It's Time to Say Goodbye to Catan (and say hello to three other games) -

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Catan (and say hello to three other games)

No Pun Included
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  1. omg some problematic themes in these games need to be corrected asap

  2. "What do you mean that's rude?"

    I laughed so hard … why? Is that rude too?

    And I can't tell my kids why … not with a straight face.

  3. You need pigs to make soap for the fat.

    Like in Fight Club, except there they make it with human fat.

    edit: Or was it the gelatin?

  4. I like your humor, set up and radiating kindness. Subscribed.

  5. I bought a game called Terra Mistica a few years ago and have never played it because it looks too complex. Can you do a game play or explain how to play it 😆

  6. Great video! Thanks for the recommendatios , I actually think I'll be picking Castles of Tuscany and Iwari, ANNO does not tickle my fancy to be honest. Catan is fantastic as a gateway , I sure know it did that for me. However, I got the new edition of Starfarers, and I just cant get enough of it, and basic Catan has become so boring for me after Starfarers.

  7. My family has developed a few house rules to speed the game up and take a little of the edge off.

    We’ve tried different house rules and stopped using them, these are the ones that have stuck.

    1) The thief doesn’t exist in the beginning.
    The first two to four 7’s rolled (minimum of 2, but if it was a particularly painfully slow start we would determine in that moment if we wanted to add 1-2 extra rerolls).

    We found that any time a 7 got rolled early on it ground the entire economy to a halt due to a shortage of that material.
    Also, it almost always sparked a bitter swapping back and forth of the Thief between 2 people.

    2) You can access a port by having a road connecting to it.
    It actually never came up in our first 2 or 3 games, but eventually someone placed a settlement on a port and we had to decide if that blocked access or not (we weren’t sure how they worked at the time).

    We settled on you being able to access a port with a road directly pointing at the port, but you could also build there if desired (though it wouldn’t block access).

    3) You can only use development cards during your turn.
    My sister supposedly knows someone who plays Catan “professionally” and she swears you can play them any time you want once the dice pass, but not only is that counter-intuitive to every board game I’ve ever played, it also causes absolute chaos the one time we decided to try it out, with people playing cards mid sentence of some players and it nearly ended the game then and there due to fighting.

    Basically, if it isn’t your turn we don’t like you still doing things, as it distracts from the person who’s actually playing their turn (and we all kinda think she’s misinterpreting the rules anyway).

    Obvious exception being Victory Point cards which are always valid, but we keep hidden/face down.

    4) Whoever holds the dice leads the conversation.
    To prevent people from getting overwhelmed with trade offers, questions, etc… we decided that whoever’s turn it is must ask for trades.
    You can counter-offer, if you like, but they initiate it with whomever they want to talk to, and the trade is only final once both parties agree to swap cards (which is final, no take-backs).

    I’d love to know what your house rules are (and who’s misinterpreting development cards) from anyone replying.

  8. one does not simply throw catan away

  9. Thagt illegal settlement placement in his Catan example tells me he's not too familiar with the game as he leads on

  10. You need pigs cause that's how how the soap used to be made … It's a reaction between the pork fat and sodium hydroxide from ash of the coal

  11. Yeah… What saved this game is that it was the first modern boardgame for many people who only knew Monopoly and… Pay Day maybe. Or Operation (Docteur Maboul in French).

    The first time I played Catan was in 2008. I was fortunate enough to have already played Himalaya, Caylus, Puerto Rico and Shadows Over Camelot…
    …I was the 4th player around the table, had only sh# spots to settle on at my first turn and didn't even want to finish this miserable game. Was my last time. Never ever again.

  12. Efka, I have never seen you so nerdy as your explanation of Tuscany, and I love it!

  13. After watchin, made my decision – its time to buy Catan!

  14. why
    would you throw a box on the streets and damage your board game like that….
    whyyyyyyyy… (yes my ocd is triggered by this xD )
    Though i certainly agree it's time to play more then just catan (i have, but my mom knows pretty much only catan, few others, but doesn't fully understand the strategy in others) so I'll still be playing
    and wtf happened with Anno 1800….
    I saw that art and was amazed, i loved the feeling and though owh i want to buy this so badly
    then you flip the board over and it's a who is it kind of feel… like wtf, everything is in pastel colours, toned down, super nice art styles
    and then super bright clunky colourfill edges as if its a game for 4 year olds…
    what the…
    I hope that in the english version they kind of tweek that (probably wont) and put that in pastel colours as well to let it blend in with the style of the rest
    now it just looks extremely silly (and the edge is so thick it kind of takes away from the beautifull art)

    (probably still gonna buy it though…)

  15. Settlers of catan was my gateway board game. Now I have like 50 board games in my collection. The ones we are playing at the moment is wingspan, maripousis, dinosaur island and others

  16. It is not end of the world, still alive with Catan – World Explorers on mobile.

  17. Easy rules, complex strategy, confrontation, engagement from everyone on every turn, nail biting rush to claim things first. – Catan, TTR, Splendor…. hard to beat those. Seems like Iwari does that though so ill check it out. Good video 👍🏾

  18. YES!! I have played plenty of Catan, and this game really has way passed its "use before" date

  19. I know that this looks less like a board game, and more like punishment with squares, but under this visual card boredom… HAHAHAHA IM DONE

  20. Good video, but I disagree with most of the games you showed. While they are good games, they are not a good entry point. Some of your explanations were too complicated, it has to be pretty simple to be an entry game, Catan has some simple familiarities. The dice being the main thing. Every person who plays knows what to do on their turn straight away. Roll the dice. Some of the games mentioned lack an instant visual theme, which Catan has straight away.

  21. Recently I bought Catan and haven't even gone through it's rule book and then this video😶

  22. Castles of tuscany is boring. There is little interaction.

  23. I didn't quite follow how trading worked in anno 1880. Does the person whose factory outputs are being used have any choice in the matter? Or get anything in return?

  24. Big fan of the Anno PC games! Haven't heard of the board game adaptation. Awesome!

  25. Thank you for having the chutzpah to make this video!
    Catan was not my first "real" board game – I didn't even play it for the first time until the late '90s – so I have no nostalgia for it.
    For me, it sits next to Machi Koro in a spot just barely above Monopoly. Games which are VERY dependent upon die rolls with little mitigation available.
    I don't hate games that use dice, I just don't like when I have little to no way to deal with poor rolling luck.

  26. pig and coal for soap? soaps are made of fat, animal in this case and potasium found in coal

  27. I don't think that being old is a reason to bash a game. Criticize a game for bad mechanics, or being unfun. being old doesn't make a game bad

  28. I was absolutely not expecting the sonic lore analysis soy boy in this video but it was an incredibly pleasant suprise

  29. The tension at the end waiting to see if a car would wreck it

  30. I will never in my life stop playing with Catan( actually worth of nearly €2500,- in games, extensions (?) and material)
    Sorry, you stated Catan was '1994- old' but in fact…. 1997?
    An 'Catan- addict'😊😁, proudly own up to it

  31. Try Starfarers Of Catan, if you ever get the chance. Pretty good.

  32. honestly, I can not fathom why people still play Cattan.
    same thing with ticket to ride.
    there are so many board games that are soooo much better, that offer a much richer experience.
    at this point, you would have to pay me to play either game.

  33. While pushing my child's stroller in the room at night trying to get her to sleep, and watching a NPI video on the side, did NOT want to think about the shortness and lightness of life 😀

  34. Not going to say goodbye to Catan, but I might try the new games! I did however think that there was one game missing from the list: 7 Wonders. A greta game, and it contains many elements of Cata, plus a few more. IMO it is a little richer than Catan, although I love both.

  35. Can't stand Catan. Been playing for over 15 years now and it just …..grrraaagghhhh. Can't stand it 🙂

  36. Catan is still a game I enjoy playing every once in a while. I recently pre-orderd Anno 1800 due to your video. I can't wait to get it to the table, looks like I gotta wait til June or July though. I've also added Castles of Tuscany and Iwari to my list of games to consider purchasing.

  37. I played The Settlers of Catan two maybe three times. I think it was rather boring. But a lot of people seemed to like it when it was published.

    The first "modern" board game I played with Lord of The Rings by Reiner Knizia. I say "modern" because I played designer board games a long time before that. I played war games long before LoTR or Catan (and a lot of others games from the 70's and 80's). "But war games can't be designer games" you say. Yes they can. They played with co-op long before LoTR or card and resource management in the 70's. The modern designers just rehashed some old and good mechanics – and played around with them and occasionally came up with a different take. And THAT is good. An art form that stays still dies.

    The reason I say this is to remind a lot of people that the the "modern" game designers is standing of the shoulders of a lot of other designers that came before – mostly war game designers.

    Edit: Oh, I forgot to say that Castles of Tuscany is great. ^^ I sadly haven't played Iwari or 1800. There's too many games to play.

  38. I definitely do not see Castles of Tuscany ever replacing Catan. It was mediocre at best.

  39. If it were a Monty Python video at the end a zoologist would have strolled by and looked at it through an looking glass. 😉

  40. I dont know why I laughed so much when you came back for iwari because someone might steal it.

  41. Good lord, the reveal of the Anno 1800 board…

  42. I took away from this video that catan is still my favorite board game still and Iwari is definitely worth a look.

  43. 19:24 – That's a lot of soup analogies. I'm sorry. I forgot to stock up on some other ones. I see what you did there – Soup. Stock. Ha.

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