Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy Review - A Plastic Classic -

Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy Review – A Plastic Classic

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Thanks to Kevin MacLeod for use of the tracks “Bummin on Tremelo”, “Beauty Flow” and “Tyrant”.


  1. Ive watched this review like 5 times trying to decide whether to buy it or not. Still playing it at TTS though.

  2. What an excellent, in depth, well presented, well paced review. Almost as a work of Scandinavian design as the game. I've had a fascination with Twilight Imperium for a long time (I mean the box art sells itself) but now I'm pretty sure I want this instead

  3. How could you do that to Twilight Imperium?! This game looks so bland compared to it! Its all cubes and weird shapes- not pretty to look at, at all. It lacks the majesty and character of TI. If only they put some effort into its components and dull colouring.

  4. Eclipse: Second Return of The Danger Egg

  5. I love TI so much that I cannot unsee this game as a TI lite. I low-key want to check it tho.

  6. I’ve been waiting for my copy since I preordered late last year. The upshot is that by the time I get it, I may be able to see humans again. And they will play Eclipse with me if they truly care about me.

  7. Is it just me or this just Stellaris as a board game?

  8. 1:05 already a full Quinns, in my pants. I will never have any friends who will play this game with me, but damn if old Q here don't have me ready to pay the price for Queen and country! Must have it without watching rest of video first!

  9. $150? I would gladly pay that. Unfortunately I can only find it for $400.

  10. The biggest problem with the game is that you just can buy it anywhere, it's just not in stock in English, this is a problem with many games inc, civilization which I also wanted, I settles for star wars rebellion as my big purchase this year, but really wanted eclipse, even at £150 it seems perfect for me, I love Stellaris and other 4x pc games and wanted a 2 player table top equivalent, if anyone knows of a reputable place to by said game I'd like to know.

  11. Sounds a bit like an overly complex remake of Amoeba Wars (published by Avalon Hill in 1981)

    And my vote for best wargame of all times would go to Advanced Squad Leader.

  12. Alas, if only this game could be found for less than 300 POUNDS on the internet counting shipping, and that would ship before august just have to hope eventually it comes into stock

  13. Don't be fooled. This is just a euro game. Not even war game. I was really hyped by this review and really excited to play it. Then played it…right after star wars rebellion. The Star Wars Rebellion was so much better. This felt like space version of Mombasa. Done after 8 rounds (really? I wan't to WIN or LOSE. Not finishing because game said don't play anymore).

  14. gonna get my ass beat by my parents from buying this game

  15. got to agree, 150 for 1 game is a bit much… though considering how much plastic is in it, i can see why they think its worth 150….. otherwise looks kinda like what i would picture Stellaris as if it were a board game… by the way most expensive i think i paid for a board game was around 80….older game but a good one… Titan

  16. I don't play board-games but I LOVE this channel to bits!

  17. I'm a noob at these kind of games, so maybe the following is not unusual, but I like the tray design where you can push the edge of a piece to make it tilt out of its socket.

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