Monikers - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Monikers – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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First published on March 20, 2015.


  1. So glad you didn't burn your house down grilling a sheet of paper

  2. Does 'Shut Up & Sit Down' not sell the game Monikers? Surely there should be some disclaimer to prevent bias ratings for the review?

  3. I always want every game you review.

  4. We actually always play this with four rounds. Except charades is the fourth round and the third round is just a single sound instead of words which is ridiculous and amazing.

  5. The problem with these games is that they often aren't very international, they have a lot of expressions or pop culture hard to get if you're not from an english country. Which is something that should be said. Is this the case with monikers?

  6. I love how this review is very old, and simultaneously very relevant to your new version of the game.

  7. We play the 4th forbidden round where you have to use a single freeze frame pose. All the guessers have to close their eyes until the actor freezes in their pose and says "Open" and can't move again until someone has guessed it correctly.

  8. We've done a 4th round where you go behind a wall or otherwise out of sight and can only use sounds, no words or movement

  9. We frequently play a round where you can only make a sound, and it ends up hilarious.

  10. I love Quinns, but he always looks like he could use some sleep.

  11. Just saw the kickstarter and wanted to check out your review (again!), low and behold this pops up! 😀

  12. Please put the First Published date at the START of the description. I have already watched all the ones from Vimeo and I would like to be able to tell, at a glance in my subs, if it's a new review.

  13. was waiting for quinns to act out being a fluffer

  14. Optional extra rounds include: miming under a bed sheet and making sounds from behind the sofa.

  15. Great review. I would love you guys giving review of BSG 🙂

  16. My friends and I adore this game (which we'd always known as "Celebrity") but playing with a box of pre-printed cards seems like it couldn't possibly be as fun as just writing a bunch of names on slips of paper…

  17. Is this game for everyone, or do you need to be deeply roted in internet culture to get most of the cards.

  18. "The comedy equivalent if you falling and your friends catching you" is top top top level reviewing.

  19. forbidden round 11: lay down behind the couch, feet up and use your toes as finger puppets

    forbidden fantastic nerd round N+1: head visible, morse code the one-word description by wiggling your ears

  20. That one breath take makes me thing Quinns should take up the bagpipes

  21. Our secret 4th round (or just reserved as a tiebreaker) is that the active player uses another player as an articulated doll, moving their body into a pose that represents the word.

  22. Hahaha fuck. This is so not my sort of game until i saw a card with Mr trololo on.
    It is now a must buy!

  23. I held my breath not on purpose when you tried that second time. haha

  24. "Mikhael Gorbachev!" "No" "Basic Bitch!" "Yes!"


  25. i've been trying to get this game, but for some reason they don't offer it anymore, what happened?

  26. The rule set for monikers has given my friend group a whole new use for cards against humanity…

    theres nothing quite like someone trying to mime "a windmill full of corpses rolling towards the sea" with just their head

  27. Anyone know where to get this now?
    Can’t find a copy in the UK that isn’t crazy expensive. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  28. how come you never did a video review of "camel up"? and now is getting dust in your attic

  29. Our rounds we play go as follows:
    Round 1: Normal
    Round 2: One word
    Round 3: Charades
    Round 4: One noise, you make a noise (can't be an actual word)
    Round 5: One hand
    Round 6: Facial expressions

  30. The most amazing thing about these games are the people playing it.
    I'm sure I don't know 70% of the cards in this game. I'm doomed in this game.

  31. I only got the rules the second time so two tries makes sense

  32. Today I bought a copy of Who's In The Bag from a charity shop, and this review has given me an awesome new way to play it.

  33. What about the secret round where you mime beneath a bedsheet?

  34. Hej guys 🙂 After enjoying your review and imagining all the fun I will have playing it with all my friends I of course wanted to immediately run off and buy the game… But it is nowhere to be found. Except maybe in the US but I live in Europe. Not even on the games website. Do you know something about this Monikers shortage? As you guys created an expansion and thus probably working with the game producers I thought you might have some information on the situation ? 😀

  35. Did anyone else call this "fishbowl" growing up?

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