Forbidden Island - Boardgames 4K Review - Still Worth It In 2019? -

Forbidden Island – Boardgames 4K Review – Still Worth It In 2019?

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Join us as we revisit The Forbidden Island, an older cooperative game by Matt Leacock.
We tell you what we DO like, what we DONT like then we tell you if it’s still worth playing today.


  1. I absolutely love the theme of Forbidden Island. The fact that you get three moves per turn simplifies your total action space so much that the best short-term move is fairly obvious. The challenge level felt too low for my tastes.I could go extreme and start mathing out the probabilities, but then it gets to be tedious and boring rather than the somewhat light-weight fun thinking I expect from a relaxing board game. And it'll bore my fellow players.Forbidden Desert felt right to me, which is sad because although I like the theme, I don't quite love it the way I love the theme of Forbidden Island.My recommendation to everyone out there: try both if that's something you can easily do. Decide whether you want one, the other or both.

  2. This was the game that kicked off my love of board gaming and I’ll always have a soft spot for it. A year on, and loads of games later, I’ll still whip this one out for a quick solo game. It’s light but there is still plenty of challenge. Disagree about Forbidden Desert though, I thought that added some clever stuff and I much prefer it out of the two now.

  3. I remember playing this game several years before I became interested in board gaming as a hobby. I had never experience anything like it. I didn't know such a thing as a cooperative even game existed. I was amazed at how much tension it balanced with so much fun. Seminal in my journey in the hobby.

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