Etherfields Review - Almost a Sleeper Hit -

Etherfields Review – Almost a Sleeper Hit

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  1. I don't like etherfields and I like gloomhaven, but the main criticism Quin has for Etherfields it can be applied to Gloomhaven too.

  2. I know I'm a bit late, but I'm getting a certain vibe.

    Do you need a hug?

  3. im going through a fraction of this with dead of winter my self, I play alone but i still have fun, well not completely alone i have a few cats to witness my slow downward spiral into madness

  4. As someone who didn’t Kickstart Etherfields and is playing it with a friend I would like to share some thoughts. We have played close to 20 hrs of game play. This game is a multiplayer must! Playing this solo would be like trying to play D&D solo. The game sticks heavily to the theme even if at sometimes it feels somewhat unbalanced. That being said just like D&D you will watch crazy saves and insane feats that are only amazing because those odds sometimes seems impossible. As you build your deck you can begin to change those odds. But the theme of being a Dreamer who doesn’t know what’s going on and can’t fully control the world around them remains (or at least has so far). It’s the theme I find so attractive as well as the art. I don’t think this review is fair. And hope to provide the proverbial “devil’s advocate” if ever so briefly

  5. Hello! I am interested in size of the table for the game. Could you please write it?

  6. This is possibly the review with the best comedy bits <3

  7. Thanks for confirming my suspicions about the game. I'm really glad I didn't let myself being talked into backing it. I appreciate how ambitious it was and how great the artwork looks but I was doubtful about the gameplay. During the kickstarter campaign I asked for a preview of the rule book and when an update informed me there wouldn't be any because they didn't want to "spoil the surprise" and because you'd unlock additional rules all the time, I knew it was likely going to be a train-wreck.

    Apparently, I am one of the few people who didn't like the 'This War of Mine' board game. Not because of its depressing theme but because I feel it's a badly designed game with a horrible rule book. Well actually, it doesn't really have a rule book. Instead you discover how it's supposed to work as you play it, and if you're (un)lucky you stumble over additional rules by taking certain actions in some of the (random) encounters. Who believed that this was a good idea? Especially in a game that is quite hard to 'win' and requires such a careful management of available actions and resources.

    And like 'Etherfields' (and 'Tainted Grail') it's obviously meant to be played solo _only_. It doesn't even have multi-player rules unless you consider players taking turns to make decisions a multi-player game. But I digress.

    Given the way 'Awaken Realms' is running kickstarter campaigns and especially their frequency, I strongly doubt they'll ever release a game that has rules that are actually well designed and playtested. Given the sheer amount of content in their games it's simply not possible.

    It's a shame about 'Etherfields' because I really hoped they'd be able to pull it off. And apparently, there's at least some fun to be had, although it may require house-ruling or even cheating (the latter reminds me of my experience playing '7th Continent' by the way: The prospect of having to replay the equivalent of 20+ hours of exploration because of an unlucky random event quickly led me down a path of 'creative rule interpretations' that ultimately killed my desire to ever play it again).

    Anyway, I'm happy you mentioned 'Disco Elysium'. It's one of my most recent acquisitions and now I look forward to play it even more!

  8. I often find myself looking through Kickstarter's board game section and while I appreciate much of the art, creativity and skill that must go into making a lot of miniatures, tokens, cards, etc, for the bigger games, I can't help but think it's all a little bit bloated. The thousands of tokens, jewels, custom dice, and figurines! Everything is a figurine! The amazingly detailed figurines are cool, but they represent a game mechanic at their core; I don't know if I need all that stuff. If someone does, absolutely fine and they are beautifully made, but I feel like all the beautiful miniatures and lavish art often coat a game with very little in the way of enjoyable mechanics or replayability. Personally, I'm a fan of Kickstarters that have just one tier – back the game. No stretch goals, just get the game now at a cheaper price.

  9. Honestly, I would instantly buy this if it was on PC.

    I love hardcore games and this seems to be one.

  10. I am sure I will like the game because gloomhaven felt to me boring as hell. 😀

  11. Hilarious review!!! I watched it on my TV and had to get on my phone just to leave a comment. The awakening bit and the end were the best. Always entertained by your reviews keep it up.

  12. Everyone reading this can go ahead and stop wasting your time listening to the rest of the review, because reviewer himself said he wouldn’t spend money on this co-op dungeon crawl genre @1:45

    So it’s not surprising to hear he doesn’t like the game.

  13. I really want to like this game. Love the theme. Wondering if people, more familiar with Awaken Realms, can share a hypothesis for what the retail version will end up costing.

  14. I think it would be funny if you reviewed MtG.

  15. I got the dream god pledge sundrop. After playing a seconde time . My groupe quit much confusion in the rule .. and cards mechanic.soo im gonna sell my etherfield. Dont want a game in my collection that i wont be able to play … of course it was expensive. But no regret . I wanted to bring something exciting on my table.but etherfield dint suited for my groupe .and that is ok.

  16. After playing a seconde time of etherfield. I can compare it to cyberpunk 2077 on ps4.

  17. I think cheating in solo playthroughs is quite common. It's just so.. easy. I know I did, when I was playing Gloomhaven by myself.

  18. Thankful for this review. Gonna skip this one!

  19. The umbrella-bit caught me off guard. Laughed so loud my girlfriend woke up. Now I have to wait until morning to finish the video.

  20. Etherfields looks terrible now, and I'd be happy to buy one from unhappy owner, please.

  21. For some reason I really enjoied this review with a negative verdict, I know that a lot of other YT reviewers are negative and I also love the positive energy of SUSD, but perhaps the odd review of a bad game to help correct a bad trend (e.g. Kickstarter madness) might be a good thing.

  22. As much as im supposed to hate it, according to 2/3 of the internet reviewers i watch, I still think I'd be excited to play it.

  23. You should have a raffle and give away some of these games you won't ever play again. I'd love to try some of these 1player games since IM the only friend I have lmao

  24. Great comedy routine you should try game reviewing. Me thinks he protested,too much sense palms being greased to talk shit about Etherfields, no?

  25. I am so sick and tired. Of people who have nothing better to do than sit there and hang shit On games that have been worked on by hundreds of people tirelessly to give us enjoyment. This person didn’t even bother giving the game a proper play through and I can only imagine why he would’ve treated games particularly ones by awaken realms in such a tardy disgusting rude and flippant manner. What game have you ever invented. Where are your award winning efforts. I would like to see them.I urge people to buy the game as I did and make up their own mind I think they will be pleasantly surprised. Don’t rely on the fly by Night reviewer’s have nothing better to do Then tell lies about products they know nothing about

  26. the game is amazing and tons of fun.

  27. This concept for this board game is so amazing, I'm gutted it sucks 🙁

  28. This one had me wondering who are the 176 people who didn't like the video. One of the best SU&SD videos I've seen yet! A thoughtful, fair and incredibly entertaining game review. Well done!

  29. If the fudge factory is failing, why are they still having double fudge friday?

  30. Gloomhaven is kingdom death light! I owned both at one point but sold gloomhaven since KD:M is better in every way.

  31. As someone who got Tainted Grail, I can agree with a lot of this. I do love the game but did get frustrated with difficult/undesirable encounters. My current solution is a campaign with 3 players, played at single-player difficulty.

  32. Seeing this review for the fifth time but the first time on a new bigger TV, it's better! I can see the art better too and holy is it beautiful!

  33. Now I'm scared to back ISS Vanguard…it looks more organized and fairly simple, but maybe looks are deceiving.

  34. 'Damn neighbours with their Christmas cheer while I sleep in the box'

  35. Quinns is getting old😃😂 must watch final thoughts Rhado about Etherfields. Complaining about rules?? Omg:) are clear…

  36. Kickstarter should have a threshold that if achieved precludes a manufacturer from ever kickstarting again.

    Frosthaven should be a retail product, instead it’s a Kickstarter so backed up that it has ruined 2 Christmases.

  37. My friend and I have been playing Etherfields and we really love this game, the criticisms are well founded in this review however….

    What we have found is as you go along in the game a lot of things just wont make any sense at the time, however as you play through the game your have a Eureka moment and realise what it meant, because it has become relevant to the game now. I would recommend having no less than two players as the rules can be a real slog to start with, but if you have played Nemesis then your see some of the elements of play in this game.

    Some elements are not explained very well sometimes, for instance on the second dream we didn't understand how the entity worked as we assumed something else, when in fact the card was really stating the fact.

    The rules can really feel like a leap of faith sometimes, but we have learned one thing, if you do make a mistake don't kick yourself, just enjoy the game and learn from it. Some of the rules do contradict the rule on the card for that dream or ability, but then it does tell you that one supersedes another (I think its the rules on the card). The game is slightly flawed, but if you play it with two people rather than solo then I think most people will find it a really immersive and enjoyable experience.

  38. This sounds like another example of "This would be a great video Game, did not need to be a Boardgame"

  39. Hi, have you tried the Continuous Dream Mode?? What do you think about it? Thanks!

  40. Those minis look amazing though. Out of the box looking like that?!

  41. So, basically I need to look for these minis second hand and use them for dnd. Got it

  42. Hey all! Quinns here. I'd like to reply to the folks who pointed out that you can, in fact, skip Slumbers, and that there are rules for it in the manual. I also saw some people asking if I had unlocked the "Deliverance" mechanic that lets you permanently remove Slumbers from the game.

    Mea culpa: I did miss the rule about skipping encounters! I'm sure it was just one of several rules that I missed. However, on investigating my copy of the game I found that (a) only some Slumber encounters feature an option to skip them, and (b) the penalty you get for skipping combat encounters is *hellacious*. In the case of the first monster in the game, your deck permanently gains TWO flaw cards each time you skip it. So that's no good at all and it certainly doesn't change my review.

    As for Deliverance, I did indeed unlock this feature of the game. However, Deliverance is not the panacea that I, too, hoped it would be when I unlocked it.

    Deliverance gives you the option of fighting a lengthened, more painful battle with a creature to try and remove it from the game forever. However, this involves trying to pick the right Deliverance card from 5 options, and if you're wrong you might just make the battle harder, or, in one encounter, you permanently replace the monster encounter with an /even more powerful monster/. This happened to me. It was one of the moments that made me happy to write a review that was so negative.

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