Miami Dice First Impressions - Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game -

Miami Dice First Impressions – Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game

The Dice Tower
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Tom, Sam, and Zee take a first impressions look at the new cooperative whodunit from Portal Games that’s slated to come out later this year!

00:00 – Introduction
01:07 – Game overview
05:31 – Final thoughts

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  1. I miss Sam.. what is he up to at the moment?

  2. How would you rate the story and events of the game on a scale or R, PG-13, PG?

  3. I'm glad to hear it works pretty well! It doesn't sound too rules intensive, unlike uh…..some Portal Games. This one is top of my anticipated games list.

  4. Zee gains:

    You get +1 Fist

    Exhaust Zee and deal 1 damage to him: Deal 1 damage to an enemy at your location.

  5. Emmanuel Dario Fernandez Arcidiacono says:

    Any idea when will it be out?

  6. As a fan of playing Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective (terribly) I'm really excited for this one.

  7. Sounds like a good prototype.  Glad you've changed your mind on playing prototypes Tom.

  8. Hmmm… Sounds like the game can change each time it's played, but once you play through the campaign, you know the solutions and are done, right?

  9. Did any of you read the rules? Can the game be played using the rule book? Can the rule book be comprehended? Still not sure I’m playing First Martians right.

  10. Are there any detective style games that have any replayability?

  11. So a digital Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective.

  12. Looking forward to this game, both because of the theme and the designer. The key question for me, however, was very very briefly mentioned by Tom at the end of the video: Is this not awfully close to Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective? I do love SHCD, but I am not convinced yet I would want to buy a game that is almost the same. When you do the full review, could you tell a bit more about how it compares to SHCD?

  13. Since Tom kind of hinted it in the end: did they ever confirmed, that there will never be a final review of First Martians from them? And even more, did they mentioned, why?

  14. Sounds neat but seems a bit too long for what it is.

  15. Very interested. Thanks for the review Dice Tower crews.

  16. Too many of these non-games (or as Sam put it, "events") are starting to flood the market. Not so sure what to think of 'em. To me, Detective: City of Angels looks much more appealing than this.

  17. No 1 most anticipated game of 2018

  18. How does this compare to online alternative reality games where you look around the net and stuff to solve mysteries? Like "The Black Watchmen" on Steam? Has anyone played both and can compare them?

  19. A Dice Tower live play of Sherlock Holmes please

  20. This is must buy for Mee. Bc the price point I heard is very reasonable too!

  21. Preorder available today from the company website, but the shipping is pretty steep. Probably will wait till regular release.

  22. "We're getting way off topic. This game has nothing to do with Batman." For some reason that made me laugh out loud.

  23. Seems a nice game, too bad that it is essencially a one-off for a group (i.e. playing through each Case reveals the necessary information, so is not replayable). I wish someone would take Android from FFG and make a new version… though I did not play Android, from observing it and reading about it that one seems a very good detective game, that is replayable.

  24. I have a few games I played only once even though they're very replayable. Not worried about this one being a one-off experience. Just like 7th Continent. Is it fun, provides hours of gameplay? So it's totally worth it.

  25. I suddenly want to write Chief Healy fan fiction about his non-relationship with Batman.

  26. I mean Batman is the GREAT detective, so the game has SOMETHING to do with Batman….

  27. These mystery games are not for me. I like solving puzzles just not mysteries.

  28. Regarding game time. Could you split the game up on multiple game nights? Is there a "pause" system?

  29. Takes under two hours, we were around 1h25. 22/40. Others did better, some I think did worse. Demo stand was always busy

  30. It must be the best game there as it was 3hours plus and Zee said more then "I will pass this one" 🙂

  31. Is this like escape the room style? Once you solve it it's pretty much done?

  32. "I'm not sure what to study for." That's where this game and SHCD fails in my opinion. There's no real direction these games go unless you understand how to get the game to work the way you want it to. You could be asking question after question after question that all might be relevant…'but not to the game' and you're left with so much information that solving the case becomes guesswork.

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