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Fallout Shelter: The Board Game Review – with Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at a worker placement game of collecting dwellers and building shelter rooms!

00:00 – Introduction
01:21 – Overview
08:36 – Final Thoughts

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  1. Complains about the tin being easy to dent…. also does a component drop at the start of his videos…. got to love a hypocrite

  2. Can anybody who owned this game comment on the replayability?

  3. The second I saw it was a tin, I knew you would hate that, but at least you pointed out it's thematic from the game.

    I am also happy to see clear cards being used. Barely any games have them and they're a fun addition.

  4. Fun fact: the designer of this game was just on this season of Nailed It on Netflix

  5. Get unnecessary triggered by starting rooms compositions (in original desktop game there is wildness, then vault door and then vault entrance, and then elevators), but other parts of review was good as usual and yeah, game itself is pretty decent and fun, vile still being thematic

  6. Glad to hear it is fun. I enjoyed Fallout Shelter as an app. Will definitely order.

  7. If it's a true bethesda game, then on the first time opening the tin it should just unleash a swarm of locusts.

  8. I can perhaps understand the dislike of tins from someone who has a thousand games and, for the most part, isn't interested in the ornamental value of a product's box, but I think it is likely that the average person much prefers the visual and tactile aesthetic of a tin to a cardboard box.

  9. he should have used the hammer of approval on the tin box

  10. so if i understand correctly if I am the green player my vault is deeper than others? that makes no sense lol very confusing layout, its more like everybody share the same vault with different levels…

  11. Tom… I think there are numbers on the spots in each room that correspond to the die rolls… not just counting out 1-2-3-4-5… look for the spot with 5.

  12. Can you place workers at other player's rooms? Or are they just for their own exclusive use?
    Didn't get that, might be an important detail.
    It looks … surprisingly decent. The aesthetics are correct and the transparent dangers is a great choice.
    Will have to spend quite a bit on sleeves tho.

  13. Kinda disappointed there's no solo mode apparently

  14. i think the rolled dice doesn't include the middle part which you said number 7.. because if you include number 7 into play.. there will be 13th room which impossible to have enemy/blackout whatsoever so i think the middle elevator shaft is not counted and we only count the room instead therefore every room possible to get enemy-ed/blackout etc (and also you said number 7 the elevator shaft can't be enemy-ed/ blackout.. so why have number 7 in dice then?)

    just a small thought of the possibilities of the play sake.. i mean.. i really believed in Fantasy flight.. they really make a perfect boardgame gameplay.. and i don't think they will make this small flawed rules.. because i love Fallout boardgame, it's expansion and marvel champions and also loves this game(10/10 will buy)… and really really loved their gameplay design.

    also.. The dice tower channel is my main youtube channel which i often watch. hehe

  15. I was really disappointed with "Fallout: The Boardgame" after taking a chance on it. Looks like I should of waited for this 🙄.

  16. Didn't even know about this game, now I really want it, seems fun and short.

  17. Since when did Vault Tec ever care about dweller "happiness?" I'll wait for the misery and insanity based expansions.

  18. I really disliked Fallout (more of an Elderscrolls girl) but Fallout Shelter is a super fun little mobile game. Part Sims part Fallout. Pure simple quick fun.
    I am looking forward to this review of the board game version!

  19. I'm honestly surprised U didn't destroy this game due to some stupid rules. Having to attack a creature and then miss the role, causing you to miss Ur next turn as Ur guy is wounded, is pretty brutal. 2 wasted turns.

    Also very hard to catch up to a leader if someone gets ahead

  20. Lunchbox gamebox is a reference to things in the computer game.

  21. Played the solo iPad game to death. Got boring eventually…but this looks quite nice. Short games, interaction with others. LOVE THE TIN :-p

  22. The first fallout game was alright. Too much luck for how long it is, but his new one looks better

  23. thanks for the review the game looks too light 🙁 When will we have decent fallout game I wonder 🙁

  24. Buy now? Or waiting for BGG final Rating?

  25. At least the board game variant has an ending 🙂

  26. I hope the game will get expansions. As I love this idea and would love to see it expanded much more with larger developed rooms and more.

  27. would be nice to not have so many outof focus things you talk about Tom, I like your channel !

  28. This game doesn't play all that well, I only paid about 25 quid for it.. So not the absolute end of the world, its just a bit naff. Yes, naff! The additional resource if someone uses one of your rooms doesn't really add much, as we played on the resources became kind of redundant e.g you don't need the food resources once certain rooms are built… Rolling dice to spawn and fight a threat is tedious and in the end we were praying for the threats to be used (18of them) just to end the game… A duff 'un!

  29. Great review and I'm excited about this game. That said, most of this video's close-ups were out of focus and could've been shot a little better.

  30. MutaMente - Ciência e Espiritualidade says:

    fantástico… chegou no Brasil tbm!!

  31. Looks fun but I can this getting boring after a few plays

  32. Can I point out that your room placement is wrong? the wasteland and the entrance suppose to be on the left side according to the small number shown in front of each of that Red designed card ( see the back side of the card )

    bought it, tested it and loved it.

  33. I played this game yesterday. I like Fallout 2 (PC) and Fallout 4 (PS4) games, so I was curious to try this board game. I like the graphics of the game and the thematic tin box. In the box there is enough space for the cards even the cards with the plastic card sheets. The purpose of the game is interesting: the choose the next overseer based on who makes the Vault dwellers most happy. There are many ways to get happiness: by getting resources and using them to get items (some of the items give more happiness based on the other items, resources, dwellers or spaces, for instance), getting rid of the threats, healing dwellers and building spaces in the Vault. Players may block other players by setting their dwellers on the spaces, so it matters who is the starting player (in the beginning it is the player who was the most recently underground) since he/she starts placing dwellers in the spaces first. It seems important to get resources, items giving you bonus to get more resources and bonus to fight with threats and more dwellers at the beginning of the game. Then the player has resources to build spaces which give happiness and more space. It is also important to educate the dwellers so they get double resources or happiness during the next turn. There is not just one superior strategy to get happiness, so it's good to see what other players do and react their game movements. The game is not pure strategy but there is some luck needed when rolling the dices. The rule book is thin and light: it doesn't take long to read the rules and get the game started, but there is some obscurity in them, like how to build the new spaces in the Vault (it is by placing a dweller in an elevator and paying the price of the space in the bottom of a certain space card). I think the game is entertaining and not too heavy. I like this better than the Fallout board game (the basic game without expansions). I recommend this game for people who like the Fallout world and who like board games.

  34. so is it like a worker-placement Imperial Settlers?

  35. I would recommend Century: New World s as good worker placement game for newer board gamers. If you enjoy it Century: Spice Road for a nice little combo of 2 games that can combine into one game.

  36. There's no way a 7 is the elevator. There are 12 spaces (6 to the left, 6 to the right). Don't even need to know anything about the game to see that.

  37. there's a computer game of fallout shelter, hence the name: fallout shelter: "the board game"

  38. Is it fun with only 2 players? Or does it need more players to really shine?

  39. You putting the top cards out of order really bugged me

  40. For Fallout fans like me, the game box is very significant as an icon from the video games. In the video game, when you find a Vault-Tec lunchbox, it explodes and reveals a random object to be used in the game. In addition, the lunchboxes can be used to craft a very powerful bottlecap mine. The tin lunchbox isn't just a game box … it's a reminder of this item's importance in the video game.

  41. Maybe you'd be less likely to dent your tin if you didn't pour all your components out from 5 feet in the air over the surface you play on!

  42. I did find that the luck put me off. I ended up with nearly every monster in my rooms and had no chance of winning. All luck that was and no way of mitigating 5 monsters. I like everything else about it but that luck is frustrating.

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