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Evolution Review – with Zee Garcia

The Dice Tower
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Zee takes a look at this North Star board game

00:00 – Introduction
00:42 – Game overview
07:03 – Final thoughts

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  1. I miss the old deleted review for its unintentional comedy. lol

  2. oh Zee.. you…

    I happen to like the first player marker. It's easier to pass around actually. And speaking of kickstarter I'm not sure if you've seen the kickstarter exclusive first player maker.. it's basically the same size.. but it's 3D. So it's basically a fully toy dinosaur which I find ridiculously large.. but not ridiculous.

    Anyway great review it's been a big hit with my group. One of the things you didn't mention that I like is the player aid. One of the biggest issue with a game when you first play it is getting card familiarity. Knowing what cards are in the game and what youre creatures CAN be. The player aid does a swell job of showing you ever type of evolution you can apply so you can think about what may be useful and what combinations to strive for even when you first start the game.

  3. Thanks for tackling this again. Sam and Tom tackled this already but Sam seemed to have an external agenda against the theme, which is sad as I also thought this was a fun game.

    Good review!

  4. i have played the original evolution (origin of species), there kind of the same, big change’s are the boards, and the food. this one is probably better

  5. Can't wait to get the german version. I hope Schmidt Spiele hurries up.

  6. North Star is a great company (they quickly sent me replacement parts AND twizzlers 🙂 ) that has essentially no blemishes on its record, so I'm glad to see it making a good foray into strategy games. Love the thematic idea and the gameplay looks good. I am so shocked by these complaints about the first player marker; that thing is amazing.

  7. Uh oh, my B.A.D. (board game acquisition disorder) is starting to tingle! Looks like I'm going to have to pick this one up as well. 🙂

  8. Wonderful review….I want it now….

    But I have to disagree – that first player token is awesome!!!

  9. I've played the original evolution game, and probably the only think I miss is how the food is placed on the board. In the old game it was random, so there were times that obtaining food was hard, and you really have to think about how to combo your traits to get the maximum benefit. In the new version, the food number on the trait cards are so big that most of the time you don't even need to use your traits to get enough food. Someone else have this feeling or it's just me?

  10. I got the KS version of this game for christmas and we played about 4 games of it pretty much back to back.  It actually takes a while to really get the nuances of the game, which I was pleasantly surprised by.  My family and I enjoy the game for sure.

  11. Man, now I really wish I had pre-ordered this at Gencon last year.  Looks like I'll just have to keep my eye out at my FLGS for it.

  12. Its me or the game is a little boring? prefer smallworld. PD: I'm not a hater its only my oppinion.

  13. I get that a lot of people like this game, but I actually hated it. I thought I would like it because I like drafting games (Seasons especially) and games where resources can be used in multiple ways. But it just fell flat when my brother tried to teach me and my wife. I felt really limited and felt no thematic connection to my species. I also didn't like that one card from another player could completely invalidate my strategy or that there were so few cards. My wife also hated it and prior to that, the only game she ever confessed to hating was Netrunner (she's really bad at bluffing).

  14. Looks like a greate upgrade of the card game.

  15. THIS! This is an excellent entry level game! Fairly original, simple enough to grasp by non-gamers, interesting card powers and synergies that can be achieved. I'd really like to see more this sort of game design!

  16. Looking for Christmas presents for my kids, thanks Zee!

  17. Thanks for this review! The science nerd in me was sucked it by the theme, but you make it sound like the game play is fluid and fun too. Will definitely make a purchase!

  18. Toss that start player token into Animal Upon Animal box and see what happens.

  19. my man zee, that was a lazy review there. still i like your style

  20. First time playing. CArnivores everywhere. Food was plenty in the whole.
    -> Logical solution: Group defense card (forgot what it's really called). Climbing (lucky I got this pretty early on). Fertile.
    I was an unstoppable swarm of tree-climbing, constantly multiplying turtles.

  21. This is one of the most thematic games out there. It just naturally forces you into actually evolving your species in the most advantageous way based on the game environment. It's amazing. Love this one !

  22. Just found this one for $3 at a goodwill. My cover has an iguana on it. Thanks so much for the review!

  23. I hate the new version no longer comes with the food bags.

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