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Middara Review with Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at a huge game with combat, monsters, and a big story book!

00:00 – Introduction
01:09 – Game overview
13:38 – Final thoughts


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  1. It does not have more content than Descent 2 with all it's expansions. facepalm

  2. As another note they are making a soundtrack of the entire adventure book. ie they read the story to you. check it out on the kickstarter.

  3. It comes across as mice and mystics on steroids for an older crowd.

  4. Good review! I'm looking forward to the game arriving, but I'd also like to find out where to get those storage containers Tom uses for the game. He always has great storage solutions.

  5. And still… Advanced Heroquest ist the best Dungeon Crawl ever made. I am fed up with those Mini Kickstarters. They are soulless in theme and atmosphere…

  6. Not really impressed. Glad I backed Folklore: The Affliction and not this.

  7. Am I the only one that thinks its weird that the main miniature of that demon that is on the cover is also a miniature in Folklore? Like, it is the EXACT same sculpt.

  8. Not sure if you ever edit your videos, but seeing the excessive storyline was one of your "negatives" (and rightfully so), I think it would be worth mentioning that there will be an abridged version of the story narrative available, as well as an audio app with character acting. Regardless… fantastic review as always. Can't wait to get my copy!

  9. I'm starting to hate how Tom handles games – throwing stuff around like he has no regard for his possessions.

  10. This looks great to me. Art looks awesome, components look really good, and dat campaign book.
    I'll be looking for this to hit Kickstarter again or to come up on the publisher's website. Thanks for the review.

  11. Thanks for the Gloomhaven comparison. Was one of the first things I wondered.

  12. lol  "There going to woop you sideways and laugh at your corpse" , love it.

  13. "I'm not really spoiling anything because there is so much". That logic is quite faulty. You have said the same in other reviews. I understand what you mean by that but it's an illogical statement and anyone should see that without requiring an explanation as to why.

  14. Is anyone else here bothered by the seeming anachronicity of the juice box?

  15. "Anime" is NOT shorthand for "inappropriately sexual" or some approximation
    thereof (someone please make Tom watch some wholesome anime).

  16. Great game. I’m a huge fan of Descent (I own it all) and Middara has won me over. I’m playing through the campaign solo. I downloaded the character sheet with all four characters on one page. It’s quite manageable now.

  17. I don't typically buy games without knowing much about them but I recently purchased Middara on ebay because I missed the Kickstarter and didn't want to wait for the next one. It wasn't cheap, but so far it has been worth it.

  18. Really loved the way hes throwing the miniatures. So disrespectful.

  19. Why not just make a ten times bigger box than this one, then id buy it. This is just not enough. i want more useless miniatures in a box. meh.

  20. Phew I've finally got a good weapon!!………0'h I'm gonna need it …

  21. Seeing Tom finally enjoying something so much feels kinda fresh : ) Cool that there are still games that do impress the veterans : )

  22. Wish I can afford this, as it is on kickstarter right now. But I'm waiting for etherfields.

  23. I am kinda turn off of all this HUGE box overly complex games of late… the art is great but again… overly sexualized anime like characters are a bit of a turn off… and this comes from an anime fan XD… I think that a more serious tone would have fit a lot better. Either way, great review. Cheers

  24. "you could skip the first hour".
    First time I've ever heard a youtuber say that! Thats my man Tom! Good on yeah mate!

  25. The tiles looks excellent. Otherwise i don't like it. But geez the tiilllles!!!! I want the tiles

  26. I can see why he didn’t dump all the components out like he usually does now.

  27. "Anime gross things that happen"

    Cutting edge criticism, lol.

  28. 9:42 So it has about as non-engaging a story as Folklore: The Affliction. Linear as hell, with occasional minor 'choose a path' which still come to the same story segments after. That is disappointing.

  29. I don't like the anime stuff either. Solid review.

  30. I just found out about this game… it looks like a game with ALOT OF STUFF to keep track. Each player would have like 10 or 15 smaller cards next to their character sheet?

  31. I really appreciate Tom commenting on the apparent objectification of women in games. Makes me want to donate $100 to the Dice Tower every time he comments on it.

  32. Compared to Descent , this is better?
    But Descent has a gamemode (its main entry point actually) !

    All the newer dungeon crawlers are puzzle mode only (solo – "co-op"). It's so sad that zero of the last 4 years greater productions are going towards exciting competitive stuff.

  33. Does the game length/replayability compete with gloomhaven?

  34. Nothing kills a good day like seeing a good game review and the finding out it was a Kickstarter and you will have to pay big $$$ to get this…😔

  35. If this had come out 30 years ago, before the invention of computer RPG, it would have been fantastically great.

  36. The amount of work to create theses games is phenomenal.

  37. I would love to see Tom revisit this game with the newest version that just came out and hear his thoughts on the changes and updates compared to the original game.

  38. Do you always just throw your games around like that with those miniatures? 🤨

  39. The high level of customization of your character is a good thing per se. But I feel like in this game you get to develop your character's skills to a point in which the character is no longer recognizable. The absence of classes could bring to create hybrid characters that do a bit of everything. This doesn't sound cool to me.

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