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Legends of Andor Review with Married with Board Games

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Spencer and Lara take a look at the cooperative game, Legends of Andor!

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  1. Loved u guys….keep doing more reviews…. how about reviewing the expansions?

  2. I did appreciate how easy this game is to learn as you had said. I ended up not really enjoying this game though because I was expecting more of an RPG but it ends up playing more like a puzzle game in my opinion because of the time advancement during combat. You are mostly trying to figure out how to avoid combat rather than diving into combat and fleshing out your character.

  3. Legends of Andor is easily one of my favourite games out there.

    I'm a sucker for thematic games, and this has it in spades. It's easy to teach, due to that tutorial mission, and working together to overcome the quests is great.

    The expansions add even more variety to the missions as well, and I can't wait to play the stand-alone Journey to the North too!

  4. great review! i feel the same way, it's kind of a letdown not being able to go through the game in more detail because of the time limit. enjoyable trying the legends over and over though

  5. As for the tutorial enhacement, Kingdom Death Monster does this in a great way!

  6. This is one of my favorite games. Really appreciate your reviews. Keep up the great work.

  7. have you guys tried the character expansion or the star shield mini expansion? If not I really recommend both my husband and I really enjoy the new characters they add alot of new stratagy and the story with the Star shield you can play 1000 times and never play same game twice

  8. I just picked this one up, had my eye on it for a long time. Can't wait to get it played. Thanks for the informative review!

  9. Good review to watch, you guys got great optics, thankyou for your effort.

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