Escape The Night: The Board Game Review - with Tom Vasel -

Escape The Night: The Board Game Review – with Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at a game based off a show! Escape The Night!

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Final Thoughts 5:47

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  1. Who would have thought the publishers of The Umbrella Academy Game would release such a poor Kickstarter product?

  2. IMPORTANT! Hey DT, you put up the wrong credits for this game. We don't want the stink of this garbage to land on any innocent game creators. Please fix it, thanks.
    [Edit: They fixed it.]

    The actual creators of this thing were Joey Graceffa (the guy from the show and who claims to be "passionate" about boardgames) and the show's director who got together and churned this mess out. If the show has anything to do with problem-solving, puzzle-solving, deduction, or just interesting decisions or ideas at all, then I can only assume Graceffa and the director have nothing to do with the writing of the show and have no personal ability in or awareness of these areas at all. It's like Richard Dean Anderson and the Director of MacIver get together to create a passion project which ends up being a decisionless roll-and-move where no one makes anything or does any creative problem-solving, and your dreams die just a little inside you.

  3. This game play is deeper than that Heroes of Barcadia "board game" on Kickstarter that made millions. I guess if you can use a game as a pretext to get drunk, it gets a pass from most people lol.

  4. I've seen you hate games before but this was absolutely disgust for a game had me laughing all the way through I almost Kick started this game still would get it at the 5.00 bin for my not so game group who needs an easy game to play without much effort and learning how to play I'm a big fan of horror and or scary board games and Tom usually doesn't show much love for them but it looks like this one is well deserved it's amazing how so many other good games on Kickstarter never see the time of day but garbage like this gets made

  5. Man, I was hoping there would be a review of this. You did not disappoint sir! Bravo. I’m sure all of the sarcasm and emotion on display is well earned by having to play this enough to review it.

  6. Tell us how you really feel.. lmao.. Great review

  7. well it's a pretty looking box, guess you can use it to store better games in I guess.

  8. The little tentacle pyramids look nice. And that is about it.

  9. Tom reviews awful games is my favourite unofficial dice tower series

  10. Looks pretty, wish someone could make a good game from the components

  11. I’m trying to sell mine. Anyone interested? Haha

  12. Let's all take a moment of silence for the 6,670 kickstarter backers that were scammed by this game….🙏

  13. I almost backed this Kickstarter. Whew. Bullet dodged.

  14. I missed a good classic Tom beatdown 🙂
    This game is EXACTLY like the Knightmare board game…that's not a compliment

  15. Series or list idea…. Games you hate you have to try to say why it's better than you think. Cringe levels would be amazing

  16. This is what you get when a board game is designed by someone who doesn't know anything about board games since they were 6 years old. At least they didn't use a spinner.

  17. Im up for a bad review once in a while. Sad part is there are no "roasting" reviews anymore 🙁 I understand you dont want to hurt people's feelings but those were fun!

    I saw this gane and I thought.. wait… is this clue? It loooks horrible!

  18. LOL I love it when you get mad at a board game.

  19. "THIS GAME IS TRASH!". Best 2021 opening up until now.

  20. Agree with Tom with this one. I dont know the show but because of this game I wont even try to watch it. This game should have been made to attract new fans for the show but it did the opposite.

  21. The review is amazing, the game doesn’t even deserve Tom’s time 🤣

  22. Love the passion! Possibly putting a target on your back from fans of the show to defend them from being taken advantage of

  23. Lol I love this review, I’m not one for being negative necessarily but I love when Tom gets so mad at a game he screams.

  24. Maybe people who have popular video games/youtube series/podcasts etc. that want to make a board game for them should oh I don't know… HIRE A BOARD GAME DESIGNER.

  25. My favorite comment on the Kickstarter page right now:
    "Well @saltymaker it is the best game I've played and I've played loads of other games and this is the best one by far"

  26. Jeez, I've been designing a game for over a year now that is strikingly similar to this, unbeknownst to me. There are some better design choices – no roll to move, higher game interactivity, mitigation, and some decision making – but a very similar core.

    This review is making me seriously re-think the entire structure of the game now.

  27. Thanks Tom, The production value seems good! But yes, the mechanics look dreadful.

  28. I was amazed when I checked the campaign and saw that close to 7000 backed this..

  29. Roll to move? That’s an automatic 1/10 Right?

  30. Not being a fan of the source material should never be used as an excuse for a bad game. Maybe, just maybe, it can work for one mechanic.

  31. Looks like a revamped 13 dead end drive board

  32. Holy smokes this thing did over a half million on KS. Sorry, backers.

  33. Thank you Tom! I’ve been wondering why no one had reviewed this garbage. I had never heard of the show and thought the game looked interesting and really pretty. Wow what a waste of $75. I ended up selling it to Half Priced Books. I feel sorry for the next person who buys it. I thought it was weird how the only thing online was unboxing videos but no gameplay or reviews. What’s really funny is on boardgamegeek there are lots of 10 ratings from rando’s that have no other activity. I’m now a lot more careful when backing games on Kickstarter.

  34. This is both the angriest and most hilarious review that I've ever seen Tom do 😂

  35. "Play pretty much anything else."

    Well okay, I saw this Kraft Mac n' Cheese game that looked pretty cool.

  36. This is my most favorite negative review from Tom (Runner up is Outsmarted).

  37. I was scammed out of my pledge for this game. I am so glad this flopped and I hope it leads to their ruin.

  38. So I guess this won't be a Dice Tower Essential game?

  39. "This game is trash!" – Oh?
    "Escape the Night: The Board Game is based on a Youtube Channel." – Ooooh.

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