Fog of Love - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Fog of Love – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. Is it good for solo play?

    I Have no friends

  2. can you guys do a "play through" of this please? 🙂

  3. It's great to see the guys genuinely excited about a game, and you can tell they like it from their review. I probably would have walked right past this game in the store, but after this review, I need to go out and buy it. Thanks, guys.

    Also, please more shirtless Matt. Thanks. <3

  4. I hear that in Utah the game is for 3-8 players.

  5. Must see this game played by these two. That would a riot.

  6. I got a copy of this to review at GenCon and my god do my wife and I love this game. You guys are amazing and hit everything right on the head as why this game is incredible. I only hope to be as good as you guys one day

  7. This is a game I really want to get, but feel the theme would prevent me from ever getting to the table. I don't see my game group/friends having any interest in playing this. A shame, since I really love the idea of this game.

  8. Nice review. Dont forget to say how long a game takes to play!

  9. Umm … can I PLEASE request more of Matt with an open button up shirt wiping whipped cream off of himself on this channel please? I'm a simple dude, is that REALLY too much to ask? K thx!

  10. El mejor canal de juegos de mesa en youtube, you guys are the best, keep it going, saludos desde chile.

  11. "Quinns, we really need to spice up this next episode. Something to really wow the fans."
    "I got it. I'll shove my hand up your shirt and squirt whipped cream out the top"
    "I… I mean alright, I guess"

  12. 6:36 scene, that was funny.
    The follow-up scene at 6:46…*BAHAHAHAHAHAHA*

    Also it was great meeting you guys at GDC! (I was the tall guy who asked if the pastry was pear-flavored.) 😛

  13. I don't understand how hidden information meshes with cooperative gameplay. Wouldn't you just communicate your needs and work together to meet them?

  14. When you first said "like finding a ballroom in your house" I thought of those ball pits that children play in then was sad to realize you meant a large fancy room for dancing.

  15. I have that problem with my cream as well… Always a little too early….

  16. I found this game to be absolute rubbish. A real disappointment.

  17. this is one of the best reviews I've ever seen.

  18. I don't know whether to be happy about the fact that you kept the stupid PC heterotnormative talk to a tiny amount, or mad that you felt you needed to include it at all. I think it says more about our times than about you. Good review.

  19. Great work! You guys really elevate the review process and you sold us on getting a copy of this! Thanks for your efforts.

  20. Have to admit I might have not given this game a chance without having seen this review. Thank you!

  21. this is awesome.. truly a holy grail of the relationship board game… reminded me when i was dumped

  22. My favorite twosome. …..Of SU&SD, I mean, of course.
    I had zero interest in this game, even tho I'd heard a lot about it, till your podcast. I can't say I'll ever have a group to play this with, but it sounds very interesting.

  23. Can't wait for this in Spanish just read that it will be able 2019!

  24. Man, you guys are the best hahahahah I laugh too much watching your reviews.

  25. There is no way ill convice a girl to play without instantly alerting her, that i may like her. Even when it is not the case.

  26. it's actually pretty incredible how good you two are at reviewing. forst video i see from you guys, though. more will follow. kudos from germany!!

  27. Looks like a great game but I don't know anyone who would even consider playing it

  28. No doubt, the best review I have ever seen, about anything. Game looks pretty hot too.

  29. Table's size for a game like this? I live in a little apartment

  30. I am so confused. This game is so unique. But… Do I play with my girlfriend, or will this spark arguments? Do I play with my friends or will I find myself somehow becoming homosexual? Do I play with my family, or is that just weird? It's such a unique game but I just don't understand who I'd be comfortable playing such a strange experience with…. Still for like $20 on, it can't hurt to try it

  31. no "I'll use the Force to keep us together" joke?? During the I'll need you to convert to my religion part…. feels like a missed opportunity!!

  32. I wouldn't recommend playing this with you SO. It's much better as a funny game roleplaying as a fake gay couple between friends.

  33. got this for my 9th anniversary present to the wife. it sparked a wave of board game fanaticism in her. did it mend some of the holes in our relationship? dunno, but it sure was fun! good review.

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