Maracaibo Review with Tom Vasel -

Maracaibo Review with Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at
a economic game from Alexander Pfister!

00:00 – Introduction
01:09 – Game Overview
13:55 – Final Thoughts

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  1. This feels like GWT, tiles on the cities, going through them, gathering goods (cows), new abilities under goods (tokens), country track (engineer, cowboy track). Looks like slightly redesigned GWT. And GWT was overwhelming to me, I sold it after one game.

  2. I got this because of Great Western Trail but it definitely feels different enough from it to have both.

  3. 9:26 the adventure card is actually a misprint and theres an updated version of the adventure card on bgg

  4. A colonial theme with no people of color IN THE CARIBBEAN is outrageous and unacceptable. Hard pass for me.

  5. Enjoy it too and I usually only like his lighter stuff. An 8 for me, not enough to make Top Ten Material but in the mid teens I reckon.

    Those discs are a pain though and I'm surprised you didn't mention the rope border on the cards, I find that really irritating too when separating the cards.

    The odd thing is that it gets compared to GWT but I absolutely loathe GWT, boring, dull and full of random mechanics for no reason. Yet I envoy this one. I think it's down to that hand of cards, I like multi use cards and this has that element plus you burn through them really quickly.

  6. This seems like a greatest hits album of all his previous games. I look forward to trying it out once it becomes more widely available!

  7. Game itself is fascinating, but I find it to be sooo ugly… Everything looks, somehow, weird. I will get it, nonetheless.

  8. Finally I made it, a seal of excellence!! Thanks, Tom for this early Christmas.😀

  9. Interesting how quickly "the cult of the new" when from posting about Tapestry to posting about this. Both look like great games, but it is hard to keep up with all these games and even tougher at these prices. Too many games!

  10. Yeah. Insta-buy for me. Mombassa is a top 10 game imho

  11. For me the theme, for a Euro, is very strong. Perhaps that’s because I’m very familiar with the map from my many hours playing Sid Meier’s Pirates, but actually it’s more than that. Alexander has done an absolutely stellar job of balancing Euro mechanisms with some story elements and it works so well. This is my favourite Pfister too, by some margin, and that’s saying something.

  12. The boring paper version of Sid Meier's Pirates.

  13. Excellent review. Glad you enjoyed it. Just doing my review now and watched this to see if I'd missed anything 🙂

  14. Is this one of the best rondel games? Im missing a rondel game from my library (i keep a tight library). This games looks great.

  15. Nice overview of a game with a lot going on! The rules overview was a bit crunchy but helped. I don’t think you talked about theme much. I’m hoping here for a bit of the theme to come through. Thanks for all your reviews, they are so helpful!

  16. I love it “themes about pfft whatever…” shows the gameplay is what’s important and fun about this game.

  17. Ι can't believe Tom is still whining about a lack of theme in euro games, it's been over a decade, let it go man. They're management simulation games, it's almost impossible to make them feel thematic, you're only going to see the theme figuratively. Like in this game, sailors help with combat, adventurers have compasses, THAT'S THE THEME.

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