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Eldritch Horror – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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First published on January 24, 2014.


  1. 9:32 – so true, but it's even worse than that: even the Mystery cards are not consistent, and there are only 4 of them for each Ancient One. I had a game, where the first Mystery led me to the place where a comet-impact took place and after solving it, the next Mystery took place before the impact and the comet was still in the sky. Did we time travel?
    I like the game anyway… but I actually like Arkham Horror more. It's fiddly and random, but every time totally different and just a great experience. Maybe more an experience than a game, but that's ok with me. 🙂

  2. Don't understand the complaint about this game not being faithful to Lovecraft, of cause it's not ,nobody would make a boardgame about lonely wandering antiquarians would they ? This is the pulp fiction genre in the chulhu mythos universe which is why it so appealing.
    Also this game takes forever to set up, the core game of Arkham take 5 minutes . Put the board down, lay the decks down choose the investigators. While we're on the subject of comparison Arkham has about 12 locations with guaranteed abilities which you can choose over just pulling a card, unlike EH. In AH if you move onto location with a clue you get that clue unlike EH.there strategies and combos , card play and tons of choice and cooperative play. SUSD don't like AH but for newcomers it's certainly worth a try..

  3. Being delayed is an opportunity to enjoy your friends turns.

  4. Have you guys played mansions of madness? Do you think mansions is a meaningful experience for a fan of eldritch and comprared to it? Do you think it makes sense to have both?

  5. I liked it, we couldn't find hte rules about the main city effects in hte book so we just decided to activate them by using hte rest action. We were not very adept with the rules and made things up as we went that kinda made sense.

  6. It makes me both delighted and sad that this video's intro is the best lovecraft cinema we have.

    How hard could it be, Hollywood? Goddam

  7. First of all, I'm a big fan of this game. We played it for more than 500 hours in our group. And the only reason we are not having a campaign right now is Gloomhaven. So this is going to come with a lot of bias.

    1.) The game improves greatly with further expansions. Focus, resources, personal quests, and even campaigns are really good new mechanics. And it's really nice to have a huge pool of cards, so you don't know them by heart on your second playthrough.
    2.) It's sometimes easy, sometimes hard and often borderline unfair. Or to put it in another way: It's a challenge. But making good strategic decisions always helps. Sometimes it's not enough. But most often it is, and often it is by a very close margin. And that's awesome for me.
    3.) You need to ignore some of the goofy stuff and enjoy those times where (which are not that rare) when random events fit each other and create really cool moments.

    I understand people who don't like this game. But that's just a matter of opinion. It's just not for everybody. But we love it.

  8. I know that you will never read me Shut Up & Sit Down crew, because the internet is big and the video is not recent, but listen to me: Do yourself a favor, buy and play A Touch of Evil + Something Wicked expansion. No more, no less, just those 2 things combined. And play it with the Coop rules from the manual. Oh, ok, these are 3 things, not 2. Well, do all of those 3. You will experience a thematic coop adventure game that is AWESOME compared to Arkham or Eldritch. It's awesome. It's full of cards, equip, story, action, combat….and it just flows so well! Really guys, base game+something wicked, played coop. Listen to me, a random stranger from the internet. You will thank me and maybe also review it! NOT KIDDING

  9. I thought that was I am alexx on the thumbnail

  10. For a moment, I thought the nose of the iceberg was it's mouth and now I can't unsee it.

  11. Will we see a review of Arkham horror 3rd edition?

  12. 1. Played Eldritch Horror with Yig as boss.
    2. Working on the mission to find the Serpent Crown.
    3. Found it in a general store in America.
    4. Immediately stolen by some thugs.
    5. ?????
    6. Found it two turns later in Antarctica.
    7. Laughed our asses off trying to explain what happened.

  13. Finally bought it as my friends and I are big Lovecraft fans. We tried the Cthulhu p&p, but unfortunately don't really have the time to prepare those regularely. So my hope is that this can scratch the Cosmic Horror itch we all share. Today me and 4 friends will play our first round against Azathoth (as recommended) and we all are pretty excited about it.

    Edit: So the game took us about 8 hours to finish (with a few small breaks in between) and it was pretty fun. The first 3 hours were more or less needed to get into the flow of how each phase works. We also realized some flat out mistakes we made and some of the special rules rules we more or less ignored after reading the instructions again, but hey that's what most initial rounds of more complex board games are like, right? Now we are all excited for the second round in which we will hopefully do everything acording to the games instructions.

  14. Did I hear him right? Did he say each game lasts 30 minutes? I think the shortest game that I've played to completion was an hour and a half. Granted, sometimes we have given up after 30 minutes.

  15. For some reason, every Fantasy Flight Cthulhu themed ameritrash game I play turns out to be my new "worst game ever made". Definitely not seeing the appeal, but oh well. That's how it goes. Personally, I'd rather chew my own elbows off than play any of these games again. No interesting decisions, lots of downtime, fiddly, obtuse and with some poorly written narrative fluff on top. Yuck.

  16. Dude!! This is one of the most intuitive, inspirational and funny board game review i have ever seen. The way u describe things without influencing the prospective players decision, is just mind blowing. You should be hired by Wizards of the Coast, and i dont say this lightly…….( hint ) i am a D&D 3.5 player….mostly Rogue 🙂 Kudos!!!

  17. This game was pretty fun and interesting for me and my friend at first, but after a few tries, it just started to feel tedious and convoluted. I like a lot of things about it, but overall, I think it's just not really well designed, and lacks the sense of clear objectives and strategy you can get from other games. There's too much randomness and rules that aren't well explained, and it's all but impossible to beat the game or keep it reasonably short when you're only playing it with two people. I'm still very interested in playing Mansions of Madness, though, but that one is really expensive.

  18. Has anyone here played Mansions of Madness? And if so, how does that game stack up against this one?

  19. Loved arkham horror even losing (which happend more often then winning) was a fun experience because of all the randomness and it felt like you watched a movie

  20. I definitely recognize those character sheets, tickets, and delay mechanics in Fury of Dracula.

  21. did he say 30 minutes per player? I've NEVER clocked in that short. I wish I could. 🙂

  22. I am still having arguments with people about games we played three years ago. In fairness, I don't think someone should be hailed as a hero for getting us out of the bullshit little miss Promise of Power got us into IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  23. And thats why Arkham Horror 3rd ed is so much better. No losing turns, no characters cursed so far into oblivaeon you hope they die so you can get someone who can actually achieve stuff. Smoother, faster, simplier, more flavorful, and more playable at different player counts.

  24. This guy definitely wasn't playing it right.

  25. The game always stays on theme when you remember you're dealing with more of a Pulp Cthulhu "story" than you are a story of HP Lovecraft's. I would argue no game would ever be a good adaption of HPL's stories…if you want that then your group should just play the Call of Cthulhu TTRPG.

  26. 30 minutes?! What, are y'all smokin' meth?! Crack!? Dosing PCP and losing all concept of time?!

  27. Eldritch Horror – bought largely on a combination of a HP Lovecraft compilation and this video, is getting me through the lockdown.

    I have taken down Azathoth and Yog-soggoth. After work today I'm going to take on the Black Goat, and I've got the Forsaken Lore Expansion en route. Love it.

  28. To let you know they have this for play store on phone

  29. One thing Quinns gets wrong about the delay mechanic is that it's not horrible. You don't get to take your actions, but you still participate in the encounters. When you get delayed, yeah, it feels bad, because you have only a limited number of turns to complete your objectives, and being stuck in the same location two turns in a row can be detrimental, but if you were planning to stay there anyway, not so bad. When you can choose to become delayed in order to gain some other benefit, it's always a discussion with the group trying to decide if the benefits outweigh the lost turn. I've had games where it was just a given that being delayed was a small price to pay for the reward, and I've had games where the reward would be nice, but we've got four gates open, doom is down to 3, we still need one more thing to complete the mystery, and we've only got two mythos cards left… and we just had to give up whatever potential benefit we could have gotten because we couldn't afford the lost turn.

    However, if you think being delayed is the worst thing ever, then stay away from the expansions that introduce Lost in Time and Space. That is seriously detrimental.

  30. I have some very good memories of this game, but perhaps that skews my opinion on it. It's true that it is a difficult game (especially for new players), but as an avid Lovecraft fan it really FEELS like you are these characters. Once you know what you're doing and kind of settle into your roles, you can become an unstoppable force and it just ends up being a puzzle to be solved as a group. I cannot describe to you the pants-tightening feeling of desperately needing to close a portal or beat a monster before the problem becomes worse and landing that last die roll you need to win. That character who has 1 influence and rolls a measly die to convince the local police to join their cause- That is a real stake and it makes you want to improve your character so that you can beat more skill checks like that. I'm not very interested in role-playing, but some of the scenarios make it hard not to at times. One time I went back in time and was transported to my younger self's bedroom. I hid in the closet when my dad came, but when he found me I had to wrestle a shotgun out of his hands to survive when I myself started the game with a shotgun, making all of us dub it "the family shotgun, passed down from generation to generation". One time the big bad soldier fellow who had tons of badass weapons and was on his way to Europe to kill 3 separate monsters failed a skill check and tripped and fell down some stairs, hurting himself and causing our whole group to erupt in laughter. Not only that, but the absolute difficulty required to beat these gods is exactly what I'd want out of a game where I'm fighting unknowable Lovecraftian deities because you're not fighting the deities directly, you're saving an ignorant and indifferent humanity by stopping the terrible god that's going to murder everybody from waking up. All-in-all, I've had a lot of good times with this game and I'd recommend it to a Lovecraft board game fan, though of course it's worth noting that finding a group of fellow people in that niche can be more difficult than the game itself.

  31. Pale British man: Saving the world has never been such a pain in the ass.

    Shepard: Hold my beer.
    Will Smith: Mine, too.
    Brad Pitt: Ditto.
    Tom Cruise: Make room. I got like a six pack.

  32. I would describe this game as delightfully ridiculous.

  33. 30 MIN??? I’ve never finished a game in under 3 hours

  34. My thoughts exactly about this game. I think that I just found it more boring.

  35. No need to be pretentious about a bigot.

  36. Played this for the first time yesterday with some D&D friends. Other then remembering some of the movement/action rules (particularly for buying/using tickets), I had a lot of fun. We got to the final mystery and we literally lost by ONE roll. We were so goddamn close.

    Was quite exhilerating! Getting a win next time!

  37. Very enjoyable video 😀

    Player count is actually 1-8 and I really love how the subtitles translate Arkham Horror into Our Kamora xD

  38. Okokok. This video is old. There is already AH 3ed with two expansions but hey I want to ask this anyway.

    1) Why is Eldritch Horror better then Arkham Horror 2ed (or 3ed if you want).
    2) How temathic is this?
    3) Will you raccomend to buy this and some expansions even now in 2020/21?

    Thank you.

  39. My group absolutely loves this game, and we plan to get every expansion. If the theme and mechanics speak to you, then it'll be a lot of hours of fun. We have a couple of house rules since some encounters are a bit iffy.

  40. These videos are so great lol. Where's the original Arkham Horror review? I can't find it!

  41. I absolutely love this game. Have all but one big box expansion. I agree with your criticism on being delayed though. Our gaming group has opted to play a variant where you can't move, but do get to do a second action. It keeps that thematic feeling of being stuck at a location, but still gives the investigator choices on their turn.

  42. Why would you want to CLOSE the gates???

  43. 4 years after this review and I got all the expansions. My favorite game.

  44. This is clearly going to be an unpopular opinion – but we tried to like this and Mansions of Madness – but in both cases, there were simply too many dice rolls and card draws to feel like we had any real control of the game. Felt too much like a roller coaster where we were told to keep our hands inside the vehicle at all times, look at all the pretty sights and BOOM! Oh sorry, the roller coaster crashed and it was through no real fault of our own, simply RNG.

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