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Oath Review – 2021’s Most Exciting Board Game

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. Does Leder not rhyme with “invader” rather than “leader”? 🤔

  2. Extra love for making a scepter out of a plastic recorder. 🎶🎵🎶

  3. One of the best productions ever from SUSD. Great work Tom!

  4. lol, I think this review is the first time I've heard 'The Thick of It' referenced anywhere.

  5. Oath has been sitting on my kitchen table for over a month. I believe it could definitely be my favorite game as well if only I could get a group together to play it.

  6. Tom – incredible. Your best work. Nailed the ending, literally guffawed. Thank you

  7. Tom looking a bit like her needs to get the ring to Mt Doom in some of these shots.

  8. Six! But I wanted to hear the italicized goodness haha

  9. Did he record the video over weeks to grow back his beard, or did he record the review backwards by shaving more and more of his beard off as he record backwards, or did he have the Time Stone?

  10. Great review! Nice to see Tom channeling his inner hbomberguy persona more and more!

  11. This is a magnificent review and a beautiful looking game – it's worth pointing out however that the metal coins + wooden (?) secret books and Chronicle Journal are not included with the base retail game. They're extras!

  12. Another game by Cole Wehrle that is full of ambitious design ideas, but to me feels more like an experiment in game design than a solid game. I personally have no interest for it.

  13. Tom… You have really come into your own… you Majestic golden/purple nerd you 💚🤣

  14. Nice job on the facepaint Tom, very impressed.

  15. Wow mindblast by the conclusion lol

  16. The game seem so good, sadly will not have french localisation before years..

  17. I've been looking at this game for sooooo long, it seems wonderful! Too bad my group of players are too random for an experience like this….oh well, maybe in a future where the game has a fair price….xD
    ps, the beard/hair touch was genial. That's why I love Shut up & sit down reviews <3

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