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Oceans – Sink or Swim? (SU&SD Review)

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. I love how crazy your creatures can get. Once I made this Mega-Whale that ate 12 fish per bite and ate the entire ocean, starving the whole board and killing several ecosystems.

    Sorry not sorry.

  2. The Climate expansion to Evolution is a massive improvement that I wish they would give a shot

  3. The weather industrial complex just wants us to think clouds are real. Keep asking questions 🤔🧐

  4. A Deep-like deck of new traits seems like an obvious expansion for Evolution.

  5. You play Oceans how I played the Jihad card game back in the day: a brujah damage deck that never won games but with which I took great delight in burning up elder vampires in a single round.

  6. Please never say “wet niche” again.
    Or do, because I bought it so you must’ve done something right.

  7. That little twitch in his eye at about 4:00 shows that he is going as mad as we are in this seeminlgy never-ending lockdown. I feel you, Matt, I feel you.

  8. As song as I head Nice n Spicy my mouth watered.

  9. I got this a week ago, my girlfriend and I have already played it 4 times. We definitely recommend it!

  10. I bought this game immediately after seeing this review and boy do I love it! Thanks susd, you are the best!

  11. I can't stand your face or your voice. Where's Quinns?

  12. Agreed. Oceans is a really good time. The Deep cards are crazy fun. But, I'm happiest in this review that you threw love at the only Rosenberg game I can say I love, Nusfjord. Great game, truly one of his best.

  13. "The Infinite Bath" dude I'm already laughing my ass off

  14. "The old salty lad" me when I got beaten at this game

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