Fog of Love - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Fog of Love – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. Just a word of caution: Sometimes this game feels TOO real. I played it with my wife and the game generated an argument we'd just had and it pretty hard to laugh off at the time.

  2. It's definitely at least in part the weed in my system, but god damn that cake at 5:01 looks tasty.

  3. This seems like a game that would be really hard to find the right people to play with

  4. The thing you guys have over other board game review channels — even really good ones — is that you really get into your emotional responses to the games you play. This is great, because board games are a social AND a tactile activity, so therefore feelings and emotions are important. 🙂

    Board gamers tend to be really analytical people, and I know you two are also that, but making your reviews in this way ensures that you don't overlook some of the very real joys of board gaming that keep gamers coming back to the hobby for more. ❤️

    (You're also really damn funny, so there's that too. 👍🏻)

  5. Found this in Goodwill today, after 2 years of putting off picking it up. And I have to say immediately, the side loading box is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BOX OUT OF EVERY GAME I OWN

  6. This video came in perfect while looking for a Christmas present for my gf, could be the end of the relationship…

  7. Uh oh, 3 minutes in and they seem to really like it. This game is screwed!

  8. This sounds like a great game, but I can't imagine asking anyone to play it with me.

  9. Oh, this is the perfect house warming gift for a young couple!

  10. Cant watch their reviews anymore. They just throw out simile after simile instead of just reviewing the game.

  11. If you were going to open this up to spectators, what house rules or clarifications would you implement? 

    I'm thinking it would be fun to offer spectators the chance to play walk-ons. "Can I take your order?" "We are overbooked, would you be willing to accept vouchers for a layover in Paris?" etc. 

    And I think it could be fun to have a phase of 2-person decisions or plot points that are impacted by the scoring of spectator votes. Offer each spectator (ideally 2 other's, I think, so they can play as well) a pingpong paddle with a red side and a green side. And let them weigh in the score of certain decisions. Or give each spectator a single-use rewind plot option, so the players can take things in another direction. 

    This of course would be very subjective, so I'm trying to think of consistent criteria for voting, such as "I voted red because I think he betrayed his character depiction" or "the story headed in an unsatisfying direction for me" or "the players are trying to make it work, but it's not coming naturally or 'it's not in the cards' for the characters" But of course, it could be more in the spirit if spectators had their own reasons that need not be justified, for their own folly.

  12. 2:46 As I saw him for the first time, it was like the whole world disappeared into the background, overshadowed by his presence, and all I could see and sense was him, he took up all of my attention, all of my sight. His being blotted out the sun and the skies, his enormity; crushing all in his path into dust. His voice shattered mountains and with each step towards me the ground shook as if pummeled by meteors and shaken by the pull of foreign astral bodies. He was the biggest man I had ever seen.

  13. We need a Fog of Love on Tabletop Simulator livestream! 😀

  14. "I'm an internet celebrity who's jealous, insecure and disorganized!"
    … So you're an internet celebrity-

  15. Did Mat just ejaculate and then start eating it?

  16. Discarding “Destiny”… that’s deep.

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