Escape The Night: The Board Game Review - with Tom Vasel -

Escape The Night: The Board Game Review – with Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at a game based off a show! Escape The Night!

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Final Thoughts 5:47

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  1. Sooo… it's a Dice Rolling Simulator!? 😂

  2. "This game is trash!" – Oh?
    "Escape the Night: The Board Game is based on a Youtube Channel." – Ooooh.

  3. So I guess this won't be a Dice Tower Essential game?

  4. I was scammed out of my pledge for this game. I am so glad this flopped and I hope it leads to their ruin.

  5. This is my most favorite negative review from Tom (Runner up is Outsmarted).

  6. "Play pretty much anything else."

    Well okay, I saw this Kraft Mac n' Cheese game that looked pretty cool.

  7. This is both the angriest and most hilarious review that I've ever seen Tom do 😂

  8. Thank you Tom! I’ve been wondering why no one had reviewed this garbage. I had never heard of the show and thought the game looked interesting and really pretty. Wow what a waste of $75. I ended up selling it to Half Priced Books. I feel sorry for the next person who buys it. I thought it was weird how the only thing online was unboxing videos but no gameplay or reviews. What’s really funny is on boardgamegeek there are lots of 10 ratings from rando’s that have no other activity. I’m now a lot more careful when backing games on Kickstarter.

  9. Holy smokes this thing did over a half million on KS. Sorry, backers.

  10. Looks like a revamped 13 dead end drive board

  11. Not being a fan of the source material should never be used as an excuse for a bad game. Maybe, just maybe, it can work for one mechanic.

  12. Roll to move? That’s an automatic 1/10 Right?

  13. I was amazed when I checked the campaign and saw that close to 7000 backed this..

  14. Thanks Tom, The production value seems good! But yes, the mechanics look dreadful.

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