Incan Gold / Daimant Boardgames 4K Review - Still Worth It? -

Incan Gold / Daimant Boardgames 4K Review – Still Worth It?

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Join us as we take a look at the push your luck game Incan Gold designed by Alan R. Moon.


  1. Incan gold was the game that got me into board games as a hobby. I still think it’s great and haven’t come across anything like it that would be better. I don’t have any desire to try zombie dice because Im over the tired theme of zombies.

  2. Hilariously entertaining as always. I swear man, you could review a phonebook and I'd still laugh my ass off! Perfect!

  3. To me its blackjack the board game. I like it for bigger groups of kids, this one and tsuro of the seas both play 8! I personally prefer Celestia out of those types of games…maybe do a review of that one.

  4. We have the Diamant version and while we would not play it every session we have no plan to dump it either. It rotates with other push your luck games Can’t Stop and, yes, Zombie Dice.

    In Diamant, no intention cards but meeples. A player is pressing on if he has his hand clenched tight around his little man.

  5. I personally prefer Celestia over Incan Gold. It has similar push your luck elements but more fun I feel. Although Incan Gold feels a bit more gamier but random luck is to be expected anyway so I always choose Celestia.

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