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Fallout Shelter: The Board Game Review (Fantasy Flight Games)

Man vs Meeple
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Fallout Shelter: The Board Game Review

2-4 Players
60 Minutes
14+ Years of Age

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Hosted by Jeremy Salinas and David Waybright


  1. Vault boy omg , this alone is infuriating I can’t finish the video stop saying pip boy

  2. Rules ain't etched in stone. When they have a "fixed" first player, simply use a rotation rule or randomize it as "initiative".
    "What you in jail for?" "I used a +2 on a +2 in UNO. You?" "I used Monopoly money in Game of Life".

  3. Vault Boy, Vault Boy! Pip boy is a handheld or arm mounted device 😉

  4. I took a chance on Fallout: The Boardgame" and was really disappointed. Not sure if this is worth taking another chance on

  5. Can't wait for this game – my son is excited for this (and myself of course). love fallout games.

  6. It seems to lack micro-transactions and waiting an hour for a room to be built.

  7. i reallly like this one. seems super light and given its fallout i could easily get some buddies into this

  8. Good review. Pre ordered this months ago!

  9. Aaargh, the little men are called Vault-boys. The pip-boy is the Persoonal Information Processor (PIP) mounted to ones arm. Everyone who have played the computer games should know this. #Nerdrage

  10. I want a solo/co-op module! I’d love to try this though

  11. Dangit MvM, I'd written this one off until this video. Now it looks fun!

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