Nations & Imperial Settlers - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Nations & Imperial Settlers – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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First published on May 1, 2015.


  1. Ithink you were too stiff, too wooden and the squirrel was spooked.

  2. You've created a genre of your own and I'll never think of Marie Curie in the same way again.

  3. I ordered this game second hand today (imperial settlers) I played it once with my friend and have been thinking about it non-stop for years!

  4. We are all undersaturated Quinns right now.

  5. Nations art: rectangle, copy paste, resize rectangle, copy paste, repeat.

  6. I used to have FOUR toilets! Old Edwardian houses FTW

  7. I have three toilets and live by myself……

  8. Nations seems the game for us, but we decided to buy IS as Nations us too expensive

  9. Some of the card art in nations is just laughably bad.

  10. Just realizing that I own both of these AND have 2 toilets… unsettling on a karmic level.. T_T

  11. Got a Bernard Black vibe from the Nations review

  12. I love the idea of Imperial Settlers and have played a few games and tried to delve into the deeper strategy. It makes the construction of your engine intensely rewarding yet I find it difficult to introduce to others because the experienced player has such a huge advantage over the rest. Then I debate overloading them with the right way how to play (draw all the cards) or gimping myself to keep things close.
    It has positives and negatives being a somewhat interaction less engine builder, and that is just one of the negatives. I crave intense IS competition but it isn't like Magic or Hearthstone where you can just go online and find a match.

  13. I have one word to IS artworks: tiny. Really, iconography here is sooooooooooo small i barely see it on my own cards, not mentioning other players little towns.

    IS in generally can be very punishing if you will do a bad start, which is very possible in your early games, you will be seating there and watching how others are having fun. That will leave bad taste.. and you will think twice before reaching for it again.

  14. Quinns you said "suçon" instead of "soupçon" in the beginning which does NOT translate to "a little touch of" but to "hickey".

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