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Kerala Review with Married with Board Games

The Dice Tower
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Spencer and Lara from Married with Board Games take a look at this card drafting, tile placement game from KOSMOS!

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  1. Nice review guys. Cheers!Just an FYI – Kerala is pronounced as CARE-UH-LAAnd since I am from that state, nope we don't have thousands of festivals with elephants :PWe have one which happens every year named Thrissur Pooram.Other than it's these local small events, which is not really a festival back home 🙂

  2. Thanks for another great review! I have been looking into getting this game as I really dig elephants and the game is beautiful, but I was concerned about the depth, meaningful decisions, and ability to replay multiple times. Thanks to your review I'll be picking this up soon! Thanks again!

  3. I absolutely mean this as a compliment and I really don't use this word often, but this is like the chillest board game review I've ever watched. Like, I want to go to a massage parlor and watch this review while I'm getting worked on. Bonus points for reviewing a game I've never heard of. Keep up the good work, guys!

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