How to Play Takenoko -

How to Play Takenoko

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We’re growing bamboo in the competitive farming game Takenoko. Becca runs you through the ins and outs of this classic game. If you want to try it for yourself grab it from your local brick and mortar or click right here:

Tabletop games are super fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Becca Scott is your game tutor, explaining the game mechanics in an easy to follow way, so you can get to playing the games faster.

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  1. Tallest player? let me play with my younger siblings

  2. Me and my sister love playing Takenoko 💖

  3. So, wait, I keep seeing the panda moved to eat bamboo on the pink tile where I'm pretty sure the panda can't eat bamboo.

  4. We really love this game! We play with my parents, with friends. I recommend it to everyone 👍

  5. loooool loves the Rage with the tallest person starts the game XD

  6. Love your videos but too many mistakes in this video. Plot tile was placed incorrectly, gardener moved and grew bamboo on a Non-irrigated plot tile, and then the panda moved incorrectly. Please make the corrections and reupload because I love to show these videos to friends when I show them wonderful new games 🙂

  7. I'm confused you said the plot tiles had to be placed next to the starting tile or adjacent to any two plot tiles but at 2:00 you placed it next to one plot tile… Did I misunderstand the previous instructions?

  8. The stated rules are correct, but the demonstrations are very wrong.

    She doesn't show the gardener growing on the additional irrigated yellow tile to the right. On the second move of the gardener, only the original tile should have grown, not the unirrigated plot she placed it on. So both the middle and right tile should have two bamboo and the left should have none. She literally got all three wrong, and then moves the panda in a non-straight line and feeds the panda from a no-panda tile. He can't land there, he can't eat there at all, and he certainly can't eat both sections.

  9. "We harvestin grasses and feedin them asses" Is what it should have been. 😛

  10. Which "Little House on the Prairie" costume sale did Becca find that dress at?

  11. I’ve been wanting to try this for awhile now, excited to see u guys play this.

  12. Mr Will Wheaton did a much better job on Table Top, instead of rehashing his work, just give the man another season of Table Top, we love him!!

  13. Great! Now play Sparkle Kitty on Game the Game.

  14. Tabletop with Will Wheaton is over? Remember I bought that bg seeing tabletop.

  15. Did anyone else notice how the bamboo section weirdly moved on its own at 2:45?

  16. Just want to mention that pandas are not "mythical creatures" at all. They're very real and are one of many endangered species. Haven't played the game yet but it seems fun.

  17. What an annoying person! Going to find another video on how to play!

  18. I bought this game, but I did not understand nothing…

  19. Was she serious when she said she wishes pandas where real? No right?🤔

  20. I don’t understand the ending. Say it’s a game between A and B. A is taller so has gone first, B gets to 9 first so takes the emperor card. Does the turn they took the card between become the last round? Would A take a final turn, or would A take their last turn and then B takes their last turn?

  21. This is a really good rule explanation, but you have to make sure that you don't contradict yourself when showing examples. At 1:59 you place a tile next to a single other plot when that move is illegal. You also show a panda movement going diagonally at 2:47, when he's only allowed to move in a "straight line", perpendicularly across plot edges.

    Otherwise, this is a great. Well structured, clear and quick.

  22. you said it can be irrigated if a border of that tile have atleast 1 irrigation channel but in 2:38 the last placed yellow tile does not have atleast one irrigation channel in its border but i can see you placed a bamboo on that tile so is it irrigated?

    EDIT: love it when you raged at 0:51

  23. Don't use this video to try to learn the rules. This video is really poorly done. For example at 2:44 the Panda action is explained but the video shows three rules being broken! — The panda is not moved in a straight line as required AND it eats from a tile with the 'Enclosure' symbol AND it eats two pieces of bamboo instead of just one. Use the YouTube channel " Watch It Played " instead to learn the rules of this and other games.

  24. can I interfere other players' games, eating their bamboo?

  25. Wait panda is not mythical , it’s a real creature 🤦🏻

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