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EXIT: The Game Review – with Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at 3 scenarios for EXIT: The Game! The Secret Lab,
The Abandoned Cabin, and The Pharaoh’s Tomb!

00:00 – Introduction
00:31 – Game overview
03:30 – Final thoughts

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  1. Out of the different escape room games, where do these fall?

  2. Could a person just copy and reprint the sheet(s) that you "fold or cut" to play the game again? Or do you need to do things to the other components during the game?

  3. I love escape games and I watched a few old (and newer) shows on youtube testing the contestants' wits, but I never really tried one myself. For the price that these are, surely they are worth it since 4 players seems to be the minimum, one can argue that each person paid 3 bucks or so. 😀

  4. now that there are a couple escape room type games, could we get a review of the pros/cons of each and which ones are the best?

  5. if i buy a game i dont expect one use out of it – 12 bucks is a lot when you have to buy it again and again and you want to get the others and you're already buying different games etc – I hate this trend in games! – pass

  6. Thank you another great review Tom! I love this kind of games.
    My personal favorites escape room game so far are:
    1. Exit
    2. Unlock!
    3. Escape Room: The Game

    Next on the list to try for me is Deckscape…
    I want to try more and for this reason I made a geeklist on bgg where I keep track of all of them (https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/224641/escape-room-boardgames)

  7. Do any of these have a "horror" theme? Or are they more "mystery" in nature? Thanks.

  8. Very cool concept, and I have tried one Escape Room experience, which was awesome. I know the price for entry is quite cheap( $10 online), I'm leery on "disposable" games but this one is cheap enough that it does not bug me as much. However, I would like a company to make similar style game with a replay factor and can still be unique and varied enough from play to play.

    That's wishful thinking at this point, but hey I'm willing to give it a try at the price for entry

  9. The EXIT games are not recommended for anyone with colour deficient vision (that's 8% of the male population). I wish game designers would consider that fact more often.

  10. Really sucks that you can't use the games over and over.

    Here I was, planning to play it first with my girlfriend.
    Then I would have my friends play it, and I would moderate and amuse myself with their struggles.
    Then I would host my own escape room parties where I put other friends through them.

    I was planning to get like a minimum of three uses out of each. If I can only use it once, it's a No Buy from me.

  11. So these are play one time games with disposable parts?

  12. Thanks for the quick tutorial. Me and my sister picked this up at target, however we have the Dead Man on the Orient Express. Thanks again!!

  13. As a game designer (and player), I am attracted to the ingenuity of this game series, but am one of those who dislikes the disposable aspect. The price is great for the entertainment, I get that, and I understand the business model of planned obsolescence (thought it annoys me)…but the waste really is an issue for me. I don't mind the one-time use at all. It's a puzzle after all. But I can't pass it on to someone as a gift after I solve it? Seems cruel.
    I understand they want/need to sell copies, obviously, but people pass games/puzzles onto others. It happens. Even helps keep the hobby and industry going. That's why companies make more and more of them, to keep it fresh. I think the series is almost perfect, save for the disposable aspect.

  14. Honestly, I don't get people making a fuss about Exit being 'one time playable' games. I have played the same Exit game twice once, and it's alot less fun the second time (It ruined the experience for me, since I knew how to move forward, but the others are still trying to figure it out. In the end, I found something different to do). You get the best experience from playing it only once.
    It's kinda like an Escape Room. You're not gonna do the same one twice.

    (I've never played the english ones before, though. I'm not even sure if some of the Exit games we played have an english version.)

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