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Oceans – Sink or Swim? (SU&SD Review)

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. Only thing I can say is go and play Evolution Climate, which by the way is not about climate change, though the climate can change (and does a lot). It's a great improvement over Evolution (and can be combined with Flight)

  2. While I didn’t love it, I certainly liked it a whoooollllleee lot

  3. Matt this is the best video you've done since you used to do the cooking and gaming videos. I entered this video thinking this game wouldn't be for me and left with a smile on my face and a pending order. This is a family shoal. OMG 😃

  4. "That was from a long time ago. And I have …. no egrets"

  5. You missed the opportunity to us "It's The Cambrian Explosion" from Bill Wurtz history of the entire world, I guess

  6. Anyone remember the video they did with the dolly zoom? Driving me mildly nuts

  7. "weather is a hoax" & a 'c' being "lies" are thus far my favourite quotes of 2021 and on my birthday no less.

  8. Neat looking game, one I’d love to try. The Pissiden joke had me in stitches 👍

  9. You may not be able to blame the dolphin, but you can thank it, (because you turned out great!) Thanks for the review.

  10. I like this game, but think it lacked the bite of the original (especially plus climate).

  11. The Underwater tax evasion line meda me LOL

  12. So the game ends when the world's oceans are drained of fish? More social commentary!

  13. I spent waay too long trying to see What Quinns Was Reading. 🙂

  14. Wait he said he likes it but where is the SU&SD reccomends stamp???? I am a very simple person I need overly obvious visual indicators involving fruit! How will I know to spend my remaining savings of 8 dollars and fifty six cents?! Is anything real anymore? Do fish exist? Is Matt really a worm? Is VR commercially viable? Is SU&SD not a hit comedy sitcom premiered in 1998????? Is God real? Oh woe!!!!!!!

  15. Does anyone know a good way to print more fish? My copy came with the orange fish not punched through 🤣

  16. Matt you need more human interaction, I think you are slipping into madness….

  17. Matt's final "keep it fishy! oooooh yeaaaah" is big Sokka of the Water Tribe energy. Even the haircut is the same.

  18. This game is SO cool! I hope it comes translated to Brazil, I bet brazilian players are gonna love it. I'm a translator btw, I could help 🙁

  19. I think this is the funniest review I've ever seen

  20. I would really like to see you guys do a review on Evolution: Climate. It vastly improves on the original and does even more than Flight did (though there's sadly not a way to get them to work together cleanly).

    Most importantly is that you can't idle now depending on how the climate changes. If you can't evolve your species to respond to it and if you can't put a stop to the heating or cooling, you're gonna have issues, while also trying to balance the fact other people wanna munch on your stuff. It makes it much harder to make the 'stagnant' ecosystem and impossible to break Cooperation chains that plagued base Evolution and even Evolution: Flight.

  21. "The old salty lad" me when I got beaten at this game

  22. "The Infinite Bath" dude I'm already laughing my ass off

  23. Agreed. Oceans is a really good time. The Deep cards are crazy fun. But, I'm happiest in this review that you threw love at the only Rosenberg game I can say I love, Nusfjord. Great game, truly one of his best.

  24. I can't stand your face or your voice. Where's Quinns?

  25. I bought this game immediately after seeing this review and boy do I love it! Thanks susd, you are the best!

  26. I got this a week ago, my girlfriend and I have already played it 4 times. We definitely recommend it!

  27. As song as I head Nice n Spicy my mouth watered.

  28. That little twitch in his eye at about 4:00 shows that he is going as mad as we are in this seeminlgy never-ending lockdown. I feel you, Matt, I feel you.

  29. Please never say “wet niche” again.
    Or do, because I bought it so you must’ve done something right.

  30. You play Oceans how I played the Jihad card game back in the day: a brujah damage deck that never won games but with which I took great delight in burning up elder vampires in a single round.

  31. A Deep-like deck of new traits seems like an obvious expansion for Evolution.

  32. The weather industrial complex just wants us to think clouds are real. Keep asking questions 🤔🧐

  33. The Climate expansion to Evolution is a massive improvement that I wish they would give a shot

  34. I love how crazy your creatures can get. Once I made this Mega-Whale that ate 12 fish per bite and ate the entire ocean, starving the whole board and killing several ecosystems.

    Sorry not sorry.

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