Miami Dice, Episode 136 - Age of Empires III: the Board Game -

Miami Dice, Episode 136 – Age of Empires III: the Board Game

The Dice Tower
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Tom, Sam, and Zee take a look at this classic worker placement game

00:00 – Introduction
01:54 – Game overview
08:30 – Final thoughts

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  1. Funny to see you update these videos at the moment, while I'm just finishing my lunch watching them almost "live" ^^ and glad to see you're reviewing these games (a bit older than usual) with the 3 of you. Always wondered how was Age of Empires 3, Sid Meier's CIV and all… thank you, Tom!

  2. Thanks for going back and reviewing these older games!  Also, you should get Eric to re-record the intro to mention Zee's name.

  3. Great game indeed. I like these miami dice videos.

  4. Im so happy i found this on BGG for £10 recently aha. i havent played it yet, but going to get it to the table soon (:

  5. You had me until you said "it's out of print."  Either y'all should be working to get these games back IN print, or don't review them if they're impossible to find or prohibitively expensive!

  6. Good plan to go back and review older games – your last 3 I have not played but games like Pillars of the Earth tempt me but no-one here owns it to my limited knowledge! 😛 So it's very useful to know more about these games from the perspective of you three. 

    If it's out of print, that's no major big deal – after all, if you know someone who owns it and doesn't want it any more, trade it off him. Failing that if someone owns it but hasn't played it in a while, ask him to bring it along. As long as it's not stupidly hard to find, I think it's ok. 

  7. Just so you know Tom you spelt the wrong mic in the intro. You put the name of person Mike, should be mic.

  8. Thanks, I've been looking for a good video review for this game!

  9. Yeah – I had to go look up "niggle" too.  Sweet that we learn vocab words during these reviews!  🙂

  10. I like this game although my group thinks it's broken.
    Also the box is way too big and my board reared in half after 2 plays!

  11. I have been waiting for years for The Dice Tower to review Through the Ages. I hope that will be next, especially since there aren't very many reviews of that game and I like to watch as many as possible.

  12. Played this for the first time today, and was not impressed. However the other players were experienced in this and I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning and was never able to catch up.
    I liked the game for the most part, except the fighting mechanic. The fighting felt like an unnecessary mechanic just to force player confrontation. Also this games uses to many cheap plastic pieces. Fewer pieces made of wood would have been way nicer.

    The coins in this game are the worst of any game I have played. They are pretty to look at, but are to irregular to stack properly. Terrible design choice, that just drives up roductions costs.

    Rating: 6.5/10  Ok, but there are many better worker placement games.

  13. the idea to not review a game because it is currently difficult to acquire is ludicrous. It is doubly important to have a review of these games by a reputable source because they eill, no doubt, be expensive.

  14. These are pretty expensive now, I just looked on ebay. There's one for $111

  15. How do people feel about the theme in this? I feel like this is degrading to Native Americans. Does no one feel bad about the trivialized genocide inherent in this "great theme"? I think the mechanics are great, but I can't say I could ever enjoy feeling like a European colonist killing indigenous people, and enslaving them, and bringing indentured servants to do my work.

  16. I have no idea why this is called age of empires- it looks cool, but I don't see why it was "based off of" age of empires. It doesn't show. 😀

  17. To me this looks waaaaaaaaaaaay better than lords of waterdeep.

  18. Which similar game to this would you buy right now?

  19. so… both of the video game and the board game are not impressive at all

    4 of the same trade good = 6 coins (you can read it on the board as Tom says this incorrectly as only worth 4 coins)

    colonization has 11 spaces but the number available depends on the number of players.
    spaces =2n+1
    Successful discovery needs equal or more power to the number of natives not more than.

    The captain is not called the discoverer

    Regions are only scored in rounds 3, 6 and 8 if at least one player has 3 or more colonists in the region


    I have never found the problem with one person getting the most ships wins. I have been very successful at this game from 2 to 5 players and I usually only get 2 or 3 ships. I think letting someone dominate an area of the game uncontested is a mistake for any aspect of the game (except discovery).

    Many gamers do not like the degree of random variation with the discovery tiles. This can easily be remedied and some suggested rules variants have been posted for this on (I think the simplest and most effective way is removing the tiles with the two weakest tribes and 2 strongest tribes). Personally I play the game as is and Tom points out randomness of discovery as a positive for him.

    This is my favourite game – even though it is much longer than my usual sweet spot. It maintains a good pace and does not feel long.

  21. Who's here at the 15 anniversary of Age of Empires III?

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