Escape From Colditz - Boardgames 4K Review - Still Worth It? -

Escape From Colditz – Boardgames 4K Review – Still Worth It?

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Join us as we take a look at the ‘classic’ board game Escape From Colditz published by Gibson Games.

NB: This review uses the original version from 1973 and not the 75th Anniversary Edition from Osprey Games. As such there may be differences between your version and my version.


  1. I actually think the flexibility of ‘how to win’ is an advantage of the game. To shorten playing time you can ignore the escape kit requirement; for a short action packed game (to interest new players) try giving each player 3 opportunity/security cards and a number of unseen escape equipment cards (try 4). Suddenly, the escape is on from the start. Yes, high dice scores do help but have a numbers of POWs in escape positions then act when conditions are favourable.If you don’t like some of the rules, make up house rules to suit or get a few ideas from the recent Osprey version (free rules download available).Basically try to create as much havoc as possible to stretch the Nazi guard resources. Have fun!

  2. Never played this famous game and was interested to see what it’s all about.

    Turns out it’s thematically rich but might leave me wandering around scratching my nuts.

    Who knew?

  3. Totally agree, loved this game as a kid but it is impossible to recapture the magic and there are so many better games available today.

  4. There's a card game out there called Get out of Colditz as you probably know. The Kickstarter campaign ended but it should be coming around to retail. Looks pretty good.

  5. I would have loved this as a kid. I was hugely into WWII movies and it definitely has the feel of "Where Eagles Dare" in the theme.

  6. Oldest game in my collection. I’ve got a different boxed 1970’s copy of it. Haven’t played it for years but many fond childhood memories.

  7. Hopefully YT won't censor your vid in these crazy times where miscreants want to erase world history…. My mate had the Parker Bros. one with the swastika on the box. The most memorable escape by me was managing to nick the staff car. That was the best, most stylish way to escape IMHO. The sheer effrontery of it! 🙂 I may yet pick up the Osprey version for the minor differences and the production value.. Incidentally there was another Colditz boardgame I played when I was a kid. A friend had the Escape from Colditz Castle game by Invicta. It had a board with windows cut into it at various locations. Underneath was a rotating wheel which showed Police or SS or blank in the windows. Similar in that you had to collect pieces of an escape kit.

  8. My childhood fav game was "The Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs" – so many memories. Which they would do an re print or updated version of it.

  9. Interesting theme, never heard about this game before

  10. I love this review! You having a laugh – No win condition! NA NA we aint having that!

  11. Nice to see this game get some publicity. I was given it as a present about 1973/74 and it got a lot of table time with both family and friends. One of the first co-op games I ever played. I've still got it but have to agree despite it's strong theme it hasn't lasted the distance very well. I wouldn't get rid of it as it still holds many happy memories. Around the time it came out there was a TV programme on called Colditz. It was very popular and ran for a couple of series. It highlighted a different character or theme each week. Starred David McCallum, Robert Wagner, Bernard Hepton and Anthony Valentine amongst others.

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  13. My great uncle was in colditz, he was an officer leading some seaforth Highlanders into France, but the french double crossed him. Straight to colditz! Afterwards my mum always said that he hated the french but loved the gerries. Probably because he got treated well at colditz.

  14. Oi! Now is John Travolta in this here now game? 😄👍

  15. I thought that was Mr. Bean for a second when I saw John Travolta. 😄👍

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