Kemet - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Kemet – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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First published on August 8, 2013.


  1. Mummies in steam trains was a joke by Mark Twain!

  2. Also, on Cyclades vs Kemet, as you say both are great – but I personally find Cylcades auction mechanic to be more intimate. You are directly tussling with someone else's mind in real time, rather than taking it in turns to pick things. But this is picky, both are fun. Cyclades is easier to teach.

  3. btw, the GoT mechanic is an exact copy of the one in Machiavelli

  4. Thank you SU&SD for opening me up to a whole new world of gaming! Already purchased D&D: Wrath of Ashardalon, and Imperial Assault. Next on the list is Kemet!!!

  5. be that a Wham Bar you are eating good sir lol

  6. Horus Heresy is based on the same system, I guess?

  7. I wasn't too frustrated with Quinn's alternating pronunciation of "Cyclades" until he did it 10 seconds apart at 12:43. When you're at the point that you can't make up your mind from one sentence to the next, you really need to cut the shit and commit.

  8. 4:05 the most ironic bit is that if the table is filled with seasoned kemet players, the game will be just as slow as any other seasoned war game.

    Since you only get points for winning as the attacker, being the first to go out and get to a temple is highly discouraged. So the better everyone gets, the more likely everyone is to sit and wait and upgrade and upgrade and maybe next round.

  9. So it's the combat from the Game of Thrones Board Game with a bigger focus on aggression rather than playing the politico, and each 'faction' starts as a blank slate that can be tailored any way you want compared to each Great House in GoT being locked into a certain playstyle based off the starting location and notable persons decks?

    And no sooner do I type that comment Quinn literally says this.

  10. i'm not sure I would even call cyclades a war game. it's really more of an auction game than anything else. THe potential for glorious violence is just adds looming anxiety.

  11. I love Kemet. The pace of it is incredible.

  12. Surprisingly, this video had definitively answered the pressing question of “if British Empire was a person, would it be a cat lover or a dog lover?” Choo-choo!

  13. Unfortunately crusade is a battle specific power and initiative is a day time power, which means units killed via initiative do not give income, only units killed during battle somehow counts for crusade.

  14. The game is so serious there are constantly sirens in the background. These are some dangerous lads playing a dangerous game.

  15. The mummies thing was a Twain joke. But…Brits used mummies in oil paints. Grind them up and make mummy brown! Not kidding!

  16. Right. Now I need to know 2 things. What happened to the supercomputer and where can I get a wham bar from?

  17. Right. Now I need to know 2 things. What happened to the supercomputer and where can I get a wham bar from?

  18. Mummies were also ground up and used as pigment for paint in Britain 😀

  19. if you have one or two mummified cats, do you really need the other hundreds? They were just being economical back in the 19th century.

  20. The computer bit made me actually LOL! I snort-chortled! Snortled. Made me realise it's been i long time since i laughed like that! Cheers Quinns from the past.

  21. "The 2012–13 Egyptian protests were part of a large scale popular uprising in Egypt against then-President Mohamed Morsi. On 22 November 2012, millions of protesters began protesting against Morsi, after his government announced a temporary constitutional declaration that in effect granted the president unlimited powers."

  22. There's no way Cyclades is pronounced like that! It's SIC-la-DEES! (Or apparently KIK-la-thes in Greek)

  23. I am almost done with the video. But I am worried about the reviewer's safety. I think there has been like six seconds when a siren was not blaring in the background. I mean, how dangerous is this guy's neighborhood?

  24. Hi Quinns, I was wondering if you're familiar with the game Dungeon Twister. It shares the combat card mechanic (along with GoT, apparently), and has the same concern with skilled players versus beginners that you addressed at the end of the video. In the Dungeon Twister rulebook, they actually address this problem openly, stating that since the game plays very chess-like, an experienced player will inherently do much better against a new player.

    To solve the problem, they actually provide a table/list of handicaps, to balance out a game between players of different skill levels. Where no mechanics change, but highest combat modifier cards are removed depending on the difference in skill. I think that a similar handicap mechanic would solve the main problem you have seen in Kemet.

    If you want to reference the example, use this link and go to page 12.

  25. Who has two thumbs and is here in 2020 because of the Kickstarter for the new edition? (It's a trick question, you cannot give more than one thumb.)


  27. Been a while since we've seen the SUSD supercomputer in action…

  28. Pyramids have 5 sides including the bottom side.

  29. The game is based off truth.
    Not alligators. They are the reptilian race that is running Earth. They are Evil.

  30. 2:55: …I have two questions.
    1. Was that intentional?
    2. Does that make it better or worse?

  31. So simple behooves you to learn the game, just like chess

  32. I think your computer wants your babies… Lock your door at night.

  33. God remember when Quinns looked like this. What a time to be alive

  34. Just bought this a month or so ago, and I love how you've reviewed it. Im honestly looking at you like the Alton Brown of board games, by the way you interact with the camera and the audience

  35. This was a riot. A+ on the witty, concise yet laid back vibe. I'd watch anything with you having an opinion about something.

  36. Fun to know he's been calling them lozenges for so long 😀

  37. "Exiting racist undertones"
    —Quins 2017
    Is probably not something you want on your tombstone.

  38. Will you review updated version of Kemet?

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