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Off The Shelf Board Games – Clash Of Cultures Video Review

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Transform a meager settlement into a mighty empire whose culture will be your greatest achievement!

To accomplish this, you will have to invent new technologies, build grand cities, and spread the influence of your culture across your enemies borders. You will need to explore the lands and seas, and conquer foreign cities and
barbarian settlements.

With 12 Advance categories, including various government types, a modular game board, superb city-pieces, and more, Clash of Cultures offers a myriad of experiences to accomplish your ultimate goal: be the one ruling culture, the one that will be remembered and admired for thousands of years.

Will you be the leader of this great culture?

Clash Of Cultures is a civilization building game for 2-4 players ages 14+ with an average play time of 150-180 minutes.

Components Breakdown – 1:58
How To Play – 9:42
Sample Game – 29:30
Family Friendliness – 52:59
Final Verdict – 57:15

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  1. So I'm assuming you're getting the monumental edition? ;)Btw, how would you rate the player interaction with the game?

  2. a bit tough to get to the table but I love this game, second edition will be interesting.

  3. Great video and interesting game. Also the elephant is a really nice (and a joke too) touch!

  4. I'm glad someone caught the Elephant joke! Thanks for watching!

  5. Wait a minute "only spending $80 for this game"

    Come on, now. There's nothing "only" about $80 for a board game. Two of the last four board games I bought cost $90+, but I never considered it a trivial outlay. $80 is still a lot of money.

  6. Agreed the elephant joke is great. 

    Thank goodness the expansion actually adds elephants. 

  7. hey do you think you could do a review on exodus and edge of extinction?

  8. Actually learning this game this week! So happy to find this review Michael!

  9. Beautiful intro… More comments after i finish watching

  10. Awesome review, this game comes in monday or tuesday for me

  11. Great video!
    Did you ever play the expansion?

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