My City Review - Legacy Games Just Got Dinkier -

My City Review – Legacy Games Just Got Dinkier

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  1. 'Disinterested' means 'impartial'. 'Uninterested' means 'not interested'.

    I really want to play this, though.

  2. Love the old themey movie music. Lol. Reminds me of my childhood.

  3. Hey, can you make a how to play the werewolves of miller’s hollow (it might be hard to find one)

  4. Quinn's and this channel as a whole has brought me such joy throughout this god awful pandemic.

  5. Quinns, you're my second favourite person/group from Brighton; first being the great "The Meow Meows". Have you ever seen them live?
    Greetings from another continent and another hemisphere.

  6. I was super excited about buying this game after watching this video but it turns out it's hard to get in the US right now. Amazon doesn't sell it, my local stores are sold out of it and don't know when they're getting more, and people on Ebay are asking up to $90 for it.

  7. Great review. This and BoardGameBollocks are my go to channels for boardgame reviews. Keep up the good work.

  8. It's so annoying, when they promote games that are impossible to get. I want this…. but don't $90 want it. I $40 want it.

  9. I'm not sure I like pearls on a string. Too crunchy

  10. Quinns and Matt, you are leaders and a voice in the board gaming community and you need to speak up on behalf of Ant Lab games.

  11. My wife got this for me for Christmas and we're having a lovely time playing through it. We could plow through envelopes every night, but we space it out and play 2-3 games per week.

  12. Hello, would you be so kind to review Forest of Radgost? I am very curious abot this one. Thank you.

  13. Is it Essential Work?
    Yeah, it's my job. That's how I feed my family, what is more essential than that?

  14. How often do we think Quinns hits his head on that pull-up bar?

  15. When did colonialism become a bad thing? Do I have to throw away my train games?

  16. Darn – I'm over 62. Guess I can't play this game.

  17. My criticism of this video is that I really wanted to watch Quinns finish that game with that cheesy nice music in the background. It was so bizarrely calming.

  18. The problem with the theme is that if each shape were individualized, like knickers, handkerchief, and suspenders for an old-timey suitcase, the players could identify with the items rather than the shape. You could say "Damn it, I've got no space for knickers!" or "C'mon C'mon mustache comb!" or whatever even with that admittedly tepid theme. The abstraction to generic buildings prevents identifying with the pieces, missing that extra level of engagement.

    The theme problem carries over into the scoring because the metric of "best city = no green space" doesn't have the intuitive click of "perfectly packing a suitcase or car trunk," "seating people as many people as possible at an event," "cramming food on your buffet plate," or "organizing a zoo so the animals don't eat each other." In all of those examples not placing a shape represents a thematic loss (I couldn't take my handkerchief, Izabell couldn't come to the party again, I missed out on the tapioca, etc.), not just "I couldn't fit this oddly-shaped piece."

  19. I bought the game because of the review. And I have to say, it is a lot of fun so far.
    So thanks for the good review!

  20. I RARELY EVER comment on videos but omg I LOVE your ideas for better polyomino themes!! Would 100% play the idea of laying out a music festival and fitting the crowds in in particular!!! Also loved the giant closet and sitting-cliques-of-kids themes! <3 Come take my money, designers!

  21. Purchased My City immediately after watching this. Our first chapter playthrough was great fun! Thanks again SUSD!

  22. We bought My City after we watched this review and have finished the legacy. It was amazing! What a great game! I would have won if I focused more on the tracks rather than my churches! 😂

  23. Both the last two times you’ve said a game was cheap, I’ve immediately looked up the price and found copies were limited and prices were being gouged.

  24. Get inside, peasant. You have no rights.

  25. I hate this game with a passion simply because it was nominated for game of the year

  26. I bought this game based on this review and it arrived today. Not even had a chance to play with anybody, but playing it solo has got me hooked! It's a mix of relaxing and exciting, and so satisfying when everything works out. Can't wait to crack into the legacy content, and speaking of content, fabulous video!

  27. Imagine being locked in your home by the government. Wild. Looks like a fun game though.

  28. 11:27 So many tetris style board game ideas to rip off, so little time.

  29. I thought the title said drinkier and thought this was going to be a legacy drinking game with changing rules…

  30. The basic idea certainly sounds a lot like Fits, including penalties for open spaces.


  32. My childhood dream was to sort letters on the overnight mail train. (I wish I was joking) Those trains don't exist anymore, so this game will have to do

  33. 1:27 You know whats fucking stupid great, is that I'm sitting here in the US, getting a great feeling off those envelopes too. I remember being a kid where I had a book that included different letters to people that you were "delivering," unique envelopes with some fun note inside, also themed to the letter. Ultimately I think Quinns is right.

  34. I hope new copies get printed. I'm seeing this was $90 USD and now it's going for $69 USD on Amazon. I look forward to a reprint or whatever. That's just too spicy for me right now.

  35. how in the world does "the eternal game" sound like ethno nationalism? why must you bring this up in my board game content?

  36. Isle of Cats might be a great one for you to review

  37. "C – I was pleasured"

    that escalated quickly :`D

  38. "I'm pretty sure these are just houses calling themselves churches for tax purposes" that's half of every Brazilian neighborhood

  39. Is it normal for English people to keep the ketchup out of the fridge? Genuinely curious.

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