PacMan 2019 Board Game Review | GenX Classic from Buffalo Games & Target Pac-Man -

PacMan 2019 Board Game Review | GenX Classic from Buffalo Games & Target Pac-Man

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Pac-Man as a new board game in 2019? You’re darn right we got one, and we take an in-depth look at everything from the contents to the game experience in this review!

The Pac-Man Board Game from Buffalo Games – rediscover the arcade classic all over again! Master the maze, beat the ghosts, get your initials by the high score! Stay alert, move quick, and be smart. Gulp down power pellets and eat the ghosts for extra points in this collaborative and competitive game.

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  1. any option to remove sounds/take out batteries of pac? sound effects in board games are a big pet peeve

  2. I just want to be sure but when you plug all the pegs in for the first time is it really loud?

  3. I recently bought the Pacman Monopoly board game with the mini lcd arcade

  4. I only just got this and wanted how the hell do u set up the pegs

  5. I saw the 80s one in a charity shop the other day!

  6. I got this for 6 bucks on amazon after watching this video, thanks!!!

  7. Here in Mexico it's on Amazon for $ 10! But since it was so cheap, I had doubts if it was worth it. This video helps me decide, so I brought it! Thank you.

  8. Well I might wanna buy that board game, but not for play. I rather keep the boards and other stuffs in the box but take out Pac-Man and ghosts and put them on my working desk.

  9. I'm a boardgame collector (have nearly 200), and this was an easy buy. I own the 1982 version of Pac-Man as well. I agree they did a PHENOMENAL job on this game. It definitely needs more love and visibility than it is currently getting, and I'd love for the publisher to tackle other arcade classics like maybe Q-Bert. There is definitely a bit of wonkiness with some of the mechanics, but overall it's a wonderfully faithful game. My only nitpicks — 1. I'd love it if they included four blue "scared" ghosts, with unique color markings — like maybe red eyes and mouth for Blinky — for when Pac-Man eats a pellet. Even if it was just a mail-in add-on, it would really complete the game. 2. Standard rules can be pretty unforgiving. This should only be played with the arcade variant. 3. Likely no one will survive past orange, but it would have been fun to have tokens for all the fruit. Overall, this is the best adaptation of a video game to board game I have ever seen, outside of Gears of War.

  10. I've just got a amazing idea play the video game…less hassle

  11. I am a really big fan of pac-man it’s so amazing for a classic game from the 1900s

  12. Great review. I received mine this morning imported from the Estates (couldn't find it in any european online shop). The shipping was a bit high, but the game itself was quite cheap, so it kinda compensate. I fell in love with this game since the first time I saw it, and I have to tell you that your review helped me to decide to buy it. I have the 80s Milton Bradley version, which I like despite its limitations (I had it as a kid too, so nostalgia factor as well). Anyway, I like the content of your channel so I subscribed. I love retrogames (both video games and board games) and you have very interesting content 🙂👍

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