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Everdell – How To Play

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In this video we’re going to learn how to play Everdell! If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to post them in the YouTube comments below, ensuring you abide by our Code of Conduct: .

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00:00 – Introduction
00:39 – Game Setup
02:51 – Standard versus Collector’s Edition
03:12 – Game Play Overview
03:48 – Action: Placing A Worker
04:30 – Basic Action Spaces
05:33 – Card Management
06:00 – Forest Action Spaces
06:44 – Destination Cards
07:13 – Event Tokens
07:52 – Event Cards
08:37 – Journey Spaces
09:27 – Action: Playing A Card
11:35 – Card Benefits
12:54 – Resolving Cards
13:56 – Action: Preparing For A Season
15:51 – Final Scoring
16:44 – Conclusion

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  1. An absolute treasure, the Bob Ross/Carl Sagan/Mr Rogers of boardgames. I can happily spend an evening just learning games even if I'm not about to play them, and when I am trying to play something, the videos are invaluable. I hope your life is filled with as much joy as you bring to others, cheers man

  2. Thank you for your video Rodney! I very quickly understood how to setup and play this game. As my groups' rules explainer, any resource to make the process easier is a godsend. Keep on making these!

  3. Will you make a How To Play for Everdell's Expansions someday?

  4. I came for the board games, stayed for the box flips hahaha 😆👍👍

  5. I just played a few rounds with the collectors edition. Just wondering if you will recommend adding in those 28 new cards?

  6. Thanks, great video! Just bought the game and this will help a lot. One question about the part at 11:25, is it correct that you are not allowed to have another innkeeper anyway because it’s a unique critter, or is that only for constructions? Thanks!

  7. Hello there!! Congratulations for the way you explain those marvelous board games!! I am a fan!!
    I just have question about Ever Tree card on Everdell… it says worth 1 point for each purple prosperity card in my city. Then it says Ever Tree can grant 1 of any Critter for free. I just dont understand what it means. Could you explain that to me? Thank you for your time

  8. Thanks for a great video! Played it for the first time and I loved it. Watching this too see if we played it right.

  9. I just entered the board game world and bought this game. Love your video.now I understand how to play the game. Thank you..😊😊

  10. Love your videos! Will you make one of Spirit Island soon? 😀

  11. This game is so beautiful had trouble concentrating, one question though whats the benefit in passing early? it would seem you can gain better cards or points the more you play

  12. thanks for the useful video
    one question, please
    From where you get the holder for coins and resources?
    thanks again

  13. Trying to figure out a first player in a Canadian household must take forever!

  14. Just the nicest dude in the world, thanks Rodney! You've added some strong box spinning to your list of talents I see! :D!

  15. As someone who is thinking of backing the games re-release this was great. I'm slightly confused by the meadow draw do you need to pay for it straight away and place it or can you just pick it up and hold onto it? Also is it very difficult to the tree up? I've had games before with 3d components that were a nightmare. Thanks

  16. Damn it, why did I watch this… I'll have to back the all in collector edition in KS.

  17. Came here from the latest Everdell KS campaign. I have watched many of your channels other How-to's, only now realizing I was un-sub'ed. Fixed that now 😎Hope everything is going well for you on PEI!

  18. Keep up the awesome quality of videos Rodney! Best in the business 😉

  19. No offense to all the other amazing contributors to the channel, but Rodney, you have my heart when it comes to tutorials. Excellent structure, timing, presentation, and just the right amount of detail in context. Always enjoy your overviews thoroughly. Ordered this today because I've been thinking about it for a while; then I saw it on DT's top ten solo games list with Liz, Zee, and Mike and realized I could enjoy this just as much solo. Awesome job, can't wait to get playing this beautiful game!!

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