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How to Play Fallout: The Board Game

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It’s time to crack open a Nuka-Cola as Becca teaches you how to play Fallout: The Board Game from Fantasy Flight Games. Enter the Wasteland and choose your faction to fight mutants. For 1-4 players see who garners the most influence and what factions may fall.

Tabletop games are super fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Becca Scott is your game tutor, explaining the game mechanics in an easy to follow way, so you can get to playing the games faster.

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  1. Dude, I've played Homebrew pathfinder games with less going on.

  2. My brain is fucking melting!!! what is this complicated shit!

  3. I was so damn confused when I first got this game and read the instructions this helped so much

  4. I can't believe how poorly packaged this game is.

  5. There only one way to play this game and that's simply to not play it.

  6. I'm just sad it's based on fallout 4 with its silly little factions, WHERE'S THE ENCLAVE OR THE NCR?! WHO CARES ABOUT THE RAILROAD?!

  7. Enemies when revealed/explored are face down from what I'm reading? Other than that great snappy vid very helpful

  8. My last Game lasted 5h, with a Team of Misfits, Natasha the Ghoul, Moe the Supermutant, and Biggus Dickus, BoS Paladin.
    BD became a Supermutant, Moe and Natasha tried to steal from the Market but she got spotted, beaten up, and thrown out of Town, just before BD failed to talk a Woman down from exploding a Mini Nuke on the Market. We found a Supermutant Fight Club, with BD and Moe getting enlisted. Natasha beat up Ishmael Ashur with no Guns, just for the whole Party to get obliderated by one Mr. Gutsy and many many unlucky Rolls.

  9. Becca is just too hot to concentrate on the rules. I have to rewatch it again and again. 😉

  10. Its so hella cute how she explains and shows off … lol if i would wan't to have the game already at least NOW i WOULD buy it lol she should work for the Company lol Tho its a little to fast but a full walkthrough would also take Hours lol

  11. Only bethesda game without game breaking bugs

  12. Shoot up some Rad-X… Rad-X is a pill my dude

  13. My khv gamer brain is getting triggered by how cute she is.

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