It's Time to Say Goodbye to Catan (and say hello to three other games) -

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Catan (and say hello to three other games)

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  1. 19:24 – That's a lot of soup analogies. I'm sorry. I forgot to stock up on some other ones. I see what you did there – Soup. Stock. Ha.

  2. I took away from this video that catan is still my favorite board game still and Iwari is definitely worth a look.

  3. Good lord, the reveal of the Anno 1800 board…

  4. I dont know why I laughed so much when you came back for iwari because someone might steal it.

  5. If it were a Monty Python video at the end a zoologist would have strolled by and looked at it through an looking glass. 😉

  6. I definitely do not see Castles of Tuscany ever replacing Catan. It was mediocre at best.

  7. I played The Settlers of Catan two maybe three times. I think it was rather boring. But a lot of people seemed to like it when it was published.

    The first "modern" board game I played with Lord of The Rings by Reiner Knizia. I say "modern" because I played designer board games a long time before that. I played war games long before LoTR or Catan (and a lot of others games from the 70's and 80's). "But war games can't be designer games" you say. Yes they can. They played with co-op long before LoTR or card and resource management in the 70's. The modern designers just rehashed some old and good mechanics – and played around with them and occasionally came up with a different take. And THAT is good. An art form that stays still dies.

    The reason I say this is to remind a lot of people that the the "modern" game designers is standing of the shoulders of a lot of other designers that came before – mostly war game designers.

    Edit: Oh, I forgot to say that Castles of Tuscany is great. ^^ I sadly haven't played Iwari or 1800. There's too many games to play.

  8. Catan is still a game I enjoy playing every once in a while. I recently pre-orderd Anno 1800 due to your video. I can't wait to get it to the table, looks like I gotta wait til June or July though. I've also added Castles of Tuscany and Iwari to my list of games to consider purchasing.

  9. Can't stand Catan. Been playing for over 15 years now and it just …..grrraaagghhhh. Can't stand it 🙂

  10. Not going to say goodbye to Catan, but I might try the new games! I did however think that there was one game missing from the list: 7 Wonders. A greta game, and it contains many elements of Cata, plus a few more. IMO it is a little richer than Catan, although I love both.

  11. While pushing my child's stroller in the room at night trying to get her to sleep, and watching a NPI video on the side, did NOT want to think about the shortness and lightness of life 😀

  12. honestly, I can not fathom why people still play Cattan.
    same thing with ticket to ride.
    there are so many board games that are soooo much better, that offer a much richer experience.
    at this point, you would have to pay me to play either game.

  13. Try Starfarers Of Catan, if you ever get the chance. Pretty good.

  14. I will never in my life stop playing with Catan( actually worth of nearly €2500,- in games, extensions (?) and material)
    Sorry, you stated Catan was '1994- old' but in fact…. 1997?
    An 'Catan- addict'😊😁, proudly own up to it

  15. The tension at the end waiting to see if a car would wreck it

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