded a dungeon master, i think it was the 3rd one. Can anyone PLEASE recommend one like that???

  30. My biggest problem with these games is the graphics. Lots of text on the cards and almost no illustrations. They did improve and added some flavor on the tiles, but still… fills a bit "grey".. especially compared to modern dungeon crawlers. But besideds that, it`s a fun game

  31. Why does he keep insinuating that a cooperative game is not a dungeon crawl? Not all dungeon crawls are one versus many.

  32. Question.. can a monsters attack that calls it to move adjacent from 1 tile jump through walls or attack through walls. Also do you get full health when you level up.. also if a treasure card doesn’t say to discard after use or flip over after use, do you keep it and it stays active or do you discard after use, also if a monster card ask to bring out 2 of the same monster, on that attack turn do they all do the same attack example they can move adjacent to the hero and all attack. And how do traps work

  33. i didn't mind 4th ed d&d for the early level but later levels 7 to 12 the games got abit to long specially some encounters too 2 hours when you ran out of powers the game at times favoured the bad guys

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