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Jumanji Board Game Review and Rules | Cardinal Toys

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Today TTPM is reviewing Jumanji Board Game from Cardinal. Based on the classic book and 1995 movie, the Jumanji board game is back! Travel through the jungle and try to be the first to the center of the game board to win! Four different game board spaces cause different things to happen. Will you get stuck in the jungle, get blocked by a rhino, or need a rescue? Don’t let the Doomsday Grid get filled with Danger Cards or everyone loses. Keep watching these review videos of kids toys.

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Product Info:
If you’re looking for a way to leave your world behind, then try playing Jumanji. Based on the popular Jumanji movie starring Robin Williams, this board game is played in a similar manner to what you saw in the movie, except animals, hunters, and monsoons will not pop out of the game and chase after you. Instead, you’re traveling through a symbolic jungle in an attempt to reach the center of the game board first and shout “Jumanji” to end the game and win.

Music credit: “Tafi Maradi” by Kevin MacLeod”

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  1. the stickers on the dice were peeling off. Why can't they remake a wooden version of this game. I'd buy that! 🙂

  2. steven ritcher did it before it was cool in his time lapse

  3. I’m sorry but I’m totally lost with how she explained everything.

  4. Omg I got
    This as a gift back in the late 90’s as a kid. I swear to god I rolled the dice read the card thingy next thing u know we hear the vines and the plant noise and I screamed ran out of my room and never looked or touched that game ever again. Came here to watch this to see if it had some effects but I guess not

  5. whos here when jumanji 2 movie came out. Like if yes

  6. For the 5-8 does that person just not play until the other players roll a 5 or 8 on their turn?
    And for the danger cards blank space and danger cards for jungle is it the same thing? All players roll rescue dice until they ALL match?

  7. I’m still trying to roll a 5 or an 8 to bring robin Williams back 😢

  8. the game is good but kind of hard and makes kind of sense but as for fun we talk about then its good and all.

  9. We got the game but the cards are not in English and it only came with 2 player pieces yet 4 people start areas

  10. Why do they make boardgames such a ball ache to play ,I'd love to play more board games but after setting it all up then sat there wondering what the f**k you do for the next 45 minutes it's not worth the hassle.

  11. I would read thorough my instructions but they are in german so i really can do that.

  12. On the rescue dice, what is the meaning of the die symbol? How is that a tool?

  13. if you get jumanji off a danger card do you win

  14. Did someone in the comment section roll a 5 or an 8?

  15. ‘Seems like it has a lot of instructions’?!? It’s a 2 page leaflet, clearly this reviewer hasn’t played a lot of board games if she thinks that constitutes ‘alot’ I still want this just Cos we’ll… for the sake of having it reallt

  16. Instructions Unclear: Currently fighting for my life in the Jungle

  17. I just got my copy of this game, but the danger cards don't use a decoder and the rhino is just a cardboard cut out. I know the decoder is completely unnecessary, but it looked like silly fun that added an extra element of immersion. I'm pretty disappointed that my version didn't include these things.

  18. for whoever is saying they want it to be real, then welcome to 2020 the game became our reality

  19. What the … In the french rule they changed the "wait 5 or 8" (like a prison) to a "the person on your left has to do a 5 or 8, if he doesn't step backward from 1 step and apply the effect then the next player do as well" wich leads to a loop until the start case or someone do a 5 or 8. This prison rule is easier to understand and less boring and for 30€ it is too expensive.

  20. Idk if anyone will see this, but I’m confused about this situation with the rhino. If a rhino is blocking my path, but I successfully rescue another player, do I get to move forward with the rhino, or am I still stuck in the same space?

  21. Whomever is playing this in 2020, finish the game already!!

  22. So it's basically another roll the dice boring game, no thinking, no skills. Pass.

  23. I thought this game was made by Spin Master Games.

  24. Is this game real I mean do these things happen in real life during a game

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