Game of Thrones Board Game Review - with the Board Game Knights -

Game of Thrones Board Game Review – with the Board Game Knights

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The Board Game Knights take a look at the Game of Thrones board game.

00:00 – Introduction
00:39 – Game overview
03:03 – Final thoughts

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  1. At the beginning you said it takes about 2-3 hours to complete. What?! I've never played a game that took less than 4, and tends more towards the 5/6 mark. Good review, though. I enjoy it, but you raised valid points. Now off to see the card game review (which I haven't played).

  2. Somehow I keep looking at the bird… I… can't… stop… looking… at…..

  3. I have played this game two times. Everyone knew the rules except me. It took about 5 hours both times. "Oh that guy has 6 castles! Alliances out the window, attack that guy!" I like the "fog of war" mechanic with hidden movement and the supply track. It adds strategy and realism to the game. Think about it; if you can't supply your troops, they will die. i'm really most of a wargamer and that kind of mechanics are not new to me at all, so i learned not only the rules fast but also the strategys. What confused me alot of times was the sea zones, because they are BIG and if you "hide" your ships at the end of a Zone, it is so easy to overlook crucial threats. Sneaky sneaky 🙂 Cool game but Twilight Imperium is much much cooler. Just finished a 5 hour session with TI3 now. Can't get enough of that game. Great review guys. Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. I love this game.  I think it is very easy to play, long and involved but easy to learn.  My only complaint is that you can't play with just 2 players.

  5. This is my favorite strategy boardgame. No dice sell me on this, it's all diplomatics. On that note, you criticized the Lannister starting position. Yes, yes it is hard for Lannister, and if someone in our group wins as Lannister he also gets some compensation for awesome play. As Lannister you HAVE to be diplomatic. You just can't go all out militaristic. You have to convince the Greyjoy player that, if both of you want to have a little bit of fun in this game and have a shot at winning, you will have to entertain a truce and draw a line right at Riverrun and Seagard. Let Greyjoy have the Sunset sea and guard Lannister from the waterways and let Lannister handle the landmasses. It is a shaky truce, sure, but if both play together they can be a very strong force.

  6. This game has a big chunck of diplomacy that you guys didn't really mention. I just love this game!

  7. Pick up the Feast of Crows expansion, it plays faster.

  8. The case of theme trumping mechanics is definitely true here, which is why the lack of a clear setting for the game frustrates me so much (Stannis with Renly, Ned fighting on? Argh).

    That said it kind of seems like you guys aren't that into the world anyway. This game is based on the book 'A Game of Thrones' rather than the HBO miniseries anyway.

  9. I mostly agree with your review. Still love the game though. But, and this is a fairly big one, your explanation and exception to the Balon Greyjoy card is wrong. He merely lowers the card value of the opposing card to zero and does nothing to the strength of the troops on the board.

  10. I didn't even notice the bird, until he clapped his wings for the first time 😀

  11. You should try the Feast of Crows 4-player variant… it's shorter, it's goal oriented, houses play very differently yet seem very nicely balanced and our group vastly prefers it to the original version.

  12. I should say first that this is one of my group's absolute favorites, so draw your conclusions of what I have to say from that I guess. That said, I have a lot of experience with this game playing in optimal conditions (everyone knows the rules and is down for the shifting/backstabbing nature of the game). First off on learning…I agree with everything said here. It is rough on new players. It will take 2 or 3 games to get what I'll call the intended experiece out of the game, so good luck getting a good 6 ppayer game lol (six player games will definitely hit 3 hours anyway). Once you have a group of 4-5 that are familiar with it you can knock a game out in 2 1/2 hours. The only other thing I wanted to say is that if everyone is truly playing for a win, Lannister won't get wiped. The amount of resources greyjoy and tyrell or baratheon have to dump into the effort will hand the win to another house without need for diplomacy. When everyone is eyeballing their neighbor and allies, comebacks are every other round in this game. I've been down to a footman, a knight and 2 ships with stark in round three, to pushing for a win in round 6, thwarted by greyjoy, with lannister getting a surprise victory in a 3-way tie between stark and baratheon. It's can be a wild, awesome ride.
    Again, you have to have a group that likes long strategy/diplomacy games. In fact the best description of this game I can give is that this is a twist on the game diplomacy with some bells and whistles attached (apologies to diplomacy fanatics). It's best with 3-4 players and 4 player is best with the feast for crows expansion which completely changes the game anyway.
    I've typed too much. If this is your type of game, my advice is don't give up on it after the first 2 plays.
    Bonus: Kemet is also a blast, but has a lot less player interaction until it becomes everyone smash timmy or he'll win…still love it though.

  13. I can agree with some of your concern.

    The game is NOT easy for new player.
    The game is NOT an 1-hour light game. It can (and in my opinion should) take 3-4hours.
    That said, the Lannister is not THAT hard to play. If all people are newbs I can see that the may target lannister because of the starting position and supply. But the trick is NOT to overdo it because the other player doesnt have enough supply for it, and the One player NOT to attack Lannister (in this case) will problably be the winner.
    The same is true for every House. They play VERY differently (which you often dont get by 1-2 playtroughs). Stark will (only) win if he/she can hold on long enough (and make sure the other player fight each other/dont win).

    Personally this is one of my favorite HiddenOrder type of game.
    But I, like many else in the comments, have experienced the problem with new players, which is what I think your bad experince/opinions comes from.

  14. when balon greyjoy is played you don't automatically win the combat if they still have a stronger army than you.  balon greyjoy just nullfies the strength of the other player's house card.

  15. Try out Feast for Crows expansion! Shorter playtime and big battles on turn 1.

  16. TI3 Random and not balanced …shaking head. Friendly tip I think you need to clean up your format the humming of the theme over the introduction of the game is very distracting. Good luck on your future endeavors.

  17. I got tricked into playing this game by the guy bringing it who said it only takes 1 hour or possibly an hour fifteen to an hour twenty to play (including rules explanation) – which he even confirmed when I said this would be hard to believe. After playing it (not to completion because some guys had to catch a train) I was rather disappointed. So thank you! I was feeling like I'd be the only guy not liking this game. I think one must also add that this game crashes and burns with 3 or 4 players. We played it with four and since there is only one side to the board, some families due to placement have a pretty substanial advantage over others. Also I felt that there are simply better games out there. Kemet provides the same feeling in half the time and Twilight Imperium and Rex probably offer more when compared at the optimal player count of 6. Unless you're a fan of the series obviously.

  18. Regarding the concerns around balance and Lannisters, you are correct that the game is terribly imbalanced in the 4 and 5 player variants. Fortunately, the 3 and 6 player versions are well-balanced, and the imbalances in the 4 and 5 player versions are easily fixed with some simple adjustments.

    The key is to not play with House Greyjoy unless there are 6 players. For 4 players, it's best to play with Lannister, Stark, Baratheon, and Martell, blocking off only Pyke (as in the 3 player variant), and putting NPC tokens on only the Eyrie and King's Landing. This leaves an easy target of Tyrell's lands, but this will incentivize Lannister to venture South instead of battling Stark for the riverlands the whole game (which leaves Baratheon free to take the center of the board and win), and will lend Dorne a much-needed hand to make up for their relatively weak position.

    For the Fiver player variant, do the same as above, but just add House Tyrell. The addition of House Tyrell makes things harder for Dorne, and does encourage Lannister to focus on the Riverlands, but the presence of Tyrell will prevent Baratheon from taking advantage of the foregoing to swoop in for an easy win.

    Also keep in mind that imbalances that benefit some Houses more than others is not the end of the world for the weaker Houses. Use the perceived strengths of Houses Baratheon, Greyjoy, ~Lannister, ~Tyrell against them by rallying allies to your cause. An alliance will count for far more than any of the Houses' intrinsic benefits.

  19. Nice review. I personally really enjoy this game – in particular the lack of dice combat and randomness in combat allows for much better strategy. Best parts of the game are the diplomatic aspects, theme and strategy. Worst parts are the incredibly long time to play (I have had 10 hour+ long games) and the difficulty to teach new players. 

    I disagree about the balance points. It looks like Lannister is in a bad position, but there are some very strict openings in the Lannister <-> Greyjoy interaction that ensure Lannister can beat out aggressive Greyjoys through good play – definitely not a house to give to a new player though. My only qualm about balance is that the game is only really at its best with 6 players.

  20. Thank you, very good review, and the girl on the right is cute 😀

  21. Ugh that was unwatchable. The guy in the middle should never appear on camera again. Talks way to fast with no pauses and an insanely irritating tone in his voice!

  22. Interesting that you guys criticized the game for having 2-3 rounds of "just moving these guys around" but also were very excited about the fact that the Lannisters are "only" 2-3 turns from being attacked by any other player. Do you think that is a contradiction or am I missing the point?

  23. this is a nice straightforward game (though having someone to run it helps) to make new enemies with 😀

  24. The critique is contradicting itself:
    @4:06 complaints are, that houses fight each other too early
    @9:21 complaints are, that the game starts too slowly
    Makes me wonder if they like any strategy game at all.

  25. I enjoyed this review, had my doubts at the start and still room for improvement, but as someone looking for ways to improve the games I'm making, I like the blend of criticism and praise

  26. I love playing Lannister in this game. Never have any issues getting attacked too soon or getting wiped out early on. The key is that you don't suck.

  27. Really embarrassed to be Australian right now. You guys are cringe personified in your attempts at comedy. Fkn horrid.

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