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MicroMacro: Crime City Review – Big Trouble In Little City

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. My mom said I should color the map just a little bit. Just color the shop signs and buildings. IMO adding color would soil the game. Being black and white forces you to focus more on detail. Not being in color feels like revising a place you haven’t been to in a while.

  2. Forget the review. I want to buy Tom's illustrated childhood.

  3. "smolls, childrets and childrens" made ma laugh. Much like most of the rest of the review.

  4. TIL Where’s Waldo is called different things in different parts of the world. Hah.

    The game looks awesome! Totally getting this for me and my kiddo.

  5. The WORST FLAW I remember from the where is waldo books is that they ONLY ask you to find WALDO in that sea of artwork, if they just printed out A HUNDRED pictures so you could look for those too, there would be no extra job from the developers and would extend the use of the book EXPONENTIALLY.

  6. Brilliant review! And I love that you made the effort of writing the "Quick Guide 4 The Kids" – you're definitely one of the good ones!

  7. After you solve the 16 mysteries, is the map rich enough for you to try to invent your own mysteries and have other people try to solve them?

  8. I see you hiding that picture frame.

  9. During the early description I was thinking it would be something I could give my (very smart advanced) 5 yr old niece to play with her parents. But it sounds like there's too much murder. A truly family friendly version where the crimes are like taking the hat or trying to find the missing dog would be awesome. Something that parents & kids could sit down and figure out together….and then the kid could color in the characters of that mystery.

  10. (Is American)

    Wait….Waldo is called Wally in the UK?

  11. That review was PARTICULARLY good. Thanks, Tom!

  12. Adding to backup Tom: The german print actually has icons on the cards: all is safe, therese murder here and this is ugly, play beforehand and decide for your self.

    So in the 2nd printing of then EN version those might be printed as well.

  13. Ahhh you Brits and your Wallys!
    Next your going to tell me that Dennis the Menace isn't Blonde X^D.

  14. Prostitution, Suicide and a Fetish Club are okay for a 12+ Game???????????

  15. This one is probably gonna make the Spiel des Jahres this year. It is so good… really fresh, innovative, simple, intelligent and has tons of humor, too.

  16. You can solve a sample case on the Micro Macro crime city website! Looks like lots of fun!

  17. This guy is constantly flexing his music taste subtly. He wore an MF Doom shirt a few videos ago and has AAL vinyl in the background of this one.

  18. Tom, I really appreciate guide for playing with kids. Not only would I like to play this with my daughter, but I'm going to test it out to see if I can use it in my English as a Foreign Language courses (where I research using games for language learning), and I'd rather not be the instructor who makes students discuss… seedy topics… Here's hoping there will be a family version coming soon -don't see why tamer topics (lost homework, missing kitties, etc.) wouldn't be appealing. Also, there's a digital sample on the Micro Macro Crime City website that is really well designed, so you can play a case there.

  19. Looks like a great game, but thanks for the caution and followup information for playing with kids. The extra effort is much appreciated!

  20. Does anyone else have the urge to fully color in that huge huge map?

  21. First. Really appreciate the candor, yet spoil free, review! I do miss the "OG value for money pitch" on the older SUSD reviews.

  22. I did not know that "Where's Waldo?" Was called "Where's Wally?" In Britain. Learn something new every day.

  23. This is a really good game and my 8 year old and 10 year old both love it. I read the card clues before placing it on the table for them to see and that way I can do any minor edits to the content. We are just over half way through and there is only one big swerve I had to make. Really good review and really good game. Short play time, the minimalist of rules and super super easy to get out and play! It’s unlike any other games I’ve seen and played and recommended!

  24. Love to see a copy of Senet in the background! I started reading it myself a few months ago, it's a joyous love letter to this hobby, and I'm excited to have just received issue 5!

  25. That was a brilliant review. Totally agree on the 2 player count – and am enjoying playing it with my 10 yo (not bothered by subject themes).

  26. A kids version of this would be amazing. Thanks for the reference image (my kids are probably too young to be getting into that stuff, so very useful)

  27. TIL, his original name was Wally. He's Waldo in the US.

  28. England has finally passed the limit, Waldo is now Wally this is terrible.

  29. "Where's Wally"?!?? What fresh hell is this "Berenstein Bears" bullshit??? It's Where's Waldo, FFS!

  30. Great stuff, the NPI review for this was intriguing and when you guys both cover a video that’s a great indication. Thanks for bringing up the suitability for kids – important point in this sort of game 🙂

  31. This sounds like it might be amazing to play, blown up 10x on a museum floor!

  32. Thanks for the "parents' guide"… I was considering this for my list of games to get for donation for Christmas gifts, but wouldn't want parents to be surprised with some of that content, so I'll stick to others (there's plenty to choose from). Thanks again for the heads-up!

  33. Can you post a hi-res version of your childhood drawing? I want to show it to my kids. Thanks.

  34. Me: "Wow, this looks like some fun for me and my boyfriend. I think I'll buy it."
    Amazon store page linked in the description: "Product unavailable."
    Me: ":("

  35. Up next: who has the best looking colored version of that map? Gentlemen, grab your pencils!

  36. Super thumbs up for the parental guidance graphic!

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