Game of Thrones and Mother of Dragons expansion - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Game of Thrones and Mother of Dragons expansion – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. “No matter how many players are actually playing” -continues to play alone.

  2. Did they ever make an ice walker expansion

  3. Played this dozens of times and it is one of my favorites. Setup only takes 10 mins, not 20. Initial instruction time to teach essentials is 10 mins. Games with people who have played before is 1-1.5 hours. With a couple first timers, 2 hours. 3-4 first timers and you'll be at 3 hours. The expansion makes critical balance fixes even if you don't use the dragon queen, such as the vassal system.

    You do need to allow a lot of time to initially learn the rules and should play a practice game by yourself at first.

  4. I remember the first time I played this game and we didn't get the rules right so we kept playing like Raid orders can also stop Attack orders and nobody could attack each other at some point. Awesome game though!

  5. for a couple years we had a friend group who would meet sunday at like 11 am, and start playing, giving us ample time for strategy (snack) breaks and dinner, we would usually finish an hour or two before the new episode of game of thrones, spend all that time talking about the game and what were our mistakes, what we wanted to try, then we would watch game of thrones. This game holds a super special place in my heart, it's my favorite board game.

  6. This looks like it would be a great experience with 6 or seven other friends that absolutely adore A Song of Ice and Fire. Having said that, none of my friends read the book or particularly cared about the TV show, unfortunately. But seems like the experience of playing this game would be improves with people interested in the story and maybe even willing to put a little role-playing into it.

    Now that we have a Daenerys character wanting the game to last as long as possible, might be an interesting balancing mechanism to have a White Walker expansion that adds an Army of the Dead wanting to invade the Seven Kingdoms and end the game as soon as possible. With giants spiders, big as hounds, of course.

  7. I respect how thoughtful your points on how the flow of the game can be broken consistently. Thanks!

  8. This game is easy 🙂 And very fun 🙂 Try Axis and Alies world map (two games combined) 😀 Then you can talk about complexity and tricky rules 😀 😀 😀 Game of thones is not ticket to ride, it needs to be learned deep, then you can enjoy it that's the beauty 🙂

  9. From when I played with the expansion I felt like the Targaryan goal turns the game into: 1) everyone opposes the Targaryans, or 2) the Targaryans wins. The next time I play this I think I will try to house-rule that the Targaryans have the same win condition as the other players. But we'll see when that happens.

  10. Are you also going to review the final expansion? It drastically reduces setup and playtime. You setup the board and then roll a single dice. Whomever rolls highest wins.

  11. 9:20: Eh…routs do happen in the books. They just tend to involve less complete reconstitution and more deserters/bandits.
    20:55: This would be incredibly in-character if Viserys was a bit more confident and a lot less aware of what was going on around him.

  12. This was my favorite board game of all time. I started playing in Gencon and then found Vassal. Back in the day you could find ppl to play 3p and even the 6 player. A year ago I tried to use Vassal and there wasn't enough players.

  13. This was actually our gateway game back in the early 2000s, and can't disagree more with the complaints on its complexity. It's super smooth and feels modern every time. The simultaneous placing of tokens and the nearly real time aspect of its resolving makes it feel modern and fresh. It has very little downtime. Never do you sit and spectate another players turn. And then the tie breakers that are resolved by the 3 tracks is one of the most thematic fits of any boardgames out there. You really made the combat system sound more difficult then it is. Both players kinda know their own values in the planing of the move. I love Kemet a whole lot, but I feel like ppl get bogged down by looking up the ability meaning of every tech and card. With Got there's basically no looking up of info.

  14. Love this game … a club favorite. Twilight Imperium … good game but has taken us far longer to complete. Shogun is my favorite game but several down our club hate it. Axis and Allies is probably the club favorite.

  15. In the end Quinn is not listening at all, his thoughts were clearly everywhere but not in that room.

  16. Mouth touching. Something you don't know you miss until you see it. Those were our salad days

  17. Was this review the 2nd Edition or 1st?

  18. I come back time and again for this review just for matt lmao

  19. Learning cliff for the rules and slow pace would be still OK if Game of Thrones second edition would have good competitive balance. But it doesn't. With a full board of equally skilled players it's MUCH harder to win as a Lannister and Greyjoy compared to every other house.

  20. The game was parking for a few years on the shelf, because we were too busy to relearn the rules. Now taking 2 hours its not that hard, but you need at least one player, who knows everything ready. Its an awesome game, but Im wondering why they made such ugly figures. I know it doesnt add to tactics, but playing chess with crappy figures makes the game less stylish. If I have to watch a board for hours I want to see something interesting!

  21. A very fair review. I agree it is what Risk wishes it could be. I love the game. The complexity and the way it portrays Westeros reminds me of the books. Can't wait to try this expansion.

  22. Obviously im way behind on seeing this vid but this is exactly the kind of game me and my group would play. We love super long expansive and complicated gamrs that take days to play. We have catan with all expantions and we play them all together with alot of house rules and a blind board so the game lasts for days. I love the show (aside from the 8th and most horrible of all show seasons of all time), surprisingly never read the books which even i think is a tragedy. I think im gonna have to go get this and the expansion.

  23. I played the base game like 4 times and I can say that it gets more interesting as everyone gets a better understanding of the rules. But it's true that the game can become a little too long and tedious sometimes (which could be solved adding time limits to the thinking part). Anyways, I don't feel ready yet to play the expansion since I'm still learning the basic game.

  24. I played this game in 1st edition back in 2011 and immediately fell in love as I'm a huge Christian Petersen game fan. Funny enough it became my favorite board game, and I never heard of song of ice and fire. From the board game I jumped to the books which is possibly the exact opposite situation I imagine anyone ever getting into Game of Thrones with. This is one of my favorite games and I'm glad that my entire play group has a strong grasp of the rules

  25. you are talking about this game like someone is imagen how it would be to play, and i can tell you this, because i played like 200 games, and its noting like you are describing

  26. Worst review I’ve ever seen lol. If you don’t understand the game, don’t make a review about it!

  27. This game only follows the series appropriately is you flip the board and piss all over it when anyone gets close to winning.

  28. I can see the arguments, but I believe these arguments also apply to TI, Dune and Eclipse. Why do the complex rules of this game infuriate you so much, but not in those other complicated strategy games? The two player fighting argument is also present in those other games. I like fights in GOT, as it is very interesting who is going to support whom and what card is being played. Combat is very interesting to everyone at the table. In a game like TI (which I love btw), people are just throwing dice in combat, with less decision making. And in TI and Eclipse, you can also have boring turns if your game is not going that well. I respect the arguments, but I just don't see the consistency when compared to your reviews of TI, Dune and Eclipse.

  29. Sounds like Diplomacy and Dune got knocked up by Tolkien

  30. Are these two boy kissy boy with each other? Just curious. (Read this in a British voice if me asking you triggers you. It will help calm you down until you might be able to pass for someone non mental.)

  31. This is still my favorite board game, but Root is giving it a run for its money because it gives me similar vibes, plays in less time, and is less complex. I appreciate this review, so thank you! <3

  32. "Better sexy then dead than never dead sexy"…lol

  33. It's super weird seeing two people close to each other in a video. Wonder when it will start to feel normal again.

  34. So, Risk with supplies and even more politics. Sounds exciting and scary at the same time.

  35. God I loved game of thrones but it’s ending sapped all excitement out of the products for me.

  36. Bit late to the party here, but I had both experiences of this game. Years ago played it a lot with a group of committed players and it was amazing. Especially when grudges spilled between games (and some drinking rule for the battles were invented), longest games was nearly 10 hours! Years later tied it again a few times with less committed folks and it seemed to fall flat, just no one was enjoying themselves by around round 5.

  37. I found this game quite fun, but I can see how a lot of people would feel it's slow and dragging

  38. Played the Basic game recently and we played 9 hrs (5 player game)

  39. Looks like these guys like CATAN-like game. Because anything than is more complicated than CATAN makes them lost in its compexity. ( Joke about how stupid they are? sooorryyyyy )

  40. About the rule problems i found that playing the computer version helps You learn them

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