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How To Play Axis & Allies

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  1. The future is not good from 2020 onwards

  2. Axis & Allies sounds like an awesome name, probably because both start with "A", and so does my name.

  3. I'm from the future, send help and buy bitcoin.

  4. If i may, you are showing anniversary addition most people won't have this version but still good review.

  5. Yea I'm from the future and well what can I say. It fucking sucks

  6. A other episode of corona mona I guess it brought me here

  7. I'm from the future. The game has become real life except it's a microscopic enemy trying to take control of the planet.

  8. The funnest game but nobody wants to ever play it 🥺

  9. The future suck, btw.
    The whole world has gone totally bananas. It would be a interesting and funny if I didn’t have to live in it.

    / From the future.

  10. My maincoon urinated on the original board, giving it a slumping posture, I proudly defeated my dad in a day campaign (literally 3 hours). But he paid for my allowance so…

  11. How about showing the old game Fortress America?

  12. I've still got a copy of the original boxed game, plus a copy of "Fortress America" as well. There is no "Italy" in the original board game (or the software version that came out in the 90's).

  13. Actually one can fly over Mongolia, or any neutral territory for that matter, it just cost a normal movement point.

  14. I learned nothing except that i like this girl. :/

  15. So is the graziani or messe I love ww2 italy

  16. I like how she just standing there , while in the background there is war

  17. How's the future? Well it got really bad and now it kind of mellowed for now

  18. Are you sure that we cannot do a tank rush through empty territories anymore?

  19. Just got the 1941 edition, i expected it to he like this but damn, theres no money, and no helpfull cards like the one you have there

  20. Your not gonna belive what happens. Donald Trump becomes President , not kidding. And dont get us started on everything else

  21. I am the millionth viewer
    and nobody can say otherwise!

  22. Japan will attack us with their secret Weapon:a bunch of Crazy Weirdos Dressed as Rubber monsters….hahaha..

    from the future: stay there DO NOT COME HERE!! DON'T!!! JUST. DON'T!!!

  24. wow…she's too cute. I mean: literally too cute. Had to watch it twice to even get the point….now, I need to go have some introspective time (maybe meditating on "why would you feel like that about a stranger on a screen that you will never meet, like a child with a crush on a sitcom character/actor?"….or, perhaps I will focus on "dude, I knew posting this nonsense would be weird, as per usual…but I still am choosing to do it and with no desire for attention…..what the hell, man?").

    …Thank you for the video! I promise not to watch anymore….. I'll show myself out. 😋

  25. Thanks this really helped and now I'm going to go buy this game

  26. Sorry, I am Japanese.

    I like board games and America.

    I often watch this channel and play board games in battle.

    However, it is sad and painful to have your thumb pointed down because of the war.

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