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Hidden Movement Board Games Mega Review

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A mega review of the best hidden movement board games on the market, with help from Sherlock Holmes, Frank Justice and little Timmy.

The list:

00:37 1. Scotland Yard
US –
UK –
DE –
CA –

04:03 2. Letters From Whitechapel
US –
UK –
DE –
CA –

07:39 3. Specter Ops
US –
UK –
DE –
CA –

11:33 4. Fury of Dracula: Third Edition
US –
UK –
DE –
CA –

14:42 5. Nuns on the Run
US –
UK –
DE –
CA –

16:53 6. Escape From The Aliens in Outer Space
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  1. Letters from Whitechapel looks awesome, I want.

  2. Played Scotland Yard and ny chase and felt the same way. Letters from white chapel looks very interesting!

  3. Just bought Fury for Xmas, little nervous about getting it to the table, but excited.

  4. Enjoyable as always. I was expecting a few two player hidden movement games as well.

  5. I like your sense of humour, all the different characters you invented and their hilarious banter as well as the many (pop)cultural references you make. In short: I enjoy your videos a great deal!

  6. Sometimes I wish there was a video of war games and party games

  7. I'm a huge fan of family board games and Ticket to Ride in particular, i will be sure to check out the others you mention in this video, thanks!

  8. Decent American accent 🙂 Loved the video!

  9. I played Scotland Yard for the first time last week. I was mister X, and I started surrounded. Was so much fun to try escape.

  10. Letters from Whitechapel sounds really good, looking to add it to my collection now. Great review but the character with the silly hat was really irritating!!

  11. I have yet to play hidden movement games but they are on the top of my must play list. especially Letters and Fury

  12. Thanks for you videos. They really are entertaining.

  13. This is a refreshing change to the geeky reviews I'm used to, it's clear a fair bit of work goes into these.
    Fair play, keep up the good work!

  14. Already planned on subscribing but with the possibility of Letters of white chapel I'm so down. Great videos Actualol! Keep making new content!

  15. The winner of the Letters from Whitechapel prize is Pablo Fuentes.

  16. Great! I can't believe it! It's the first time I win a raffle. Thank you so much!

  17. in Scotland yard you mention that Mr. X has "2 secret movent tokens". I wonder if this is a newer version. I have the original version. He has 5 hidden movement tokens, which are also "boat" movements (that only Mr. X can do) to criss cross the river Thames. He also has two 2x cards that allow him two movements in one turn.

  18. I admit, I haven't played it yet, but Last Friday is a game that has a really cool theme and idea for a hidden movement game

    it’s essentially the unofficial Friday the 13th board game. up to five players try to not get killed by another player, who takes on the role of a murderous maniac. the maniac is the one moving unseen, while the campers are all visible on the board. the cool thing is that that’s just the first of four chapters, with the other three changing the way the game plays. in the second chapter, the campers actually try to kill the maniac. in the third, the maniac resurrects and has to specifically kill the “predestined”, aka the player who killed him last time. and in the last chapter, the campers have to work together to either catch the maniac or have the predestined kill him. each chapter takes about 30 minutes and they can all be played separately, so you can decide both how long you wanna play and whether you want to have a round where the hidden player is the hunted, the hunter, or both!

    they’re even coming out with an expansion that adds a new player in the form of a second killer. he’s called the “nightmare demon” and works against both the campers and the maniac (see what they did there?)

  19. I wasn't even aware this sub-genre of games existed.

  20. Great stuff. We've found that Whitechapel, while a great game has it's major problems. Can be awful for Alpha Gamer syndrome and once the detectives know where Jack's hideout is, even if they don't know where he is, the games over (they just surround it and the clock ticks down).

    We've had some good times, but the alpha gamer side can be painful for less logical or verbal players.

  21. Nice Vid! What do you think of Whitehall Mystery?

  22. The amount of work you put into your videos is astounding! And the brilliance of it is how you mesh humour with characters and still offer a super clear explanation of the core mechanics of each game you are reviewing! I have been binge watching your videos since I discovered your channel. In my opinion you take the number ONE spot in board game reviews!

  23. I'm sorry I didn't find your channel sooner.
    It's good to subscribe to a channel on par with SU&SD 🙂

  24. Thanks for the review, based on your video I bought letters from whitechapel and I can't wait to play it

  25. For anyone watching this post-2018, Whitehall Mystery is the streamlined version of Letters from Whitechapel which incorporates both of the better elements mentioned about Specter Ops while also shortening the game, and I very highly recommend it.

  26. 3:16
    As an american, I can say this is totally accurate. I think… I haven't learned it.

  27. Dang, you're good at sounding like an American.

  28. Quora just told me that it's the brits who changed to their now familiar accent. When America was colonized they spoke NORMALLY lol. Specifically they wanted to sound "posh"

    Proof American "accent" is really just pure un-evoluted English Lol

  29. Awesome list. Great editing as always. Question to all commenters:
    Which game is your favourite?

  30. Jack the great in Australian.

    Haha. You're legend!

  31. um i have played fury of dracula but it didnt have storms or road blocks, do you have a different version ?

  32. "Boston's finest what? Functioning alcoholics?", scoffed the cocaine addict.

  33. I'm late to this, but this is comedy gold! Reaaally good.

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