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Go Review – A video 4,000 years in the making

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  1. Great review of Go.. and I think what you said about Go applies to several classic two player games, including Chess (in all its international variants) and Checkers (And all its popular variants)… They are kind of hobbies in and of themselves. The top levels tend to be occupied by people for whom the game is what they focus on, far more so than most commercial games… though there are a few exceptions.

  2. Ive been fortunate to play GO with Howard Marks over a couple of bottles of Red WIne – Hope youre enjoying go in heaven buddy

  3. Im an american 1 Dan player. Its nice to see others have an interest.

  4. In before watch quinns discover riichi mahjong and absolutely lose his mind.

    There's really no going back from that..

  5. Go has only two rules: you can’t commit suicide, and the world never exactly repeats itself. (Then there are a bunch of definitions.)

  6. when you said 500 pound table, my first thought was "That table doesn't look that heavy."

  7. Him: "I am not thanking them for send us this £500 Table…"

    My dumbass brain: "There's no way it weighs–oh wait, he's talking about money."

  8. Fantastic review, I am going to check out Go!

  9. Go? Don’t you mean Japanese Checkers? (Yes. Google calls it that. Look it up xD)

  10. I couldn't help it, but the board at 3:00 immediately caught my eye.

    I noticed at first glance, that the bottom-left border was far from settled, just to many weak points to break through, for both sides.

    But at closer look, the only two really settled groups turned out to be the two big black groups at the top, the five-stone L and the four-stone square.

    I've played the board out about ten times, and depending on the variation, every single other stone than those two groups lived at least once and died at least once.

    Still, amazing video, and as you clearly state at the end, it's not so much a board game and more a distinct hobby of its own.

  11. This is easily the best introduction to Go for people who play commercial board games. Well done.

    But looking at your board positions, I hope you've gotten the concept of Ko down by now.

  12. The computer did not design or form the principle! that was HUMAN

  13. I played a game with my wife. She won and promptly hid the game and we haven’t played since.

  14. happy that someone finaly recognized the crepuscular genius of the opposum

  15. People keep complaining that. There's nobody to play go with, and that's true…

    But if you want to get people into go, it's much easier. You teach them two at a time, as they play EACH OTHER.

  16. I was always taught that Chess is a battle and Go is a war with multiple battles happening across the board. But the more I played and improved, the more I realized that the game has a rhythm to it. An ebb and a flow. For every calculated sacrifice you make, you gain something and so does your opponent. There's a delicate balance between each player as they place their stones on the board.

    What truly opened my third eye to Go was when I realized that it isn't a war. Go is a dance.

    UPDATE: Third-eye closed again. That'll happen. I hit a wall, just gotta push through it.

  17. Chess is a battle but Go is the strategy of War!

  18. "Reaching into this bowl feels groan indecently good."
    This is the content I came here for!

  19. laughs at the 'basic version of GO for the Dorito eating crowd' with a Crokinole board in the background That stuff ain't cheap even if it's Mayday 🙂

  20. He told the online player he was 9 years old to justify his skill level.. 😅🤣🤣

  21. This video makes no sense. You’re very enthusiastic, but there seems to be no ‘personal’ basis for your enthusiasm. Almost every example you give is awkwardly wrong to the degree that I can’t believe that you have ever played Go. Also, you don’t use your thumb when you pick up stones, only the index finger (nail side) with the middle finger (skin side) on top. Hope you get to the point where you can look back at this video and cringe, since Go is certainly a journey well worth undertaking (with the proper instruction and support). Not to be all negative, I really liked the close up shots of the shell go-ishi. If you were to watch the basic series on dwyrin’s YouTube channel and his weekly Friday basic games, you might get a much clearer idea of how to play.

  22. If you try to learn Go, don't try to make sense of the board positions in this video, they don't make any
    Still, loved what was being said about the game 🙂

  23. Ahhhhhh….. (as a Go Player at the beginning)

    But still a good intro video!

    And yes, the pandemic has nearly completely cut my face to face time with other go players. 😟

  24. Hey! The group at 6:15 actually doesn’t have 2 eyes. The eye on the “top” is a false eye! Great video, loved it.

  25. Great review as always! Any plans to review more historical games? I know there is only a handful, but it would be cool to get your perspective.

  26. Quinns: doing a 19 minute review of Go
    Me, a dumb American: trying to figure out if he meant "500 pounds" as in money, or if he was being dramatic and pandering to his American audience and talking about weight 😬

  27. for those interested in Go, I highly recommend watching the documentary AlphaGo, where a computer A.I. beats one of the highest ranked Go player in the world

  28. Never played GO but… That is an incorrect example of a living group.

  29. Go is probably my second favorite game after Starcraft II

  30. 6.15 and my mind was already melting. Also, I realized I've been confusing the game of Go with Reversi all my life. Shame on me….

  31. I am never impressed when a computer 'wins' a game. A computer can't actually 'play', so it kind of misses the point of a game. I don't know what the computer IS doing, but it isn't 'playing'.

  32. if you get 5 Go friends, you can form a GoGo Friend

  33. I tried this game once and thought it'd be cool if one player ends up getting a bunch of stones surrounded by the other. But it never works out that way – it's just a morass where someone ends up with a couple bitty points more than the opponent at the end. I need some carnage with big consequences hanging on a knife's edge.

  34. Thank you for this video, it is fantastic and beautiful and encapsulates so many of my novice feelings about Go.

  35. Man, substitute Go for chess and chess for Go in this review, and you have my opinion, haha.

  36. If you want a really good introduction to Go, check out Michael Redmonds YouTube channel, he's the only westerner who's reached the highest professional level and has amazing content for both beginners and advance players.

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