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Mexica – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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First published on March 25, 2016.


  1. There was a genocide. I didn't know how to tell you.

  2. I must know the name of that song. Without it, I cannot party Aztec style.

  3. I /think/ it's supposed to be pronounced something closer to MeSHEEkah. Though given the general paucity of 21st century Aztecs, I suppose you probably won't get many complaints.

  4. I can't wait for a review of santarini from you guys just for the bad humor and great filming.

  5. I appreciate the Go-lite feel the game has. Especially that bit in the beginning like "wtf are those going to do" only to later come back with an "uh. right."

  6. From what I understand, it's the third in a trilogy of games. Tikal and Java are the other ones in the series.

  7. My board game purchase policy is if the art is boring, and the concept sounds boring, the gameplay is probably great.

  8. Right on the mark, Q&M. I played a friend's old copy and it was really fun. Glad that I will be able to pick up a copy of my own with the re-release.

  9. These guys…. as always…. they know what they're doing

  10. In Texas we have a town called Mexia pronounced "Meh-hey-ya," so every time I hear it pronounced with an "x" sound, it really throws me off.

  11. Quinns: "Come to Mexico with me."
    Me: "Okay."

  12. I feel sad that it's no longer a "mask" game with tikal and java. Those guys look killer on my shelf.

  13. You guys do know that the Aztecs enslaved thousands and ritual sacrificed them by cutting their beating hearts out, right? Just saying, this isn't exparte- both factions, Spanish and Aztec, have some serious flaws. I mean, what do you think the Aztecs did? Have cabana parties all day? 3:05 They got that gold through slave labor. FYI, interesting fact, they did not use gold as money…they used chocolate.

  14. the moment that ziggarut hit the table…. Sploosh

  15. Mexica has thousands of hearts….

    that were cut out of screaming sacrifices

  16. Great game. SUSD reviews are my favorite. Just a note – at 5:08 I see 2 illegal bridge (or subsequent canal) placements.

  17. Have we revoked your british card yet for called The Doctor, Doctor Who?

  18. Read the history, the Aztecs had it coming to them.  So many skulls from those the sacrificed that they put them on giant racks so they could be admired by future generations, or something.  Speaking of which, where are the skull racks in this game?

  19. Hey guys just wanted to say it's Mexica as in "me-shi-ca" and tenochtitlán with the stress in the last A

  20. Am finally getting into board games with meeples. I guess miniatures are not all.

  21. can you review Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar please?

  22. "Nice Aztech Party" footage cancelled.
    This much smiling makes my cheeks hurt.

  23. just to say, it should be pronounced "Me-shee-ca" as the name is in the nahuatl language and its the true name that the aztec people gave themselves, aztec was the name the spanish gave them later and that we have come to know the peoples of the Mexican valley as

  24. Oh man, I was laughing so hard at the Aztec party jokes 😂😂😂

  25. In doctor who, the main character is called The doctor. (Not doctor who)

  26. Yep, nice, 100% agree with your first 50 secs. Nice observation.

  27. This game seems a bit like Carcassonne, which I am also thinking about getting and have never played. Which is better/how are they different?

  28. It's not like it was just the Europeans, you'd have to have quite a lot of pissed off proto-Mexicans packing up that game with you for a real representation.

  29. Nice review. But with the point of the spanish destroying the city and genocide is not intierly correct. Although the spanish were the reason it happend they were only with around 500 conquistadores. Most of the army consisted of natives from vassals of the aztecs. These vassals were unhappy with the aztecs thus the reason they helped. And this i dont know for certain but i believe the killing was mostly done by the natives themself.

  30. This still has to be one of my favorite videos of vintage SU&SD

  31. Mexican here, Tenochtitlan still exist, it's just called Mexico City now. Don't get me wrong, the mexican genocide committed by the spaniards was a horrible crime, but the point is that the city still exists

  32. Superb review guys! One question pls. Between Mexica and Tikal which would be your choice? Thank you!

  33. Spyro/crash fusion for the GBA was their crossover and it was alright for a gba game.

  34. Being from México, i would've loved to see the aztec dance

  35. I hope they pay you because I bought the game as I'm watching this. Time to party in the dark.


    Love the content

  37. The fact you guys bought this!! In a shop!! On a whim!! Oh em Gee. Do you think this is even possible now?

  38. I know others have pointed it out, but I WILL die if I don't say it: it's pronounced meh-SHEE-ka! The Mexica was the name of the peoples commonly known as "Aztec".

  39. Not trying to justify what the Spanish conquistadors did, but the Aztecs weren't exactly nice, terrorizing other Mesoamerican city states and making tens of thousands of gruesome human sacrifices. Some city states like Tlaxcala joined Cortez and helped him take Tenochtitlan in 1521.

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