Near and Far Review - with Married with Board Games -

Near and Far Review – with Married with Board Games

The Dice Tower
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Tune in for a look at this story-driven adventure game from publisher Red Raven Games.

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  1. What a nice show and couple. Lara is a board gaming star.

  2. Great review, I like how you two give positive and negative feedback. That's why I started listening to your podcast also.

  3. It felt your review was based on only 1(or 2) games played. The beauty of the game is in the campaign and the characters modes which gives more than enough replayability and makes it stand out from most "regular games", not the arcade mode.

  4. Great video. There was a bit of Echoing though.

  5. Thanks for the video, love the Podcast, and happy to see your video content.

  6. Great job showing off all the different elements of the game. It seems like the replay value of the campaign could become a big draw as you play more

  7. Very cute review and I'm dying to play the game!

  8. Wait! You didnt give your feeling on how it rates compared to Islebound! As big Red Raven fans how would you rate the 3 (actually 4 if you count Artifacts inc on your shelf) games.

    Am I correct in also interpreting that you feel Islebound is the easiest, with Above and Below next and then Near and Far as the highest in complexity?

    Also, I really enjoy your podcast. I cannot wait to hear more about your experiences with Near and Far, and other games, on the next episode.

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