Nations & Imperial Settlers - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Nations & Imperial Settlers – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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First published on May 1, 2015.


  1. It's because of euro-games that i voted Brexit.

    All these wooden cubes are destructive to the enviroment.
    Also i find the need to represent different players as different coloured wooden tokens,
    something Hitler would have wanted – dividing human-beings into nothing but colours.

    If you have made the effort to click the more tab – then.

    I do not believe anything i have said in the above text.

    I voted Brexit because i believe –
    Human-beings should not compete for the right to employment.
    Employers should compete for the best Employees.
    Not only that, they sould compete for the best working conditions,
    pay and practices.

    This was how it was, until the expansion of the EU.

  2. I find both of these games to be extremely different. The theme is similar and the fact they both have cards, but that's about it. You can most definitely own both and be fine. In fact I enjoy both games for very different reasons so I'd highly recommend people go for both.

  3. both great games. nations > imperial settlers. totally diff games in my mind though.

  4. I own and love both games. I think they scratches different itches and I am not getting rid of any of them. The difference is the other players. It's easier to get people to play Imperial Settlers with you because it seems more inviting. Nations takes a lot more persuading to get to play.

  5. They got it completely the wrong way. Imperial settlers is the one that's utterly generous with resources. Most of the cards just produce resources (which you get right away when you play them and then at the beginning of each turn), be it production buildings, actions or deals. Nations on the other hand can be very harsh. If you miscalculate and fall behind you may never get back on track. Especially with ore because it is required to put workers on buildings to get resources (but without the resource you can't do it so you never get them). And there can be surprising instances of massive resource depletion out of nowhere that can cripple you (like wars, famine, events etc).

  6. "This guy might seem nice, but he's got no time for f*uck ups" – The Book of Quinns

  7. Nations is a mini Through the Ages. Much less time consuming, but essentially a very similar game. How is Through the Ages similar to Imperial Settlers? You put workers on building to get resources and maybe a hint of resource depleting warfare. Is that it? That's like saying every worker placement game is the same because you use workers for resources. It has a similar mechanic but the games are entirely different. It all comes down to how you get points, which is nothing alike in these two games.

  8. Imperial Settlers is 51st State with a new skin?

  9. Great review. Thanks for the help. Really.

  10. The first time I saw a review by SU&SD I was so confused… 'what are those people talking about' I thought. Few months later SU&SD is my favourite board game review show. Every episode is trying to be creative and unique and most of the time everything clicks and it works. Keep it up!

  11. For history buffs, Nations also can be very funny. There's a lot of shout-outs and references that fit very nicely within the mechanics, like Mansa Musa's Pilgrimage that destroys your money if you're not careful (runaway inflation in Cairo from his "generosity" with gold").

  12. What if we have three toilets and live by ourself?

  13. What a great conclusion. Award winning. If you like history, buy nations. If you like tiny ninjas buy imperial settlers.

  14. Makes me feel good to see those West Wing box sets on the shelf

  15. Cok Zero has got aspartame in it – that shit'll kill you and you'll gain more weight than the sugar version anyway….

  16. Didn't notice the Monty Python reference my first time watching this! Definitely a good funny line.

  17. I own both. The expansion for Nations makes it more compelling than Imperial Settlers imo.

  18. Seems like a Magic game with a few predermined pre-built decks, with an economy board game attached

  19. I guess I'm in the minority in liking the cover art of Nations a lot more.

  20. I've got a spare toilet you can have Quinns!

  21. Having played both (but not owning both, sorry SUSD – not tweeting a photo of me looking smug!), I definitely agree that Nations is a smarter, more fun and more replayable game than Settlers. I don't know though if Imperial Settlers with expansions is better than just the base game.

  22. Quinns you said "suçon" instead of "soupçon" in the beginning which does NOT translate to "a little touch of" but to "hickey".

  23. I have one word to IS artworks: tiny. Really, iconography here is sooooooooooo small i barely see it on my own cards, not mentioning other players little towns.

    IS in generally can be very punishing if you will do a bad start, which is very possible in your early games, you will be seating there and watching how others are having fun. That will leave bad taste.. and you will think twice before reaching for it again.

  24. I love the idea of Imperial Settlers and have played a few games and tried to delve into the deeper strategy. It makes the construction of your engine intensely rewarding yet I find it difficult to introduce to others because the experienced player has such a huge advantage over the rest. Then I debate overloading them with the right way how to play (draw all the cards) or gimping myself to keep things close.
    It has positives and negatives being a somewhat interaction less engine builder, and that is just one of the negatives. I crave intense IS competition but it isn't like Magic or Hearthstone where you can just go online and find a match.

  25. Got a Bernard Black vibe from the Nations review

  26. Just realizing that I own both of these AND have 2 toilets… unsettling on a karmic level.. T_T

  27. Some of the card art in nations is just laughably bad.

  28. Nations seems the game for us, but we decided to buy IS as Nations us too expensive

  29. I have three toilets and live by myself……

  30. I used to have FOUR toilets! Old Edwardian houses FTW

  31. Nations art: rectangle, copy paste, resize rectangle, copy paste, repeat.

  32. We are all undersaturated Quinns right now.

  33. I ordered this game second hand today (imperial settlers) I played it once with my friend and have been thinking about it non-stop for years!

  34. You've created a genre of your own and I'll never think of Marie Curie in the same way again.

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