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Eldritch Horror – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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First published on January 24, 2014.


  1. Finish a game in 30 mins? You have lost sanity.

  2. This is clearly going to be an unpopular opinion – but we tried to like this and Mansions of Madness – but in both cases, there were simply too many dice rolls and card draws to feel like we had any real control of the game. Felt too much like a roller coaster where we were told to keep our hands inside the vehicle at all times, look at all the pretty sights and BOOM! Oh sorry, the roller coaster crashed and it was through no real fault of our own, simply RNG.

  3. 4 years after this review and I got all the expansions. My favorite game.

  4. Why would you want to CLOSE the gates???

  5. I absolutely love this game. Have all but one big box expansion. I agree with your criticism on being delayed though. Our gaming group has opted to play a variant where you can't move, but do get to do a second action. It keeps that thematic feeling of being stuck at a location, but still gives the investigator choices on their turn.

  6. These videos are so great lol. Where's the original Arkham Horror review? I can't find it!

  7. My group absolutely loves this game, and we plan to get every expansion. If the theme and mechanics speak to you, then it'll be a lot of hours of fun. We have a couple of house rules since some encounters are a bit iffy.

  8. Okokok. This video is old. There is already AH 3ed with two expansions but hey I want to ask this anyway.

    1) Why is Eldritch Horror better then Arkham Horror 2ed (or 3ed if you want).
    2) How temathic is this?
    3) Will you raccomend to buy this and some expansions even now in 2020/21?

    Thank you.

  9. Very enjoyable video 😀

    Player count is actually 1-8 and I really love how the subtitles translate Arkham Horror into Our Kamora xD

  10. Played this for the first time yesterday with some D&D friends. Other then remembering some of the movement/action rules (particularly for buying/using tickets), I had a lot of fun. We got to the final mystery and we literally lost by ONE roll. We were so goddamn close.

    Was quite exhilerating! Getting a win next time!

  11. No need to be pretentious about a bigot.

  12. My thoughts exactly about this game. I think that I just found it more boring.

  13. 30 MIN??? I’ve never finished a game in under 3 hours

  14. I would describe this game as delightfully ridiculous.

  15. Pale British man: Saving the world has never been such a pain in the ass.

    Shepard: Hold my beer.
    Will Smith: Mine, too.
    Brad Pitt: Ditto.
    Tom Cruise: Make room. I got like a six pack.

  16. I have some very good memories of this game, but perhaps that skews my opinion on it. It's true that it is a difficult game (especially for new players), but as an avid Lovecraft fan it really FEELS like you are these characters. Once you know what you're doing and kind of settle into your roles, you can become an unstoppable force and it just ends up being a puzzle to be solved as a group. I cannot describe to you the pants-tightening feeling of desperately needing to close a portal or beat a monster before the problem becomes worse and landing that last die roll you need to win. That character who has 1 influence and rolls a measly die to convince the local police to join their cause- That is a real stake and it makes you want to improve your character so that you can beat more skill checks like that. I'm not very interested in role-playing, but some of the scenarios make it hard not to at times. One time I went back in time and was transported to my younger self's bedroom. I hid in the closet when my dad came, but when he found me I had to wrestle a shotgun out of his hands to survive when I myself started the game with a shotgun, making all of us dub it "the family shotgun, passed down from generation to generation". One time the big bad soldier fellow who had tons of badass weapons and was on his way to Europe to kill 3 separate monsters failed a skill check and tripped and fell down some stairs, hurting himself and causing our whole group to erupt in laughter. Not only that, but the absolute difficulty required to beat these gods is exactly what I'd want out of a game where I'm fighting unknowable Lovecraftian deities because you're not fighting the deities directly, you're saving an ignorant and indifferent humanity by stopping the terrible god that's going to murder everybody from waking up. All-in-all, I've had a lot of good times with this game and I'd recommend it to a Lovecraft board game fan, though of course it's worth noting that finding a group of fellow people in that niche can be more difficult than the game itself.

  17. One thing Quinns gets wrong about the delay mechanic is that it's not horrible. You don't get to take your actions, but you still participate in the encounters. When you get delayed, yeah, it feels bad, because you have only a limited number of turns to complete your objectives, and being stuck in the same location two turns in a row can be detrimental, but if you were planning to stay there anyway, not so bad. When you can choose to become delayed in order to gain some other benefit, it's always a discussion with the group trying to decide if the benefits outweigh the lost turn. I've had games where it was just a given that being delayed was a small price to pay for the reward, and I've had games where the reward would be nice, but we've got four gates open, doom is down to 3, we still need one more thing to complete the mystery, and we've only got two mythos cards left… and we just had to give up whatever potential benefit we could have gotten because we couldn't afford the lost turn.

    However, if you think being delayed is the worst thing ever, then stay away from the expansions that introduce Lost in Time and Space. That is seriously detrimental.

  18. To let you know they have this for play store on phone

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