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On Mars Review – As Complex as Board Games Get

No Pun Included
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  1. Played it once. Didn’t have fun at all. Decided to not spend working hours trying to find out, if it probably could be enjoyable one day. The rocket mechanism/worker return thing alone was counterintuitive and made me angry. It also didn’t felt thematic to me, when I pushed up this scale with the white wood piece thing and those colored tiles on the right board side.

  2. Both of you are so charismatic. And you have such a subtle sense of humor. Despite your warning I bought the game. I hope if my brain explodes, you won 't get splattered (because Russia is too far away from you)…

  3. Thanks for the review. This is definitely not a game for me. For the cost of this game, I can get 3 or 4 other games that are actually fun! 🙂

  4. The game has a lot of rules, but it is not really complex because the mechanics all fit very well into the theme. The gallerist is way heavier imo.

  5. "… euro-games or "… don't say it, no no don't… "ameritrash". I can't think of a more off-putting term to use in a koombiyah gaming industry intended to bring all folks together in social unity.

  6. elaine! bessie! together with efka at last! how happy they are. but on mars? nah. fresh and clean with the future bright ahead, oh 2020, you silly year.

  7. Y’all got some dope Puerto Rican and Dominican barbers/hair stylists 💈 at UK lol

  8. Efka: keep the beard. It makes you look like a goddamn badass!

  9. If you think this is complex, try High Frontier, 1 look at the board is enough to scare most people

  10. I LOVE the look of this game! But experience has taught me anything this complex (above about 3.5 on bgg) makes me cranky like a 3 year old in need of his nap, and none of my gaming group will want to play it. So ill keep my bank account looking a little healthier on this one I think. Great review.

  11. Your game criticism has gone up to 11. I'm really enjoying your insights in a whole new way (not to mention your comedic timing and production!).

  12. The new camera is so damn good!!!! You're videos reached next level!! Thank you for your effort

  13. I just ordered this. A great crunchy euro, this will satiate my cravings for worker placement and meeples, and I thought A Feast For Odin was complex.

  14. We get it. You don’t like Lacerda. I actually reckon this game is one of his best. Sure there’s a learning curve, but it’s kinda like learning a guitar. You can’t just pick it up and know everything. It’s gonna take time.

  15. Regarding the stalemate you mentioned near the end; it's not necessary to have the technology to build complexes in order to advance the colony. You can build a lone building if it's exactly 2 tiles away from a matching tile. So in theory it's possible to level up the colony the whole way with no complex technology in play.

    P.S.: Good review though!

  16. Elegance is something that I wish more designers would opt for. Knizia to me chases elegance and simplicity while making sure depth is plausible.
    I want to try more Lacerda. I will never get these heavy games to the table, but i need to try at least one of them. Best Lacerda game?

  17. Great review as always! If you mind sharing, what camera do you use?

  18. Great Job ! Thanks for the in depth analysis of this very deep game.

  19. Hey I just made a board game video I would love for you to check it out. I love the video

  20. Hey the tumbnail has it's title blocked out by the time. So it just says it's bad. And then there's no title card to find out what the complete sentence was.

  21. DIdn't think this game was a difficult as it was made out to be(not just by you guys to be fair). Surely it IS heavy and requires the rules to be read and then re-read. But after one mistake filled game, we got through game 2 with hardly any issues or rule checks. I just think there is much heavier stuff out there, and I think Lisboa is harder to learn. NPI being seasoned board game vets I was surprised they struggled with it. Those 18xx games they just reviewed are more complex then this. Just me. My point is: Give this game a shot, it's worth it!

  22. This is the greatest board game review humanity has ever made

  23. automatic english captions: "it's the equivalent of mr. lizard asking you tu run when you've only just learnt to put on your own diaper"

  24. These reviews make TV review shows look amateurish. Not that TV would consider reviewing anything outside the mainstream.

  25. Even if it's a heavy game, once it's running, the choices are not as much as you thought. My group enjoyed this so much!

  26. I really want to pick up this game as it looks amazing. Sadly I think this is far too complex for my usual gaming group.

    Aesthetically On Mars is probably my favourite of the various recent Mars themed games with Mission: Red Planet coming in a close second.

  27. 15:35 oh but wait, soon it will be cooperative! Lacerda is making an expansion for it — Surviving Mars

  28. Actually LOL'd at the intro. Great review, ya'll!

  29. What camera and mic are you guys using to make this great videos? Production and environment is really great

  30. If the first 25 seconds were the entire review I would have loved you forever 😂

    But I would have wanted the entire thing the next day.

  31. Great review 😉 Always entertaining

  32. What happened to your other Vital Lacerda reviews? Where did they go?

  33. Cool, I played it once & it does give you that experience, that whatever you play later, no matter how complex – will always feel less complex than On Mars. I lover Lacerda games, I just stay on Earth.

  34. NPI: On Mars is as complex as board games get
    High Frontier: Hold my beer.

  35. I love the look of this game—all the colorful components, the art, the table presence—but I think if I ever tried to play it, my head would explode. 🙂

  36. I actually canceled my KS pledge because of the color palette: the game is clearly a huge brain burner, and there is NO WAY I want to stare at this color combination for hours at a time. I don’t know why, but they make me feel annoyed and almost nauseous. So sorry!

  37. This game looks good etc. but at what point you can apply the phrase "It's so complicated you could have made it in a videogame" i bet this would be a nightmare to explain to my friends.

  38. What is a euro game? I hear that name all the time and have no idea what euro games are

  39. On Mars is still our favorite game of all times, but this video is still our favorite video about the game.

  40. Does anyone know where could I listen to music from this video? I find it relaxing.

  41. Every time you show the box on the table, I think "Damn, that's a huge box! "

  42. It’s heavy but once you play it and understand the game, it is very thematic and every step makes sense.

  43. Easily the most engaging, funny and insightful reviews of boardgames on YouTube.

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