Is 2021's BIGGEST board game worth £175? | Descent: Legends of the Dark review -

Is 2021’s BIGGEST board game worth £175? | Descent: Legends of the Dark review

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Descent: Legends of the Dark is easily the biggest board game of 2021 – but is it really worth its whopping £175 price tag? Matt’s played over 40 hours of Fantasy Flight Games’ hotly anticipated follow-up to dungeon-crawler Descent: Journeys in the Dark and he’s here to tell you whether it lives up to the hype in our review of Descent: Legends of the Dark. Expect in-depth thoughts on its impressive companion app, that massive box of 3D terrain and how well Act I sets up the characters and story in the fantasy world of Terrinoth.

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  1. Just picked it up. This game is freaking amazing. The first level blew me away. Totally worth the price. I paid 200 for gloomhaven. 100 to buy and 100 to organize it. This game has it all

  2. This is totally irrelevant but can you all do a dnd nativity and bring back keyhoudini as santa

  3. Its a tedious game. There's no real interesting strategies just "move and hit them until they die", investigating the scenery basically just produces materials to make stuff. Video games do this all better and tabletop RPGs does the interactive stuff better so this 'boardgame' is the worse option – especially for the price. Stick with 2nd edition, its better than this.

  4. This sounds like an ingenious hybrid of board game, video game and TTRPG, meshing elements of all three rather than tacking them on as superficial gimmicks. The hefty price tag makes more sense in light of the sheer amount of content and complexity, and its potential to continue improving and evolving via the app. I'm sure that if I ever actually tried to play it, I'd be frustrated and bored in equal measure – but that's just down to the style of gameplay and storytelling it seems to offer. It still strikes me as an exciting development in boardgames as a whole, even if it wouldn't be to my tastes.

  5. I've bought it, but still hasn't seen the table. We're finishing a Gloomhaven campaign first haha. But I'm dying to play, and the interest of the other people are high! Here in Brazil it was quite expensive, but I think it will be worth it.

  6. As much as two other games… Looks at my Kickstarter history. Looks at my game shelf. Chuckles sadly.

  7. Sounds great, but that's a steep price for a game that still has some issues.

  8. Conclusion:
    Standard dungeon crawler with grinding aspects and a lot of plastic with a hefty price tag. No thanks.

  9. Surely the visual novel interludes would work best if all players voiced their own characters. Which, sounds like a lot of fun to be honest!

  10. I will say this- those figures are almost worth the price of the game itself. I'd seriously consider buying the game just for the contents of the box.

  11. …was this sponsored, or constrained in some way by the publisher? Matt's genuine enthusiasm lovely and shone through, and I'm really glad he found the joy in this game, but compared to other coverage I have questions. The only criticisms were relating to the app, yet other reviewers have pointed out a number of different ones as well. A brief mention of "other games exist for cheaper", but no actual recommendations were made for alternatives to look at. With a good script and skilled presenter, it would be nice to see that matched by quality of the review itself in future.

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