Hive Pocket - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Hive Pocket – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. Oh, come on! You gotta admit that ladybug is a much better name than ladybird. It has bug in the name and the creature is a bug! 🙂

  2. This is such a great video! dude, you're hilarious. I bought the game straight after the video
    Well done Sir.

  3. Ladybug… Ladybird…
    Me a russian intellectual: God's cow
    Yeah for some reason we call them god's cows…

  4. Utter Colonialist Barstad waves away Ice-Cream-Wallah.

  5. Have you checked out the Pillbug expansion?

  6. I have pocket hive. been playing it for a year (friend's copy). finally got it for $22, all 20+ pieces but now I'm on the fence about paying half that ($11) for just two pillbug pieces. My penny-pinching brain wont let me forget the cost per piece disparity.

  7. Can’t believe that wasn’t a green screen. Whhhaaaa?

  8. I did not want to buy this game because it looked like a combination of chess, checkers and dominoes, all which I don't like.
    I was curious and needed a new game, so I bought it and now its one of my favorite games to bring to a pub.

    After playing a few games, I agree with every point in this video, especially about "Monopoly" being a global disease.

  9. Did you purposely violate the rules of new tile placement?

  10. "Monopoly is global disease"
    Another of Quinns' subtle capitalism jokes?

  11. What I got out of this video is that you must remember to both buy Hive and take it with you to another country, so that you get the right 'Hive in a foreign prison' experience.

  12. Where's the proof that Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen" is about Hive?

  13. This is their best review.

    The talk about eternity in a ruin about a travel edition of a game that is kind of like chess in India, where chess originated…whilst ants crawl over ants.

    The themes of the game fit the themes of the video ingeniously well.

  14. More SU&SD awesomeness. What more can I say?

  15. I just got Hive Pocket and my dad and I love playing against each other. Each game takes us through a range of emotions and I can't tell you how many times I came SO close to winning only to be thwarted by him moving his Queen Bee! It's a stellar game and approachable enough that my elderly father was able to pick it up and have a great time in five minutes of explaining.

  16. has Quintin thought about making a game? it would be awesome!

  17. I enjoy the joke about not leaving Hive behind, while we are watching thanks to a camera that I assume Quinns also owns, and probably costs more.

  18. 9:58 "Monopoly is a global disease." Well that didn't age well…

  19. i'm about 1600 rated in chess and completely agree it's boring and annoying when you are starting out. you need to practice your ability to see how the pieces move intuitively, which isn't easy at all for beginners and takes a stupid amount of time for a game. i only endured it because i didn't have much else going on at the time. once you get over that hump though, the base game becomes much more satisfying as you incrementally get better and better at seeing complicated tactics and learning and applying strategies. then it's awesome

  20. This really is like chess in 15 minutes, and doesn't require a board. Don't bother with the original version, get the "pocket" version. The original's tiles are much larger than they need to be and the pocket version includes the first two expansions.

  21. 1:45 That look when you know they've spotted you.
    My friend and I brought a magic the gathering starter deck each before going to India. Got some great use out of that. Love how much more open in general Indian people seem to games, art, general other cultural things which in the west are seen as often something either a waste of time or to be sneered at. Had so many people just genuinely curious about what we were playing.

  22. I feel itchy watching this. All those ants…..

  23. Sweaty Tacky Quinns Quiff. Need to Quoff Fluids. Quick.

  24. ‘You want to be locked away with it.’ Purchasing this for 2 weeks hotel quarantine with my partner. Hope you’re right about that Quinns!

  25. Monopoly is a global disease- if only they knew

  26. all about complete hive with the pillbug.

  27. what could be better than chess…. +2 years. SUSD chess month lol

  28. Hive is the 'Crokinole' of abstract board games.

  29. What a great vid! Thanks for doing a destination game review!

  30. Hi there,

    What happens if both opponents bees are covered by a beetle and surrounded fully by other bugs. It would get to the point where no one could move at all? Is their rules to prevent this?

  31. Amazing and lovely video /recommendation and instruction. Thank you so much

  32. "ants are bullshit" lays down in a bunch of live ants

  33. what about the pillbug?
    "Roly Poly" here in the US

    yes, the ladybird beetle!!

  34. I love the Stan Smith’s Quinn!! I had a pair around 1980 and they got better with age. My wife got me a pair a year or so ago and I’m still breaking them in!

  35. If you don't have pillbug expansion(Like me) and still want to have same tactical element of lifting, you can play with limited lifting spider house rule. Now spiders can lift other bugs and other spiders like pillbug can, but only exactly to the opposite side of the spider. This limited lifting ability is alternative action to spiders 3 step move. So spider either lifts or move in one turn.

    Limited lifting spider house rule:
    -Spider can only lift bug exactly to opposite side of the spider.(180 degrees over itself).
    -It cant lift the bug if the lifted bug is pinned, if the hive would brake, if the space of spider's other side is already occupied with other bug, if the lifted bug is stacked with other bug, if the lifted bug is most recently moved by the opponent, or if the spider tries to lift the bug though the narrow gap of stacked bugs(beetle gate).
    -If the spider successfully lifts enemy bug, that bug is rendered immobile for opponents next turn. Immobile bugs cant move or use their special ability nor they cannot be moved by other bugs. Other bugs can move over immobile bugs though. Friendly lifted bugs are not rendered immobile.
    -Spiders can lift enemy and friendly bugs, queens and other spiders if all other above requirement are met.

    I also highly recommend Hive tournament rule: Queen cannot be placed as first piece, but must be placed at least in players turn 4.

  36. Have a pocket that can barely fit a smartphone. 'game Doesn't fit in the pocket'' XD. Also, chess is massively overhyped. Only facts.

  37. I got food poisoning in Hampi, which eating a chicken pizza watching The Big Lebowski.. I did see an elephant have a bath though – that was nice. It's not an interesting story, or relevant, but YOU read this.

  38. Two games that come with me everywhere I go are Hive, and Sprawlopolis.

  39. @ 5:32 you make it look as though you are placing an opposing piece against the opposition which is not allowed. A little misleading.

  40. I didn't even need to watch this, I know the rules, lol. Thanks for the enterntaining video! Also, the digital version of the game is pretty cool, I think it's only about $7 at

  41. damn i wish fetty wap funfact was legit

  42. I think there at the very end you meant to say that you were "Quinting" not "Squinting". Ha Thank you for another great review. Much appreciated!

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