How To Teach Board Games Like a Pro -

How To Teach Board Games Like a Pro

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  1. I was teaching five tribes to a friend last week but I found it hard to balance between giving helpful tips and playing the game for her, do you have any advice for that?

  2. I'm really really bad at teaching games. My friends will thank you

  3. I find that a whip and cattle prod are effective tools of pedagogy.

  4. On the can, reading the rules for TI3, game night in one week.

    (People are ordering tests and staying isolated.)

    Thank you SUSD for all the great videos and podcasts.

  5. The Who, how and most importantly why will this be fun is rather difficult with Hansa Teutonica.

  6. Doesn't he sound like Vision? Well done, well done

  7. rewatching this before I teach twilight imperium to random friends tomorrow, wish me luck

  8. Wow this is literally more prep than I put into the D&D sessions I DM

  9. I teach games in a very similar way to your suggestions.
    (a) Theme. The narrative, aesthetic, and degree of cooperation or competition expected. Puts the players in the right headspace.
    (b) Win Condition. Explaining a boardgame is like planning a roadtrip. And you don't plan a roadtrip without having the destination fixed firmly in your mind, to which all other information and directions build towards. I'm giving you piece of information X. Without knowing why this matters towards the goal, X just gets sorted on a shelf of the mind to be swiftly forgotten as you begin explaining Y and Z.
    (c) Typical Turn. Play a turn while explaining the rules and systems. Encourage questions, and reinforce that it's completely expected to not have the full picture on a first explanation; understanding and strategy comes with the first round played. To that end…
    (d) Test Round. Play one or two rounds with the players fumbling through a turn, taking actions, getting things wrong and out of order, and building a lattice of understanding while you answer questions and correct errors.

  10. Ive just realized that Quinns is aplaying the adivces himself to teach us how to teach as well

  11. i've been teaching games since 2003 and that is exactly what i do lol, i think i might have invented it. (i totally stole it from someone though can't remember who)

  12. you no what? his simple review of Taj Mahal is soooo intriguing

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