Nemesis: In space, no-one can hear you scheme (SU&SD Review) -

Nemesis: In space, no-one can hear you scheme (SU&SD Review)

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. Great review. The low lighting really made this video work.
    I have a question, is it feasible to remove some, most or all of the objective cards that require a player to "turn against" another player? Would the game still work for those who see this as a flaw or technicality that is hard to digest?

  2. Ho-Boy, when you said "Yes I think I'll be free in 2023."…you had no idea how right you were 🙁
    No about picking good lottery numbers! 😀

  3. Did you just call one die "dice?" And you have the audacity to call yourself professional?

  4. The thing is that there is a coop mode without traitors which me and my friends enjoy a lot more, I also like this game solo. Don't know why you didn't mention the coop mode.

    And yeah the expansions bring more alien races and mechanics to the game. Replacing things and adding new ones.

  5. "You have a unique set of… action cards"
    Nice one 🙂

  6. "Matt, Matt, can I come around to your house and play Nemesis?!"
    video published March 5 2020
    COVID19: It's gonna be a no from me, dog.

  7. Smaller alien minis? Totally. Standees? No, thank you.

  8. I really aprreciate and watched with pleasure this review :)… Nicely played

  9. Stupid price as usual once you put a 'mini' in a game, even if it is a crap sculpt and cast! Games not worth half the price!

  10. Have you played Panic Station? Nemesis is basically overproduced Panic Station, except it really has the "I'm a traitor from the beginning playing octopus-tag trying to convert the good guys to my side." But it was about a $25 game, compared to a $150 game.

  11. This review is just amazing! You guys are my top board game channel. HANDS DOWN!! You guys review games fairly and do such a good job with Nemesis! I just unboxed and played for the first time this week. I love this one

  12. 1 die, 2 dice.

    Dice is plural.

    You're native English speakers, right?

  13. My friend owns this game and it is without a doubt my favourite board game I've played. The player defined story for each of our sessions always feels unique, even if we are cycling back through characters and objectives. The choices each player makes and the sometimes overlapping or opposed objectives makes for interesting and varried gameplay. The objectives really puts emphasis on the games name, nemesis, our failures are often due to our own hands. Though the the queens tail whip has also brought about the downfall of many players. We play on the 'easy' side of the board and it is anything but, we often end in a complete wipe. Despite this it's still a lot of fun everytime and makes that sweet victory feel all the better. I think it's worth saying again, this is not a easy game. You have to be in it for the journey as victory is elusive. Despite this the long sessions are always enjoyable and leave me wanting more.

  14. This video is fake because Matt and Tomb Rooster are in the same room.

  15. This game looks like the kind of thing I'd love but no one would play with me

  16. Another backhanded compliment of a review that means SUSD slip down further on the list of reviewers whose opinion actually counts. Shame.

  17. Whatever you say, and however funny this vid is, I will always actively loathe this overproduced and under-developed crap game…

  18. Sadly I agree – I would have this on my shelf if it didnt come with expensive mini's that I could live without if it was half the cost

  19. I'm still waiting for a playthrough guys! Or did it pass me by already??!

  20. Finally got my hands on this game. Got in on the KS because of the promise of this review. As usual, Matt was spot on! Every game has people laughing at how wickedly and seamlessly evil they can be, even when they've chosen the cooperative goal.

  21. This review peaked at "Tinmates", and sold me the game right there.

  22. Out of curiosity, is there a reason you guys don't paint your miniatures?

  23. I've thought about buying but 1 thing I don't seem to be in favor of are the somewhat plain objectives specifically related to objectives that involve another player. I would have liked the objectives to specifically name a character being used rather than just saying player 1 or player 3. Oh well.

  24. “Without waking up your tin mates” lol

  25. My first game of Nemesis ended with me getting my head bitten off by an alien as I desperately wheeled my way towards the escape pods. The alien that killed me went after the pilot next, who was waiting for me in the pod room. She unloaded her shotgun into it, threw a grenade at dangerously close range, executed an emergency course correction to make the ship jerk violently to throw off an attack from the alien, then finally beat it to death before getting into the pod one turn before the self destruct went off.

  26. Why does the one guy always talk about killing Steve? It sounds like you can play Nemesis to get your aggression out on someone you'd like to see get eaten by an Alien.

  27. First of all, the production value of this video was amazing. The shots, the lighting, the music…just fantastic. Secondly, this is the most expensive game I've ever owned, and though I haven't played it yet, I can say I don't care a lick about miniatures. I would much rather have something I can travel with (*cough* cardboard standees *cough*). If I have to choose taking 3 or 4 games to a friends or just this game, because of its size, I'll take the 3 or 4 games every single time.

  28. This was such a great review, thank you. Appreciate the balanced look at it.

  29. I love it but we need more ammo! Not sure if we just got unlucky or if we are playing wrong, but in all three games we played, it was; unload into the alien (almost always an adult), usually not killing it, run, can't search because an alien is on your butt, not finding the ammo rooms quick enough or they are too far away, dying. Love the atmosphere but the crushing defeats are making for reluctant players.

  30. the new(ish) obsession with miniatures and board games has made some games unpleasant to purchase … CMON headed down the path years ago, probably with Zombicide, and I love Zombicide and its miniatures because I love miniature painting, but I don't want all my games to have miniatures that beg to be painted or worse, add significantly to cost. Competitors to CMON naively think they need to follow. They don't … keep games accessible.

  31. Not sure if you played that way, but I noticed in the review that you had the "hard" board layout out. The normal or easier layout is on the other side of the board. This can effect how the game goes quite a bit. Great review.

  32. Not Alien? At least this avoids the dreaded 'X' word being used… which may I add a large proportion of the Alien fanbase doesn't approve of…

  33. I'm thinking they might be sending Sgt. Brett to break your legs, or, more likely, Kelly to tell you a silly story… 🙂

  34. I'm probably playing this game wrong or something. I love it, but I just don't find it as difficult as everyone says. My brother and I have won every game we've played, and even if some people have died, it still took a lot to get them killed, (the frecking scientist got into a fight with an adult, wasted every bullet, reloaded, run away the next turn, got jumped in by a different alien, repeated the process, and he would have survived if it weren't because ANOTHER alien ambushed him and it was a larvae. When he got to the infirmary he rested and it turns out he had an infected card in his deck so he finally died) to the point where we had to add house rules to make it more difficult (the aliens attacking not only during their turn but also after you've used your two actions). It may be because I've always had the soldier (well, almost always), but before the house rule having an alien jump on me just meant I had to spend 2 or 3 cards to kill them and then probably search for an item in whaever room I was. So instrad of danger of death, finding an alien felt more likes slowing me down a bit because I had to waste one turn. Maybe we are too cooperative? Idk

  35. I don't know even the thing they said that I think were supposed to be negative seemed very appealing to me yes I want to fight aliens and probably will die trying. Also for anyone who wants an easier game simple recommendation just get rid of the secret objective and change it to you win if you survive but if you want to make the game even more cooperative simply make it so if one player dies you all lose

  36. I've come to the realization that this game is absolutely great if… you don't care if you win but are just there for the ride

  37. If it wasn't impossible, I'd swear you went back in time and grabbed Python era John Cleese to do the voice acting for the glove chestburster.

  38. Around 11:00 I figured, well that was fun, it seems it is wrapping up. Only to discover I got another 20 minutes left! Love it!

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