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Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game Review – From Hero to Zero

No Pun Included
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  1. My eldest and I LOVE HZD – thank you for saving us from wasting money <3

  2. such a shame this'll be the first board game you'll eat when times get tough 😢

  3. I was sceptical about backing this when it was live in Kickstarter and thought it would be better to have more reviews when it would hit retail.
    I was not convinced from the gameplay they presented and I am now glad I didn’t.
    Pity as HZD is my favourite game of all times.
    Other than that, Awesome review! Really funny. Had a blast watching it.

  4. so glad i didnt spend the money to buy this guy, i was about to get the whole pack.

  5. 17:45 ye. I had the same problem with waste land delivery express. In more than one situations, i spend a lot of turn to gain nothing just for bad luck, wile you see your opponents going closer to his/her objectives, reaching the end of the game… Yeah, Pretty fun

  6. The rules on what constitutes "applying blaze with an attack" are downright not there

    Made playing what was, for me, the coolest character in to an argument starter

    Edit: Also its "crazy ability" does state that you only get 1 point for lighting one or more enemies on fire

    So lighting 3 enemies w one ability is 1 point. The problem is figuring out if your melee attack and the ability card count as 2 applications or not

  7. The quality makes sense when you consider that the video game is single-player.

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Elaine get so cross about a game!

  9. 8:02 the chipmunk meme was worth the price of admission by itself. The great game review was just a bonus. ; )

  10. This was so entertaining! Well done. I wanted to go all in on this game because the game is one of my favorites and the minis were so awesome looking. But the gameplay just felt lackluster and this just proves it. Thanks for helping me know I was right not to back it. And I so feel the ending! LOL Dice Tower spent most of their review of my game Fossilis talking about it's shortcomings only to score it 7 and 8's. Which was great, but it would have been nice for them to talk more about the positives as well if they ultimately enjoyed it.

  11. You guys mentioned Imperial Assault! I wanna know you’re thoughts despite it being an old game

  12. I can't tell if joking or if being pretentious. I think joking.
    Well, thanks for putting me off buying the fun-not-fun game that doesn't work anyway. Saved me stupid money on something that's not been well thought out.

  13. Thanks for the honest reviews. I went a bit crazy a few years ago and started backing a lot of board games on kickstarter. Lots of minis and a great IP's, how could they fail… this was yet another one I went fully in on. Ouch. I guess I'm gonna be making a lot of my own house rules to enjoy this one!

  14. A nail polish factory next to a volcano?……. 🤔……….
    ………… WHAT????? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Super excited I did not back this game. I felt iffy about its game to board game translation. I'm glad to know I wasn't wrong.

  16. As someone new here, I say the “lower arts” is actually the scientific superior but hey, opinions matter!

  17. And the same people are doing the Bloodborne board game…. sigh.

    At least I got in on the Primal kickstarter which will hopefully fill the niche. And it actually has positive reviews/buzz on its prototype builds

  18. It's really great to know that I'm not the only person out there that sees all the flaws in this game! Great review, thank you.

  19. So far, so SFG. Dark Souls was awful yet I was stupid enough to still back Resident Evil (which is fine…not great, but not actively awful either). Since then I've finally learned my lesson.

  20. Wow you loathed Tainted Grail? I think its a pretty solid game. Unfortunatly this game doesnt sound like its that great. Still waiting for it oddly enough which is even more frustrating when i hear its not that good lol Enjoying your reviews keep up the great work!

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