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Go Review – A video 4,000 years in the making

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  1. Go is also included in the 51 Tabletop Games on Switch, play it with girlfriend sometimes.

  2. if you buy go stone and go board, you can also play gomoku, and 弾棋(flicking stone game) which is the best game you can play with go stone.

  3. go china town and get one for 10 bucks, made form indians kids form scratch 😀

  4. How does your coffee table hold a five hundred pound Go table? How do you so effortlessly hold up 300 pound of stones in each hand? You Brits must be strong and have much sturdier coffee tables.

  5. I've never seen this guy before. I'm only two and a half minutes in, and I've been completely convinced to subscribe. The Dorito line got me.

  6. Played my first game of go today (on a 9×9 board). Noticed early on that while my opponent was taking complete control of a corner of the board, the rest was laying open. I moved to scattering allowing me to take control of nearly 2/3 of the board. Then I misplaced 1 stone. He took one of my borders and took control of 3/4 of the board. I gave up and now I want to play it again pretty badly

  7. I can even win a game of chess, I think I’ll pass

  8. Go is one of the best games ever made. So rewarding and fun. Thanks for introducing more people to it. Great review! =D

  9. 18:18 I chose option 5. “It would take three volumes for me to explain to you how wrong you are, and first I have to take off my muddy boots.”

  10. I couldn't believe it. This is me and my friend self-made childhood game we made back in primary school. I just came up with the idea and tested on paper with grids. I told my friend about it and we played together. I don't know a game like this actually exist until I saw Go. Looks pretty similar, a board with a grid and two players that have to place a dot to claim territory and every opponent's dot you eat, you get a point.

  11. the burp "frightening" forced me into hitting subscribe. made me laugh

  12. After getting into go, I can't play any other board games without feeling like they are just poorly designed children's toys, and that I'd rather be playing go.

  13. As far as 2 player games go is great and if it is to hard start with othello. I always liked stratego as well

  14. If you are interested in game design, you need to look at GO. It wasn't designed, but it is a great design. Easy to learn the rules, scalable by changing the size of the board, easily to handicap, yet an extremely deep game.

  15. 12 min in, proof their cameraman is a vampire.

  16. I like how in all of his examples of living groups are dead groups

  17. Chess is better as an actual game but Go is a very impressive cultural celebration of strategic genius.

  18. after learning to play for weeks… it feels like still learning what moves chess pieces can make…

  19. theres always tactical and strategic choices to make in Go

  20. The big event for alpha go was rather against Lee Sedol, not the one against KeJie. Otherwise excellent video!
    So interesting to hear it from a board game perspective.

  21. One of my favorite sayings/aphorisms/strategies(?) in Go is “when in doubt: Tanuki.” Roughly “when in doubt: ignore your opponent.” The idea is, if you’re in a stalemate or disadvantageous position somewhere on the board, make a move completely elsewhere. Ideally with a long term plan in mind, but sometimes it can even be somewhere completely random. This throws off your opponent, confuses them, and forces them to either now start responding to your new move (rather than you responding to theirs), or else keep going in the section in which you were just playing and thereby miss a crucial new development you have just set up.

    What I love so much about this is how elegantly it exemplifies the idea of initiative. Not like the RPG stat, but the idea of dictating the pace of the game. It’s near impossible to put into words or specifics why this can be an effective strategy, but after a few rounds of Go you can begin to understand how this crucial aspect of the game can determine who sets the pace of the game and who is struggling to catch up and respond without being able to execute their own independent strategy.

  22. In 6:12 his example of two eye is false because one of the stones could still be taken

  23. i already play a highly enjoyable ,complicated game with depth and tactics…its called Warhammer 40k…….oh shut up !

  24. I bought my first crokinole board last year by stumbling upon a review from this channel. It is the best $300 I ever spent. SO, I have zero hesitation to buy a GO board right now. Thankyou again for another fantastic revelation in gaming. Much Love.

  25. You should review chess next.I heard it's a pretty great game

  26. The DeepMind YouTube video on the development of the AlphaGo AI is worth a watch. Some things stand out. There is where the legend Lee Sedol wins a game with a move so good that it is described as a move from the gods. Also where the AI has a choice of 2 moves: on row 3 to secure the side; or on row 4 – side not so secure but extends influence to the centre. AlphaGo played on row 5, a move which no human would have played. Lee Sedol took an hour to ponder that and then went on to lose.

  27. 5:41 white still has places to play! Bottom left hand corner, and the upper right side area

  28. I always described Go to people as "It's kinda like Othello, but… good and much bigger."

  29. I thought the comment about Go being an isolating pursuit even though most of us play games as a way to connect with others to be really profound. I love Go. It's beautiful, consistently surprising, and incredibly deep, but it's so hard to communicate those qualities with people who aren't familiar with it, and it takes a significant amount of effort to gain even a basic familiarity with it. I'm terrible at Go, a novice at best, like 17-18k, but when I try to introduce somebody to it, I tend to beat them so badly that they get the idea that the whole game is just too complicated for them to grasp. Not too many people are up for losing 100 games to become a beginner. It's a real shame.

  30. Since I start play go, I got interesting deformation….all common board games now are for me full of too many bright colors, too many diferent cards,dices and other game tools, huge gameplan, 3 pages of rules…generaly very confusing and giving me headache…go is only black and white, empty bards, few simple rules and do whatever you want – its simple, elegant an peacefull.

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