Euphoria Board Game Review - Still Worth It? -

Euphoria Board Game Review – Still Worth It?

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Join us as we take a look at Euphoria from Stonemaier Games


  1. decent enough…good way of looking at it

  2. Yeh, bit of a fart in a box this one. Colorful but hollow.

  3. I'm starting to think Jamey stegmaier is a one-trick pony his games are themeless and arbitrary. This reminds alot gf Tapestry, another themeless game with arbitrary tracks. If he doesn't start producing good games soon people are gonna lose interest. Scythe and Viticulture can only pay the bills for so long

  4. Thanks for posting. I have never come across this game but I recognise a Steaming Pile.Jaysus that board – could you not have warned us that sunglasses are recommended?Still I know that many of your subscribers are SLEUG-lovers, so good luck to them.

  5. As always, very comrehensive review. Would it be possible to have your thoughts on the game played with the Ignorance is Bliss expansion, please?

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