Istanbul - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Istanbul – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. Great review as always. Thanks for taking a moment to cover the cultural and gender bias of the game. I’d love to see that included in more of your reviews, even if just to highlight games that handle those things especially well.

  2. So I recently bought this game after watching this review and I love it, thank you for getting me back into playing board games. I'm going to try and convince some friends to play it on a livestream

  3. When you're watching this in your living room with other people present and the Akira references come out…it gets a little awkward.
    Great review though. I am now very interested in…well, Concordia, if I'm honest. Sorry Istanbul.

  4. The Paranoia Agent recommend after hammering in the Akira references really gave me the shot of espresso I needed to finish the video.

  5. I really like Istanbul though I have a different opinion on the expansions. Whenever our group feels like it we add letters & seals to it because it integrates nicely into the main game. We are running around town anyway so might as well deliver some letters as stated in the video. The auction house and kiosk prolong the game a little bit but it's always nice to get some extra stuff. The coffee expansion on the other hand we felt are a bit too intrusive. Istanbul hits that nice sweet spot of different goods and money that can all lead to victory. It feels really balanced because of this. Not the coffee expansion really wants to let you know HOW GREAT COFFEE is. You can do so much with it, it kind of feels like the "premium" currency and because of that feels like it diminished the worth of the other resources a little bit.

    Honestly, I feel like vanilla Istanbul is still the best version since it's tight and balanced and tactical. For a little bit of extra that is not too obtrusive we like to add letters & seals every now and then.

  6. Intraglass spit takes are far more hygienic.

  7. I'm fairly new to the channel (like 2-3 months ago and listening a bunch of videos) and whenever I see Paul, he doesn't like the game they are reviewing. Do this guy even likes boardgame at all?!?!

  8. They should rename it again…Istanbul, No girls allowed.

  9. Hahah. Good review with excellent skits yet also learning about orientalism. Well done.

  10. I love Istanbul, but have only played in the app. Definitely want to pick up a physics copy. I have not played Concordia yet, need to seek that one out.

  11. I feel like Akira should still be 'required viewing',

  12. I saw Wingspan's review and Quinn recommended Istanbul as a better engine building board game. So came here to see the original review for Istanbul aaaaaaaaand, it's a glowing review of Concordia… 😑

    What games are you planning on recommending to me in your Concordia review Quinn??

  13. Re: orientalism. What is crucial to understand is that ignorance of other cultures and the tendency to distort other cultures exists in every single culture. I say this as someone who has travelled and worked abroad for decades. So pick any country, go and live in it, and you will find that said country sees your own country and its culture and people (and every other) through a distorted lens, and will tend to see only the differences and not the similiarities. The same is true for broader east/west perspectives. Can we every really know each other, and live in harmony? And what has this got to do with boardgames? I suggest we all play abstract games minus any theme whatsoever.

  14. I reallyy appreciate that you guys always go through the steps to discuss a games ability to portray diversity, and calling them out when they don't meet their mark

  15. Oh hey I might buy… Wait 82:0? Really? Okay how much is Concordia?

  16. I love the Baki cameo! I'd seen him at the table in some of your other reviews, it blows my mind that you're friends. I met him a few times, years ago in Stockholm. He was always so interesting to talk to. Ask him if he remembers the Canadian Liam, and his friend Evan (me). 🙂

  17. I never wanna play Istanbul without the coffee expansion. This plus the special rule to use one color of workers to be used by anybody make the game so much more interactive and reactive


  19. Glad I watched this video just for that interview

  20. Every tile in constantinople is in istanbul not constantinople so if you want gems in constantinople you will find them in istanbul

  21. Absolutely masterful spit takes, Paul, bravo!

  22. Help help! Quest for El Dorado, Istanbul, Orleans, or Troyes?

  23. WOOOOOW. It is SO FRIGGIN COOL that you considered to include a discussion on Orientalism regarding the theme. These kind of details is why SUSD is the best board game review channel.

  24. I had the first version of this, when it was called Lygos.

  25. Me: Listens calmly to a review of a chill game…
    Quinns: blah blah blah…
    Quinns: *Insane, incohereant screams of a dying boar*!!!!!!!

  26. I really appreciate you capacity of put Akira references in a video about a game about a Turkish city.

  27. I love that you guys are aware of the importance of representation. It’s nice to have it addressed.

  28. Paul petting the cactus is probably the funniest thing I've seen today

  29. Pauses video at 18:00 to look for trailer of Satoshi Kon's "Paranoia Agent"…
    Interesting, how SUSD reviews weave in such interesting tidbits! 😉

  30. Good Lord, Quinns has good taste in anime!

  31. Decided to look into this one after all these years, and I guess I'll take a peek at Concordia, too.


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